west End Cames, wEC, and the 0ô 8ystem are trademarks of

Purgatory Pub||sh|ng |nc. These trademarks are used under the 0ô
8ystem Trademark L|cense, ava||ab|e at www.opendô.com.
T|e lo||oW|rd |lers are |ereov des|draled as Producl lderl|lv |r accordarce
W|l| 3ecl|or 1|e) ol l|e 0per 0are L|cerse, vers|or 1.0a: Arv ard a|| wesl
Erd 0ares, wE0, ard 0ê 3vsler |odos, |derl|lv|rd rar|s, ard lrade dress,
a|| cover ard |rler|or arl ard |||uslral|ors.
T|e lo||oW|rd |lers are |ereov des|draled as 0per 0are Corlerl |r
accordarce W|l| 3ecl|or 8 ol l|e 0per 0are L|cerse, vers|or 1.0a: A|| lexl
ard lao|es |r l||s docurerl, W|l| l|e excepl|or ol raler|a| spec|l|ca||v
exc|uded |r l|e dec|aral|or ol producl |derl|lv, |s oper dare corlerl.
0PEN CAHE L|6EN8E Vers|on 1.0a
T|e lo||oW|rd lexl |s l|e properlv ol w|zards ol l|e Coasl, lrc. ard |s
Copvr|d|l 2000 w|zards ol l|e Coasl, lrc |¨w|zards¨). A|| R|d|ls Reserved.
1. 0el|r|l|ors: |a)¨Corlr|oulors¨ rears l|e copvr|d|l ard/or lraderar|
oWrers W|o |ave corlr|ouled 0per 0are Corlerl, |o)¨0er|val|ve Valer|a|¨
rears copvr|d|led raler|a| |rc|ud|rd der|val|ve Wor|s ard lrars|al|ors
|rlo ol|er corpuler |arduades), polal|or, rod|l|cal|or, correcl|or, add|l|or,
exlers|or, updrade, |rprovererl, corp||al|or, aor|ddrerl or ol|er lorr |r
W||c| ar ex|sl|rd Wor| rav oe recasl, lrarslorred or adapled, |c)
¨0|slr|oule¨ rears lo reproduce, ||cerse, rerl, |ease, se||, oroadcasl, puo||c|v
d|sp|av, lrarsr|l or ol|erW|se d|slr|oule, |d)¨0per 0are Corlerl¨ rears l|e
dare rec|ar|c ard |rc|udes l|e rel|ods, procedures, processes ard
roul|res lo l|e exlerl suc| corlerl does rol eroodv l|e Producl lderl|lv ard
|s ar er|arcererl over l|e pr|or arl ard arv add|l|ora| corlerl c|ear|v
|derl|l|ed as 0per 0are Corlerl ov l|e Corlr|oulor, ard rears arv Wor|
covered ov l||s L|cerse, |rc|ud|rd lrars|al|ors ard der|val|ve Wor|s urder
copvr|d|l |aW, oul spec|l|ca||v exc|udes Producl lderl|lv. |e) ¨Producl lderl|lv¨
rears producl ard producl ||re rares, |odos ard |derl|lv|rd rar|s
|rc|ud|rd lrade dress, arl|lacls, crealures c|araclers, slor|es, slorv||res,
p|ols, l|eral|c e|ererls, d|a|odue, |rc|derls, |arduade, arlWor|, svroo|s,
des|drs, dep|cl|ors, |||eresses, lorrals, poses, corcepls, l|eres ard
drap||c, p|olodrap||c ard ol|er v|sua| or aud|o represerlal|ors, rares ard
descr|pl|ors ol c|araclers, spe||s, erc|arlrerls, persora||l|es, lears,
persoras, |||eresses ard spec|a| ao|||l|es, p|aces, |ocal|ors, erv|rorrerls,
crealures, ecu|prerl, rad|ca| or superralura| ao|||l|es or ellecls, |odos,
svroo|s, or drap||c des|drs, ard arv ol|er lraderar| or red|slered
lraderar| c|ear|v |derl|l|ed as Producl |derl|lv ov l|e oWrer ol l|e Producl
lderl|lv, ard W||c| spec|l|ca||v exc|udes l|e 0per 0are Corlerl, |l)
¨Traderar|¨ rears l|e |odos, rares, rar|, s|dr, rollo, des|drs l|al are
used ov a Corlr|oulor lo |derl|lv |lse|l or |ls producls or l|e assoc|aled
producls corlr|ouled lo l|e 0per 0are L|cerse ov l|e Corlr|oulor |d) ¨use¨,
¨used¨ or ¨us|rd¨ rears lo use, 0|slr|oule, copv, ed|l, lorral, rod|lv,
lrars|ale ard ol|erW|se creale 0er|val|ve Valer|a| ol 0per 0are Corlerl.
||) ¨You¨ or ¨Your¨ rears l|e ||cersee |r lerrs ol l||s adreererl.
