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1. COMPANY INTRODUCTION .............................................................................. 1

1.1. General introduction ....................................................................................... 1

1.2. History and development ................................................................................ 1
1.3. Business sector ............................................................................................... 2
1.4. Vision and Mission ......................................................................................... 3
1.5. Business strategy orientation .......................................................................... 3
1.6. Human resource strategy ................................................................................ 6

2. WORKFLOW OF THE BUSINESS AND JOB ANALYSIS .............................. 12

2.1. Workflow of the business ............................................................................. 12

2.2. Job analysis ................................................................................................... 16

3. HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING ..................................................................... 17

3.1. Importance of human resource planning ...................................................... 17

3.2. Details of FPT Telecom human resource planning ...................................... 22
3.3. Human resource planning process ................................................................ 26

4. HUMAN RESOURCE RECRUITMENT ............................................................. 34

4.1. Recruitment objective ................................................................................... 34

4.2. Recruitment philosophy................................................................................ 35
4.3. Recruitment strategy ..................................................................................... 35
4.4. Recruitment process ..................................................................................... 36
4.5. Recruitment process in reality ...................................................................... 42

5. REFERENCES ...................................................................................................... 45


1.1. General introduction

As a member of Vietnam's leading technology group FPT, FPT Telecom Joint

Stock Company (FPT Telecom) has been one of the telecommunication and Internet
service providers who are trusted and loved by customers all over Vietnam and the
Established on January 31, 1997, FPT Telecom originated from the FPT Online
Exchange (FOX) founded by four members with its first Intranet network in Vietnam
called "Trí tuệ Việt Nam" ("Vietnamese Intellectual"), which is considered to be the
foundation for the development of the Internet in Vietnam. After nearly 21 years of
operation, FPT Telecom has more than 7000 full-time employees, nearly 200
transaction offices in 59 provinces of more than 200 branches.
• Customer Care Hotline 24/7: 1900 6600
• Customer Support Mailbox:
• Official Website:
• Official Facebook Page:
• Head offices
o Ha Noi: PVI Building, No. 1 Pham Van Bach Street, Cau Giay District
o Da Nang: No. 182-184, 2/9 Street, Hai Chau
o Ho Chi Minh City: Lot 37-39A, Road No. 19, Tan Thuan EPZ, Tan
Thuan Dong Ward, District 7

1.2. History and development

FPT Online Exchange – FOX (the online data center of FPT) was
2001 The first e-journal in Viet Nam – VNExpress was launched
2002 Became IXP (Internet Exchange Provider)
2005 Transformed to FPT Telecom joint-stock company (FPT Telecom JSC)
2007 FPT Telecom started to expand operational nationwide, and was licensed


to provide inter-municipal telecom services and international connection

gateway. Specially, FPT Telecom had become the official member of
AAG Alliance (AAG – Asia America Gateway transpacific submarine
cable system)
Become the first FTTH (Fiber to the home) Internet provider in Vietnam
2008 and had the official international connection from Vietnam to Hong
Reached the revenue of 100 million USD and expanded the market to the
neighboring country, Cambodia
Completed the North-South backbone transmission network with the
total length of 4000 km across 30 provinces
Started providing IPTV pay TV service with the brand name of “FPT
FPT Telecom had nearly 200 transaction offices throughout the country,
got business license in Myanmar, reached the revenue of more than 5500
billion VND, and become one of the leading service providers in
deploying IPv6 Internet protocol
Expanded the FPT Telecom’s Uptime TIER III Data Center to became
the largest Data Center in the South of Vietnam, the first Vietnamese
2016 company to receive “The Digital Transformers of the Year” award of
IDC in 2016. During this time, the revenue of FPT Telecom had reached
6,666 billion VND
Released the highest speed Internet broadband service in Vietnam (SOC
– 1Gbps), also upgraded Ftv Lucas Onca System of FPT IPTV. In 2017,
FPT Telecom was also honoured to be the most impact Internet company
in Vietnam. Its revenue was approximately 7,562 billion VND in 2017

1.3. Business sector

• Providing the telecommunications network infrastructure for broadband

Internet services
• Providing Internet and telecommunications products and services


• Value-added services on the Internet, mobile phone network

• Television Services
• Message, data, infotainment services on mobile phone network
• Setting up network infrastructure and provide telecommunications and Internet
• Import and export of Internet and telecommunications devices
• Local fixed telecommunications services
• Value added telecommunications services
• Domestic and international long-distance fixed telecom services

