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Experiment bacteria

Question: How does Sodium chloride, and magnesium sulfate affect the growth of the bacteria of the
Rationale: I think that it will help people to know if salt kills bacteria because if it does, then it can help people kill
the bad viruses, bacteria that make people get sick.

What we know from our research: We learned that we are not the first person to test this. We also learned that salt
kills most bacteria. Saline is a sterile mixture of salt and water.

Sites we used for research:


2. Floor bacteria

3. Nose bacteria

4. Seahawk's cage bacteria

5. 4 petri dishes

6. Epsom salt magnesium sulfate an inorganic salt

7. Cooking salt

8. Computers

9. Cotton swabs

10. Computers

11. A place to write down notes and your conclusion

Steps of our experiment

1.Collect petri dishes.

2. Get bacteria off the floor, cage, doorknob, and nose with cotton swab.

3. Put bacteria in the petri dishes

4. Put in salt and a separate petri dish with Epsom salt of floor because the floor was best.

5. Over the next 2-5weeks, observe and take some notes.

6. Remember to take some pictures!

7. In the fifth or the sixth week, write down the conclusion and if you took notes write them
down on a word document or a paper or a tri fold display.

Our Results:

Bacteria test Day two Last day

Day one

Look under

How to How to get the

get bacteria off the
bacteria door knob.


Our original hypothesis was salt kills some types of bacteria. It turns out that our hypothesis was right
because when we looked at a tour petri dishes the regular cooking salt killed bacteria, but the Magnesium
Sulfate made the bacteria grow better. We think this happened because Magnesium Sulfate has some
healing properties. Another interesting thing that happened was that the normal cooking salt killed
bacteria when we thought it would help it grow. I think this was because there is some ingredient in
cooking salt that kill or affect the growth of bacteria. Also, people who eat salt maybe don’t want Bacteria
in their food or it just tastes good. so, this could help them.

What our Bacteria look like when done. our bacteria's final look.