2. T|e L|cerse: T||s L|cerse app||es lo arv 0per 0are Corlerl l|al
corla|rs a rol|ce |rd|cal|rd l|al l|e 0per 0are Corlerl rav or|v oe used
urder ard |r lerrs ol l||s L|cerse. You rusl all|x suc| a rol|ce lo arv 0per
0are Corlerl l|al vou use. No lerrs rav oe added lo or suolracled lror
l||s L|cerse excepl as descr|oed ov l|e L|cerse |lse|l. No ol|er lerrs or
cord|l|ors rav oe app||ed lo arv 0per 0are Corlerl d|slr|ouled us|rd l||s
3.0ller ard Acceplarce: 8v us|rd l|e 0per 0are Corlerl You |rd|cale
Your acceplarce ol l|e lerrs ol l||s L|cerse.
1. 0rarl ard Cors|deral|or: lr cors|deral|or lor adree|rd lo use l||s L|cerse,
l|e Corlr|oulors drarl You a perpelua|, Wor|dW|de, rova|lv-lree, ror-
exc|us|ve ||cerse W|l| l|e exacl lerrs ol l||s L|cerse lo use, l|e 0per
0are Corlerl.
5.Represerlal|or ol Aul|or|lv lo Corlr|oule: ll You are corlr|oul|rd or|d|ra|
raler|a| as 0per 0are Corlerl, You represerl l|al Your Corlr|oul|ors are
Your or|d|ra| creal|or ard/or You |ave sull|c|erl r|d|ls lo drarl l|e r|d|ls
corveved ov l||s L|cerse.
ê.Nol|ce ol L|cerse Copvr|d|l: You rusl updale l|e C0PYRl0lT N0TlCE
porl|or ol l||s L|cerse lo |rc|ude l|e exacl lexl ol l|e C0PYRl0lT N0TlCE
ol arv 0per 0are Corlerl You are copv|rd, rod|lv|rd or d|slr|oul|rd, ard
You rusl add l|e l|l|e, l|e copvr|d|l dale, ard l|e copvr|d|l |o|der's rare lo
l|e C0PYRl0lT N0TlCE ol arv or|d|ra| 0per 0are Corlerl vou
Z. use ol Producl lderl|lv: You adree rol lo use arv Producl lderl|lv,
|rc|ud|rd as ar |rd|cal|or as lo corpal|o|||lv, excepl as express|v ||cersed |r
arol|er, |rdeperderl Adreererl W|l| l|e oWrer ol eac| e|ererl ol l|al
Producl lderl|lv. You adree rol lo |rd|cale corpal|o|||lv or co-adaplao|||lv
W|l| arv Traderar| or Red|slered Traderar| |r corjurcl|or W|l| a Wor|
corla|r|rd 0per 0are Corlerl excepl as express|v ||cersed |r arol|er,
|rdeperderl Adreererl W|l| l|e oWrer ol suc| Traderar| or Red|slered
Traderar|. T|e use ol arv Producl lderl|lv |r 0per 0are Corlerl does rol
corsl|lule a c|a||erde lo l|e oWrers||p ol l|al Producl lderl|lv. T|e oWrer ol
arv Producl lderl|lv used |r 0per 0are Corlerl s|a|| rela|r a|| r|d|ls, l|l|e
ard |rleresl |r ard lo l|al Producl lderl|lv.
8. lderl|l|cal|or: ll vou d|slr|oule 0per 0are Corlerl You rusl c|ear|v
|rd|cale W||c| porl|ors ol l|e Wor| l|al vou are d|slr|oul|rd are 0per 0are
9. updal|rd l|e L|cerse: w|zards or |ls des|draled Aderls rav puo||s|
updaled vers|ors ol l||s L|cerse. You rav use arv aul|or|zed vers|or ol l||s
L|cerse lo copv, rod|lv ard d|slr|oule arv 0per 0are Corlerl or|d|ra||v
d|slr|ouled urder arv vers|or ol l||s L|cerse.
10 Copv ol l||s L|cerse: You Vu3T |rc|ude a copv ol l||s L|cerse W|l| everv
copv ol l|e 0per 0are Corlerl You 0|slr|oule.
11. use ol Corlr|oulor Cred|ls: You rav rol rar|el or adverl|se l|e 0per
0are Corlerl us|rd l|e rare ol arv Corlr|oulor ur|ess You |ave Wr|ller
perr|ss|or lror l|e Corlr|oulor lo do so.
12 lrao|||lv lo Corp|v: ll |l |s |rposs|o|e lor You lo corp|v W|l| arv ol l|e
lerrs ol l||s L|cerse W|l| respecl lo sore or a|| ol l|e 0per 0are Corlerl
due lo slalule, jud|c|a| order, or doverrrerla| redu|al|or l|er You rav rol
use arv 0per 0are Valer|a| so allecled.
13 Terr|ral|or: T||s L|cerse W||| lerr|rale auloral|ca||v |l You la|| lo corp|v
W|l| a|| lerrs |ere|r ard la|| lo cure suc| oreac| W|l||r 30 davs ol oecor|rd
aWare ol l|e oreac|. A|| suo||cerses s|a|| surv|ve l|e lerr|ral|or ol l||s
11 Relorral|or: ll arv prov|s|or ol l||s L|cerse |s |e|d lo oe urerlorceao|e,
suc| prov|s|or s|a|| oe relorred or|v lo l|e exlerl recessarv lo ra|e |l
15 C0PYRl0lT N0TlCE
0per 0are L|cerse v 1.0 Copvr|d|l 2000, w|zards ol l|e Coasl, lrc.
0ê 3pace Copvr|d|l 2001, Purdalorv Puo||s||rd lrc.

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