1.4. Vision and Mission

“FPT Telecom would like to become a new type of organization, prosperous,
with effort and creativity in science, engineering and technology, as customer
satisfaction, contributing to national prosperity, gives each member fully developed
conditions of talent and material, mental enrichment”
“In order to accomplish the pioneering mission to bring the Internet to the
Vietnamese people and fulfill the wish that every Vietnamese family would use at
least one service of FPT Telecom, in line with the motto “Customer first”, we
constantly strive to invest in infrastructure, improve the quality of products and
services, and apply new technologies to provide our customers with superior
experience of our products and services”

1.5. Business strategy orientation

As a member of FPT Group, FPT Telecom’s development orientation based on

the orientation of the corporation
In the 2017-2019 period, based on the above opportunities and challenges, the
Group's strategy focuses on the goal of "Pioneering in the digital revolution".
Accordingly, FPT will focus on connecting with customers, leading technology
companies in the world to provide digital products / services to pioneer in the
transition to the digital world. Specifically, there are 3 action target groups:


1.5.1. Reaching to be a global corporation

• Promote globalization with growth from a larger global market in the country
• Being the highest level global partner of leading technology corporations in the
• Expand the list of customers in Forbes 500
• Internationalize FPT culture
Strategic action
• Enhance international competitiveness
• Develop bidding programs and capacity to implement international projects
• Develop a new international cooperation program
• Develop human resources abroad and promote training of road and bridge
• English universalization throughout the Group

1.5.2. Pioneer in the digital world

• Convert digitized forcefully (including implementation or application of
advanced technologies such as SMAC, IoT, AI, Security, Robotics, chatbot, VR / AR,
3D-printing, ...) for customers and for FPT together with subsidiaries in business and
business administration
• Build FPT's own ecosystem with core technology, allowing partners to exploit
and create competitive power and new growth
• Become the world's leading company in providing IoT services
Strategic action
• Strengthen research and development capabilities of digital transformation in
the unit
• Build the ecosystem of data and core technology among subsidiaries,
connecting with the community to enhance the competitiveness of the Group
• Build and implement a transformation program for FPT information system on
a digital platform


• Build FPT brand in accordance with the pioneering strategy in digital network
in Vietnam and around the world

1.5.3. Improve the Group’s level

• Change dramatically in scale business through large long-term contracts;
specialized and specialized service solutions, high value-added services or new
products and services, new areas with significant revenue
• Improve the capacity of the leadership team to meet the development strategy
of the Group, enforce policies so that every FPT person invests time and effort into
learning according to work needs, public routes and developing personal capabilities
• Continuously improve the competitiveness, prevent stagnant bureaucracy,
promote the spirit of the founder
Strategic action
• Participate in bidding for projects of 10-30 million USD by strategic customers
• Promote new business methods
• Quickly replicate successful models
• Investing in developing potential solutions and services
• Implementing the program "Personal Development", including building
learning organization, developing the program "Enhancing competitiveness",
promoting the spirit of founder

1.5.4. Orientation for sustainable development

As the No. 1 Information Technology Services Group in Vietnam, FPT is well

aware of the importance of realizing the company's sustainable development strategy
at the present and future. Accordingly, FPT Group always strives to implement the
economic objectives associated with the highest support activities for the community
and environmental protection
Key objectives
• Sustainable growth in revenue from traditional businesses, while increasing
revenue from globalization, increasing revenue from S.M.A.C / smart services / IoT
• Always on the list of most popular employers in the IT sector


• Build FPT into an organization to learn and upgrade all FPT human resources
according to business development needs, in line with the orientation of Globalization
and technology S.M.A.C / IoT
• Developing technology for the community, spreading and cultivating
compassion to the whole society
• Complying with regulations and raising awareness of environmental protection,
saving energy

1.6. Human resource strategy

1.6.1. Human resource of FPT telecom

Human resource system of FPT comprises of operating model, policies, rules

and regulations, processes, information system and all of the employees participating
in attracting, organizing, training and developing, encouraging as well as keeping
talented people of the organization
Each unit, from member companies, branches, to universities is arranged with
one HR department, and above all, all of these small departments are under the
supervision and management of the FHR
With that structure, each specialized section of HR will be undertaken by
experts from each field, who will then report their work to the HR Director and thus
ensure profession, consistency and systematization in all stages of personnel
organization. And in order to ensure the efficiency of human resources of the
corporation, FHR is the governing body of personnel which is responsible for
supervision, allocation, transfer and use of labour in a reasonable and effective
manner, covering the equality for the whole company
FPT has been growing and constantly asserting its brand, therefore, the
corporation has a large number of employees and has constinuously increased since
founded. As of 2018, the total number of employees working at FPT is more than
32,000, of which FPT Telecom accounts of more than 2,000 with a very young
average age. It can be said that this company has a strongly young staff base. At FPT,
there are many positions that do not require of qualifications but skills or abilities to


work, etc. This either helps the company to recruit skilled workers or save the relevant

