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Digital Marketing Plan

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Digital Marketing Plan

The digital marketing plan is divided into 2 factors. On-Page optimization and Off-Page

The on page optimization is technique where website is optimized primarily for the targeted
users and then secondarily for search engines.

On-Page optimization techniques consist of optimizing elements on the website where the
publisher of the website has full/direct control. It mainly focuses on the following

Business Analysis
1. Website analysis
2. Keyword research
3. Keyword analysis
4. Competitor keyword analysis

1. Keyword targeting
2. Content writing
3. Content optimization
4. Content-Page relevancy
5. Avoid over-optimization and
On-Page and Off-Page
keyword stuffing optimization factors ALWAYS
HTML Code optimization
work together. No single factor
1. Meta title optimization can ever guarantee success or
2. Meta description optimization top-ranking.
3. Header tag optimization
4. HTML tag structure
5. Image alternate tag optimization
6. Call to action

Website Architecture
1. Website crawling
2. Mobile device optimization
3. Website speed load optimization
4. JavaScript optimization
5. Image size optimization
6. Sitemap.xml submission
7. Robot.txt creation 1

1. Google analytics setup
2. Google webmaster setup
3. Performance
4. Set campaign objectives & goals
5. Remove void referral

Reporting and Analysis

1. Monthly report
2. Bi-weekly SERP reports along with competitors ranking

The off page optimization is technique where website’s SERP (search engine ranking page) is
optimized That is to rank the website higher in the search engine results..

Off-Page optimization techniques consist of creating backlinks and using directories to

promote your website. Following are the Off-page optimization techniques:

Back links
1. Quality back-links creation
2. Back link relevance and text optimization
3. Paid back linking violations
4. Disavowing spamming back links

1. Branding
2. Regular posting
3. Public relations
4. Conversations
5. Creating backlinks
6. Paid ads
7. Reputation building
8. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Hootsuite

Posting strategy
1. Blog posting
2. Article submission
3. Directory submission
4. Press Release writing and submissions
5. Classified posting
6. Forum posting
7. Business listing
8. Link exchange

Email marketing
1. Email newsletters 2

2. Periodic emails and offers

3. Bulk emailing

Paid marketing
1. Google adwords
2. Bing adwords
3. Facebook advertising
4. Twitter advertising

1. Filter bot referrals
2. Maintain indexing-crawling status
3. Disavowing unwanted links
4. No follow out-going anchor tags 3