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Music Recording Artist, Stefan Vale, has been a local fixture in the South Florida
Indie music scene for over two decades with his eclectic blend of Flamenco guitar
infused New Age, World music, R&B and Latin Jazz style of music. A prolific
composer, performer, author and producer of music videos, his latest project is a
drastic deviation from his previous work, as he has now transitioned into the world
of stage theater and independent film making, with the production of “The
Promise”, a stage play (on film) inspired by his first published book of the same
name. Filmed on location in Miami, The Promise is the heartfelt story of a
divorced father who is faced with waging an uphill battle against a corrupt family
court system. The audience is guided through the entire story in point-of-view
(POV) mode to experience first hand for themselves what it is like to live through
this ordeal through the eyes and ears of the main character (narrated by Vale
himself) with his original music serving as the soundtrack. “Music is what
‘feelings’ sound like”, says Vale, “so I wanted to use it to elevate the emotional
experience and tell the story in such a way that the audience would be able to relate
to the main character on a personal level without any preconceived notions or
bias”. The stage play was filmed by Chaos Made LLC productions, directed by
Todd Bruno, produced by Victor Nappe and it stars: Junet Morales, Isaac Gooden,
Kate Mcvay, Gerard Auclair and Alan Myles Heyman.
Filmed on stage in Miami in 2019, reviews of “The Promise” (film) have been,
promising, as some critics have heralded it as an underground hit with an important
social message that will strike a chord with a wide range of audiences, regardless
of their personal views on the controversial subject matter. Any contention by
which is nullified by the films POV presentation, which forces the audience into
viewing the story from an uniquely personal vantage point, while clever scene
selections keep the format concise and the minimal set and small cast make this
film ideally suited for a live Off-Broadway style production.
“In doing this film, I wanted to create the model for a live dramatic musical stage
play, where I would perform the soundtrack acoustically on guitar. I do intend to
run this as a purely live theater stage production in the near future”. An innovative
concept for sure which promises to create a buzz with theater goers seeking
something new and edgy. Updates on the film and stage play will be posted on

Junet Morales Isaac Gooden Kate Mcvay Gerard Auclair

Alan Myles Heyman Todd Bruno Victor Nappe Stefan Vale

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