1.6.2. Human resource strategy

Defining human as the core element to create the sustainable development of

the Corporation, from the beginning of its establishment, FPT has made many efforts
to “enables staff to reach their full potential in terms of both their careers and personal
Compensation, welfare policies, enhanced working facilities as well as many
other measures were conducted during the year to better provide for the employees.
The annual employee survey has revealed that the company has an active,
professional, and flexible working environment with friendly and supportive
colleagues, good promotion prospects, and excellent training and development
opportunities, all offered with competitive compensation packages
Therefore, in the human resource management strategy, FPT always focuses in
developing an implementing solutions to build a dynamic and creative work
environment; drafting policies to discover, attract, foster and recruit talents,
transforming FPT in to a learning organization, developing highly trained and
qualified human resources; assess staff competency in a fair and transparent way; and
create engagement through the installation of FPT’s core values and corporate culture

a. Ensuring employees’ rights and developing high quality human resource

FPT’s greatest asset is its people, therefore it always recognizes and realizes
the employees’ efforts and contributions to the Corporation’s sustainable
development. FPT always adheres to the provisions of the labour law and ensure the
employees’ rights
FPT ensures the right of employees to freely participate in the Trade Union and
creates favourable conditions in which the Trade Union can operate under the Trade
Union Act and Labour Laws. 100% of FPT employees participate in a Collective
Bargaining Agreement at all levels. Employees' rights are also concretized in the
following policies:
- Comprehensive policies


FPT pays close attention to compensation and promotion policies, taking good
care of its employees so as to enable them to reach their full potential in terms of both
their careers and personal lives. FPT’s compensation policy is built based on the
following criteria:
• Being commensurate with working results and contributions to FPT
• Market competitiveness
• Encouragement to increase work quality and productivity
• Fairness and transparency
FPT’s compensation structure consists of four components:
• Salary: A 12-month base salary and a ‘13th month’ salary paid on FPT’s
Anniversary and on the occasion of New Year
• Travelling, mobile phone top-up, plurality, long-term working abroad
allowances. These regimes have regularly been reviewed, supplemented and
updated to ensure maximum support for employees
• Bonuses based on employee's performance and work achievements.
There are no caps to the bonuses provided to the employees based on their
performance at FPT. The regime is designed to encourage employees to give
total dedication to the company. The achievements are always recognized in a
timely, fair and transparent way
• Welfare policies: Social/Health/Unemployment insurance...
- Welfare policies
In addition to the general welfare policies for employees as regulated by the
law, the company has established a range of welfare policies for the purpose of
comprehensive care for employees and their families, which are Regular medical
check-up, Health insurance and Preferential policies when using services of
subsidiaries of the Corporation (Employees who have been signed official labour
contracts and their relatives are free or discounted in services of subsidiaries.
Preferential treatment is specified for each service)
- Checkpoint system
Depending on the business line of each sub-unit, usually two times per year or
every month per quarter, FPT staff will conduct checkpoint evaluations to review


results and plan their work during the year. All employees who have signed official
contracts with the company must participate in the checkpoint assessment. At these
assessments, staff will report on the status of work performed, follow-up work plans
and recommendations on the online system. Once the online declaration process is
completed, direct managers will review, approve and directly communicate the work
orientation and development opportunities for each position according to general
direction of the company in the next stage
In addition, every year, the Corporation conducts surveys to collect comments
from employees regarding all areas of the Corporation. At the end of each year, the
Corporation surveys all employees, with the results of this survey assisting the
Corporation to improve its policies and working environment
- Training policies
According to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), maintaining and improving
human capital, particularly through training that expands the knowledge base of
employees, is a key element in organizational development. This indicator provides
insight into the scale of the organization’s investment in this area and the degree to
which the investment is made across the entire employee base. The access to training
opportunities also supports progress in other areas of social performance, such as
ensuring equal opportunity in the workplace. As technology requires constant change
and innovation, FPT has built up generations of employees who increasingly learn and
strive to help FPT succeed
Training programs include entry-level training; technology staff training;
training and fostering professional skills and soft skills; and training staff in
supporting functions. The Board of Management has issued a training policy that
requires FPT employees to participate in continuous training programs suggested by
FPT Corporate University, or complete at least one online course. In 2017,
268,864 employee training sessions with a total of more than 1.7 million hours of
training recorded; 3,551 technology certificates were obtained by FPT employees
from global tech-giants, bringing the total number of international technology
certificates possessed by FPT employees to 6,834 certificates, almost double that of


