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Bella Reed

Committee- GMOs & Food Security

Topic- Addressing GMOs and Food Security
Country: Nigeria

Food Security in Nigeria

GMO’s ​stands for Genetically Modified Organism. A Genetically Modified 
Organism is any organism whose genetic material has been changed/modified by 
genetic engineering. GMO’s are very problematic because many people argue they don’t 
belong in our bodies and are very unhealthy. Others argue it can help end mass 
starvation. In the past Nigeria’s government was completely against GMOs until this 
year when they planted their first GMO food crop. Nigeria plans to continue to use 
GMO’s in the future and continue to research them. 
Due to decades of underinvestment, corruption, and neglection the agriculture in 
Nigeria continues to be a tragic mess. Although the agriculture in Nigeria is not the best 
it is a net food importer of food who participate subsistence agriculture. In hopes to try 
and decrease starvation in Nigeria this year they finally planted their first GMO food 
crop. This is a big step for nigeria and hopefully will help the agriculture business there 
flourish and grow. Although some people are against it many people are very happy with 
nigeria’s decision because it hopefully means less starving people in the future if they 
continue to use GMO’s 
My strategy and medium term investment plan is to focus on fixing the starvation 
in Nigeria. Nigeria needs to continue using GMOs because they will be able to play a big 
part in the process of fixing Nigeria's agriculture. The only way for my plan to work is for 
Nigeria to start giving he agriculture business their full attention. Nigeria also need to 
put more money into agriculture for it to improve. With GMOs help and Nigeria's 
attention I know Nigeria can fix their agriculture business and save many from 
starvation in the future.