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Note to Forest Service: Please place Part I of this report in the file of Babylon allotment

Part I: Allotment Report

Date: June 17th, 2011 Observer: Dave Erley

Forest: Manti-La Sal District: Moab-Monticello

Allotment: Babylon Pasture: Kigalia unit

Pasture AOI scheduled use (rest; date entry/exit): Rest

Range Specialist: Tina Marian District Ranger: Mike Diem

Location: Ute Cabin area and just above Ute Cabin on FS 337 prior to entering Kigalia Guard Station

NAD 83/UTM zone 12N

Pond at Ute Cabin: 4170717m 603973m
FS 337 cattle trespass: 4170535m 603893m

General location description:

The boundary fence between Kigalia unit of Babylon allotment and Kigalia Point unit of Twin Springs
allotment is broken in many places in the vicinity of Ute Cabin. As a result, there is trespass of cattle
from Twins Springs allotment into Babylon allotment.

Subject(s) and number (quantity) of photos sent:

Fig. 1: One of many broken sections of the boundary fence between Babylon and Twin Springs
Figs. 2 - 3: Trespass cattle in Kigalia unit of Babylon allotment near Ute Cabin
Figs..4 – 5: Spring and pond at Ute Cabin in Kigalia unit of Babylon allotment

Fig. 1: Broken boundary
fence between Twin
Springs and Babylon
allotments at Ute Cabin
Fig, 2: Trespass cattle from Kigalia Point unit of Twin Springs allotment in Kigalia unit of
Babylon allotment at Ute Cabin (Brand looked to be a stylized K or possibly an R).

Fig. 3: Trespass cattle near FS 337 and Kigalia Guard

Station in Babylon allotment.
Fig. 4: Pond below Ute Cabin in Kigalia unit of Babylon
allotment lacking exclosure and showing recent sign of trespass

Fig. 5: Spring below Ute Cabin with algae and head cut


Additional conveyance of this information (e.g., phone conversation, in-person conversation, CD

of photos, follow-up email) Email detailing trespass sent to Tina Marian on June 20th.
Part II: Response to Report
(To be filled out by Observer)


Forest Service responder:

Forest Service response, actions:

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