b. Attracting and developing talented people

FPT accepts everyone as they are, with their strengths and weaknesses, with
their good and bad points, as well as provides the best conditions for each member to
be themselves and fulfill their ambitions
In 2017, FPT has 2,915 managers, accounting for 9.1% of the total workforce
of the Corporation. 88.1% of these managers are under the age of 40
Some typical programs to foster and attract talents:
• Talent internship program: implemented in 2003 with the purpose of
recruiting top students in Economics and Technology for potential management
• Personnel planning: aims at building a team of young, trained and
experienced staff who deeply understand FPT’s business operations and core
values in order to be ready to assume leadership and senior management
positions in the Corporation and its subsidiaries. FPT’s leaders are given
challenges and rotated within the Corporation through various business fields
and environments
• Trạng Contest: since 2003, FPT has held Trạng Contest to seek and
develop new talents for the Corporation. Many winners of ‘Trạng FPT’ have
been appointed to important positions such as Vice CEO of FPT Corporation,
CEO of FPT IS, and CEO of FPT Software
• FPT has also organized many programs to find talents within the
Corporation such as vertical examination, top under35, innovation contests in
many fields, ranking technology staff, and naming the Top 100 most excellent
FPT staff annually, with a corresponding reward policy

c. Creating a unique corporate culture to connect employees

FPT is one of only a few Vietnamese companies building and maintaining

unique corporate culture values which have given it advantages in attracting talent, as
well as creating connection among its employees and between employees and the


The FPT culture is the summary of its codes of conduct in its business activities
as well as in other activities to support employees' mental lives. Code of conduct and
code of ethics in FPT: “Respect – Innovation – Team spirit – Objectivity –
Exemplarity – Wisdom”. Every FPT employee needs to have the spirit of “Respect –
Innovation – Team spirit”
• RESPECT – is The spirit of Respect means “respecting individuals”,
including Frankness, Listening and Tolerance. In FPT, employees can speak
directly to managers, regardless of their position or relationship
• INNOVATION – is The spirit of Innovation includes Learning,
Innovation and STCo (the typical humor of FPT’s people)
• TEAM SPIRIT – is The Team spirit in FPT includes Consensus, Unity
and Sincerity
FPT leaders must possess the three core values: “Objectivity - Exemplarity - Wisdom”
• OBJECTIVITY – is Objectivity is the most important virtue of leaders,
which helps them gain the trust of employees and inspires them to work with
increased dedication instead of flattering their leaders
• EXEMPLARITY – Leaders must be the ones who most clearly reflect
the FPT spirit of “Respect – Innovation – Team spirit”
• WISDOM – Leaders must be visionary and decisive.
FPT also deploys cultural activities to ensure a rich mental life for its employees,
giving them excitement and enthusiasm in their work via:
• Annual events such as FPT's Anniversary (September 13th); Towards
the Origins Day (March 10th in the lunar calendar); Parents Day (November
19th); International Women’s Day (March 8th) and Men’s Day (November
11th), etc
• Internal publications that help employees learn about the history and
core values of the company such as: Historical Records, a brief history, the
internal magazine chungta. vn; FPT News; Tech Insight News; and Fun4Fun
• Social activities to inspire benevolence among all employees. FPT holds
FPT Community Day (March 13th) annually, where FPT employees take part
in community activities across the country. At the same time, FPT calls for


each staff to contribute one day's wage to support people and colleagues in

d. Staffing commitments

With the philosophy of giving each member the best possible talent
development, FPT is committed to creating a fair, transparent, non-discriminatory
working environment in all production and business activities
In its existence of almost 30 years, FPT has always strictly complied with the
law on labour use, ensuring the rights of employees in accordance with all regulations:
• Signing labor contracts with employees as stipulated by the provisions
of the Labor Laws and the guiding documents of the State and the internal
regulations of the Corporation
• Arranging for employees to work accordingly to their qualifications,
expertise, capabilities, health, job position and gender
• Strictly complying with the provisions of the Labor Laws and the terms
of the Collective Labor Agreement
• Recruiting in accordance with procedures posted publicly on the
Corporation's website. Accordingly, candidates do not have to pay for public
examination and candidate selection is based on personal capabilities
• Creating an innovative work environment. FPT focuses on developing
facilities and building a modern naturefriendly work environment. Offices that
have been built on the campus model are F-Ville (Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park,
Hanoi), F-Town (Saigon Hi-Tech Park in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City), and
the FPT Complex (Da Nang Hi-Tech Park)


