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Tania Gutierrez Ramirez

May 8, 2019
Illness Policy
It is important to understand that there is more than one child in the center, and it is always the
first goal to keep them safe. Exclusion from the daycare is exercised only on the duration of the
illness, and the child will not be charged the days that he/she is gone.
 If your child suffers from an illness that will not pose a threat to the other children bring a
written health care provider’s statement explaining what they have and that it is all right
for them to be attending the center.
 If you suspect that your child may be ill but you are uncertain, do not bring them to the
center. Instead, take them to be checked by your health care provider.
 If staff at the center see that your child is presenting symptoms, they will instruct you to
take your child home or to your health care provider.
 After your child has recovered, they will be allowed to return 24 hours after no symptoms
are shown. Depending on the gravity of the illness, they will be required to bring a note
from their health care provider stating that it is safe for them to return.
Staff will always be on the lookout for the following symptoms. If a child presents them, staff
will call parents for them to be taken home or to a health care provider. The listed symptoms are
not limited to all reasons that a child may be sent home. Staff will notify parents at the discretion
of any symptoms that may be out of ordinary that need attention. The symptoms will also be
recorded at the time that they occur and what may have occurred them if applicable. This will be
kept in record.
 Other symptoms are considered to be coughing, headache, nasal discharge, lack of
appetite, and sore throat.
 A fever above 101 degrees.
 Sore or reddened throat accompanied with fever or other symptoms that may represent
the flu or strep throat.
 Red, watery eyes or any symptom reminiscent of pink eye.
 Diarrhea or vomiting that may occur more than twice in a span of 4 hours.
 Chills or profuse sweating that does not relate to the weather.
 Rash of unknown source.
 Child’s refusal to participate because they are not feeling well accompanied with another
If your child will not be attending the center because of an illness, please keep the center updated
on the situation of the child’s illness to determine when they will be back. All information
pertaining to your child will be kept strictly private, and not mentioned to other parents unless
instructed by you, the parent, with a written approval. Your child’s safety along with the other
children is our top priority, and will always be so.