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Tutorial IV

1. Compare FET and BJT.

2. Explain the principle of operation of n channel JFET and p channel JFET.

3. Differentiate between Depletion and Enhancement MOSFET considering drain and

transfer characteristics.

4. Define pinch off voltage. Which MOSFET is always ON?

5. Depletion MOSFET has two modes of operation: Explain?

6. Derive the pinch of voltage for JFET.

8. Draw the small signal model of JFET. Define the terms transconductance and drain

9. Discuss Transistor as switch.

10. Draw the transfer characteristic of BJT considering large signal AC & DC analysis.

11. Draw the small signal hybrid π model of BJT. Define gm, rπ .

12. How early effect is considered in the hybrid π model of BJT.

13. Determine voltage gain, input resistance, output resistance, short circuit current gain for
Common emitter amplifier circuit.

14. What is the physical significance of coupling capacitor and emitter bypass capacitor?