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According to the Oxford dictionary, suicide is defined as the action of killing

oneself intentionally, but it is so much more than that. Now a days, people who commit

suicide are mostly young generation. They feel hopeless, frustrated and can’t survive

anymore. And when they get to these points, they start having suicidal thoughts. People

who go through suicidal thoughts find killing themselves more easier than surviving,

because they think that’s the only solution to whatever they’re going through. There are

many reasons why people consider suicide, but the major reasons are depression, mental

disorders and stress.

The first common reason why people commit suicide is severe depression.

Depression is the most common medical illness characterized by many symptoms such

as, In this article the author stated that “Depression may include sadness, irritability,

clinginess, worry, aches and pains, or being underweight.” (Mayo Clinic Staff). Therefore,

this evidence shows that depression can affect a person mentally and physically in a

negative way. It affect the person’s ability to do normal stuff such as working,

socializing, sleeping and eating properly. Depression can affect anyone at almost any age,

and there’s many reasons why some people get depressed, for instance, “Traumatic or

stressful events, such as physical or sexual abuse, the death or loss of a loved one, a

difficult relationship, or financial problems.” (Mayo Clinic Staff). This shows that those
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peoples who had experienced any of these traumas in their life, they could go to

depression easily. Especially in today’s generation some people’s are in abusive

relationship and for some reason they still choose to stay in the relationship and remain

silent for whatever is happening to them and doesn’t take any action And stay in

abusive relationship even though they know it affect their mental and physical health but

still they let the abuse weigh them down with trauma and don’t seek for help. It makes

me feel like it could be really hard for a person to overcome depression. But in every

situation, the first step is always hard. And the person have to motivate their self to take

at-least one step and not give up. In this article “Make an appointment to see your

doctor or mental health professional as soon as you can. If you're reluctant to seek

treatment, talk to a friend or loved one, any health care professional, a faith leader, or

someone else you trust.” (Mayo Clinic Staff). There is so many opportunities out there

for a person dealing with depression. They could talk about it with someone personal

they know that they feel comfortable with or they could reach out to a professional

therapist that could help them. They just need to be brave.

The second common reason why people commit suicide is mental disorders. The

individuals who take their own life intentionally or voluntarily are the people’s who

suffer from the disease called mental disorders “Mental disorders play an overwhelming

role in the increased risk of suicide.” (Gregory). Those peoples who suffer from mental

illness don’t know that they are sick or harming themselves. They are distressed and

confused. The general statistics on suicide includes that “Every day, approximately 105

Americans die due to suicide” (Gregory). This makes me so sad as a human being

knowing every day that many people’s kill themselves just because they couldn’t reached
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the help they needed. I feel like it’s each individuals responsibility as a human being to

look out for these type of people’s with mental illness or suicidal thoughts. It’s the

society’s job to keep the peoples with mental illness safe as a friend and family. The

society should make them feel safe and wanted when they are in need to talk to

someone. And if still you couldn’t do anything, you could always help them to connect

with someone else, such as, professional therapists. There’s many more other ways to

help mental disorders prevent suicide, for instance, “Medications can also be prescribed

as a prevention method to suicide..” by (Gregory) This evidence shows that medication

could be a common treatment to treat mental illness in order to prevent them from

harming themselves and others.

The third common reason why people commit suicide is stress. Stress is a

symptom for suicide. Stress has many different reasons that affect individuals in many

different ways. “Stressful events defined as traumatic or difficult to handle included:

academic pressures; career issues; death of a family member or friend; family problems;

intimate and other social relationships; finances; health problems of a family member or

partner; personal appearance; personal health problems and sleep difficulties.” (Reinberg)

In this generation stress is really common these days. Especially young/middle age

people’s go through more stress than the other population people’s. I believe they have

more problems to face than other people’s such as college and job. College can be so

stressful at a time that many students get suicidal thoughts about killing themselves and

escaping the struggles they go through and the career pressure might weigh the person

down from stress, same as, the jobs they do might stressing them out really bad and

they can’t do anything about it rather than keep surviving what they’re going through
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everyday because they think they don’t have any other choice and this mentality push

them to the black hole of stress and then later on even if they want to escape that black

hole they can’t, it get really hard for them and it affect the person’s social life, health,

relationships, and career. I been through this too, I get stress really easily like from a

small incidence and it’s really hard to go through it. Some days I get really sick from

it like I get a fever and I can’t breath. It makes me feel really sad when I think of the

people’s who go through this everyday and it weigh them so much down that they

don’t want to deal with it anymore and want to kill themselves. But there’s always a

possibility to overcome stress, for instance, “Get enough rest and sleep. Your body needs

time to recover from stressful events.” By (Bhandari). I think this is the most important

step for the people’s dealing with stress because they need to rest physically and

mentally for whatever they been through. And take care of their self to recover from the

damage that happened to them. “Seek treatment with a psychologist or other mental

health professional trained in stress management.” By (Bhandari). This shows that those

people’s who are past the lane of stress and having suicidal thoughts and can’t reach for

help then it’s the family members and friends responsibility to get them to the

professional therapist to prevent suicidal thoughts before it’s too late.

In conclusion, suicide is a incidence that is preventable. Suicide is known by

couple symptoms and signs such as, Depression, mental disorders, and stress. By

recognizing these signs every person should be aware of the fact that where these signs

and symptoms are leading to. If you’re suspicious of a person from a family or friends

who you think might be having a suicidal thoughts, we should react immediately and

acknowledge them with the help they need and let them know how we could prevent it.
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