Alice in Wonderland Archetype Essay Honors Junior English Mr.

Williams September 14, 2010 Nicole Dailey

which was incorrectly spelled. such as her stockings and her corset.¶ Because of this he tried his best to become a somebody and through such he had many children none of which turned out well.Alice in Wonderland has always been a source of great whimsy and very odd concepts that many would say could only be devised in our subconscious or in the mind of a child. It is no wonder for this reason that Alice. We can see from the beginning. Alice falls down the rabbit hole to face her fears and all she is worried about. From the introduction where her father must comfort her from her dreams while having to step away from his business. Alice is being forced into a world of adulthood. such as a child of abuse would try to harm themselves. µAdolf Hitler. to working with of her father¶s friend in trade with China. believes that the world of Underland. where she strongly refuses to wear a corset and stockings that she does not want to budge from her childlike state. in replace of the name of a father. When Alice runs away from the engagement right in front of her it shows her immaturity and a need to not face situations in . From the very beginning the story is filled with adult situations. The whole world of Underland is a symbol of Alice¶s lack of control of her environment and a lack of identity. in the new version of this movie by Tim Burton. He had a child toward the last of his children that he swore would turn out well. said µillegitimate. one turned out to be a thief. µJohann Georg Hitler¶ as spelling was still becoming standardized.¶ All this because he was the child of a nobody. is all a dream that she can control and that she will wake up from at any moment. And so Alice tries to control what she can. His baptismal certificate as a child. Alois Schicklgruber was the son of a nobody. Alois later decided to change the name on his baptismal certificate for µillegitimate¶ to the name of his stepfather. or more commonly called Wonderland. Alois beat his son mercilessly to control him. Johann Georg Hiedler. This son of Alois¶s was named.

For reference the drink is called Pishsalver and the cake is called Upelkuchen. is that her changing of sizes has to do with her mental instability and insecurity.front of her. mental. Margret is oblivious to what is going on around her. The characters in Underland tell her she is ³the Alice´ and throughout the story she must question who she is and why she is running around everywhere in her own dream trying to solve a problem she thinks is all in her mind. in the beginning. That being said essentially this is all in her mind. This also says that this would be her fate if she was to marry and be happy like her sister Margret and her sister says. As the story continues Alice also finds that she has a lack of identity. and spiritual. are very emotional. and most probable. but another idea is that it could mean she must conform to the things and the people around her. Both could mean that she. would conform to those around her if they pushed her to it and she had no ability to run away. Alice is often told that she must do one thing or another and eventually she says that she does not want to be pushed and shoved and stuffed into a teapot that this is her dream and she can do what . though they manifest themselves strongly physically. She would rather follow a white rabbit in a waist coat than to face the reality in front of her. She does running down the rabbit hole and the first this she does to start drinking and eating odd substances to make her larger and smaller. Everyone expects her to marry Hamish and she must conform to fit into the doorway to get out of the hall. All the battles in this story. This could also say that she is weakminded. Alice also has to face seeing her brother-in-law cheating on her sister. Her growing and shrinking could mean two things first. This is a parallel to later on in the story where Alice must choose to slay the Jabberwocky and be the champion but she runs away at first.

This may be the turning point to Alice taking control of her life and not letting others control her. goes to see the White Queen the queen is talking to her officials about the castle.´ Alice must learn this lesson to continue on her journey.´ Alice was frightened by her surroundings as many children are. there are two women trying to fight over a very male society. specifically. The Red Queen¶s group of officials or friends all has odd enlarged body parts. the dog. The reason why the cool people are the cool people in a school or in life is because they are not afraid of those around them or what those people think. the caterpillar. The Red Queen is also very controlling in her ways and is a very feminist character as Alice ends up being in the end as well. ³The truth has set us free from the grave fear by which we have been frightened for a long time.´ This means. Absolum. This symbolizes the false reign of the queen and that those round her must fake who they are and conform to her. The Red Queen kills the king. There is a sentence in Latin that my friend had to conjugate and it says this. (Just about all the other characters . This could symbolize the idea of wisdom giving power and control here. The writer of the script of this movie uses very subtle comments and actions to show off a feminist view.she wants. This is a direct archetype of plants being able to respond to their environment and plants having power in themselves. ³Veritas nos metu gravi iam liberat quo dui terribit sumus. When Bayard. One of the things she says is for them to speak more kindly to the plants to help them grow better. ³Sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me. over the mind. is a symbol of wisdom and answers. In the end Absolum helps Alice to learn that she is ³the Alice´ that everyone is talking about and he gives her a sense of identity.

This story often teaches us to become adults. The greater portion for the eldest son had to do with the fact that the eldest son had responsibility to take care of his siblings and all the land his parents had. is actually the youngest which goes against most of history and how the firstborn was had the greatest portion of everything. and strength over our environment. this version as women. At the end of the movie Alice tells everyone off and ends up working with her father¶s friend in trade with China. to lord over men and be in control. In the last scene Alice is standing on the boat and Absolum comes by. It shows that wisdom will come from worry. This implies that though she has conquered her problems both her imagination and wisdom will guide her in this new adult life she will lead. which would never have been done in the time this story are male except for the queens and Alice. This tells us that in order to become an adult we must worry and stress over many things just to be ³responsible.´ . ³I¶m late! I¶m late! For a very important date!´ It teaches us. Adults who say. This shows an attempt for Alice to lord over her problems. which also includes the man she does not want to be with. control. who.) Also the White Queen. According to this. Alice learns to grow from a child into a woman through these situations and the symbolic archetypes that grew deep in her subconscious as they do ours as well. there are some very serious family issues going on even beyond the general bickering of sisters. in this story would be considered the rightful heir to the throne.

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