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Com Part-I) (New Syllabus 2016)

1- Define the following: 2x10
i) Differentiate the RAM and ROM
ii) Define Computer
iii) Define application software
iv) Differentiate high level and low level language
v) Differentiate the data and information
vi) What is DOS?
vii) Write the abbreviation of BASIC.
viii) What is difference between LAN ad MAN?
ix) What are storage devices?
x) Define web server.
2- a) Discuss the history of computers. 10
b) Write a detailed note on analog and digital computers. 10

3- a) Discuss the application and system software in detail. 10

b) What are the procedural and non-procedural languages? 10

4- a) Discuss the concept of internet and how it helps us in daily life? 10

b) Write the process of creating new email account in Gmail. 10

5- a) Discuss computer networks and its types in detail. 10

b) Describe the use of search engine. 10

6- a) Discuss the important feature of Window 10. 10
b) Describes the basic elements of Ms Word. 10

7- a) What is web browser? Write a note on recently used popular browsers. 10

b) Discuss the process of sending email and attachment of file. 10

8- a) Describe the components of computer networks. 10

b) Discuss the role of computer in education and health. 10

9- a) Discuss the communication channels. 10

b) What is analog and digital transmission? 10

***B.Com – I (18/A) vi ***

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