2.1. Workflow of the business

2.1.1. Input of FPT Telecom

The input of FPT Telecom includes bandwidth connecting within Vietnam and
International connection (both landline cable and undersea fiber-optic cable) with
dozens of international partners such as PCCW, T-System, NTT, Singtel, Korea


Telecom, China Telecom, etc; human resources; management capacity and operating

2.1.2. Workflow of FPT Telecom

The process of providing telecommunication services of FPT Telecom includes

4 steps below
Step 1: Receive registration information
Contact FPT Internet switchboard: 0901.447.369 or 0969.977.369 to register
the service. The counselor will help customers choose the package and give
instructions on how to register
Step 2: Signing an electronic contract
Employees come to customers' houses to guide the signing of electronic
contracts. Customers need to prepare some papers such as ID card, registration book,
temporary residence book, electricity and water bill. If customers are businesses, FPT
staffs will need a business license in addition
All personal information of customers, package name, input cost, contract
terms, commitment period of use, etc. will be updated fully and accurately in the
saved customer account of FPT Telecom and also being kept on website Customers will create their own user and password, so that customer
information is always confidential
Step 3: Pay the contract
Customers will receive a message from FPT to check the contract price quote,
after confirming it correctly, customers can choose the following two forms of
• Cash: give cash to staff who sign a contract, or go to FPT Telecom branch for
• Internet banking: customers can pay by their ATM or credit card via Hi FPT
application or access to personal account on for payment
After the payment, FPT will send a message as an electronic receipt to the phone
number of the registered customer to confirm the successful payment. No documents


appearing in the above process but all via electronic systems, this process saves a lot
of time for customers, as well as high safety
Step 4: Install the transmission line
Technicians come to install fiber optic cable from customer access point,
configure wifi modem and then instruct customers how to use such as changing pass
wifi as well as properly maintaining modem to avoid cases hang, modem signals

2.1.3. Output of FPT Telecom

The output of FPT Telecom includes Internet service and value-added services
for their customers on one Internet connection

a. Broadband Internet

Internet, an extraordinary and convenient tool that enables individuals to

experience all utilities as well as explore an endless treasure of knowledge and enjoy
all forms of entertainment in an optimal way. FPT builds service packages just for
individuals and households to meet their demand for private Internet access, including

b. Leased Line

Internet Leased Line is a service providing Internet connection directly to the

International (GIA) and domestic Internet (NIX). Unlike ordinary Internet
connections, Internet Leased Line can provide all speeds from 01 Mbps to tens of
Gbps with the best commitment on reliability, connection speed, special customer care
Global Internet Acess (GIA) is an Internet connection service with a separate
international gateway for agencies, companies and representative offices with high
requirements about quality and bandwidth for International Internet connection.
National Internet Exchange (NIX) is an Internet connection service through VNNIC
and major ISPs in Vietnam, based on the high-speed Peering infrastructure that is
directly connected from FPT to other ISPs and vice versa


c. Data Center

FPT offers specialized servers, rack and server space, connections from servers
to the Internet environment and direct, private connections to clients’ offices via an
intranet environment with data centers with Uptime Tier III certification

d. Broadcast Services

FPT Television is a multimedia television service provided by FPT Telecom. It

is the pioneering service in the use of IPTV technology in Vietnam. With the message
'Watching is love', FPT Television continuously researches and launches a variety of
high-end, high-interactive and content-rich entertainment gadgets via the broadband
internet connection protocol

e. Online Services

• Online media: A system of electronic newspapers with 15 billion page views

per day
• the e-commerce marketplace is built using the B2B2C (business-to-
business-to-consumer) model with number and value of transactions being among the
top in Vietnam
• FPT Play: As a multimedia entertainment product with more than 6 million
users and 58 million page views per month, FPT Play let users watch online TV and
enjoy movies, sports, music on many different platforms (mobile and web. Smart TV)
• FPT Play Box: A home entertainment box to meet users' needs of watching TV
with new content every day and no monthly subscription fee
• Fshare: This is one of the leading cloud-based resources storage and sharing
service provided with massive capacity and the best storage system located in FPT
Telecom’s international standard data center
• Fsend: This service allows users send large files up to 20GB
• Mix166: Mix 166 is the first EDM (Electronic Dance Music) streaming
application in Vietnam. Artist can upload their performance, and even get money from
their own products. Mix166 is expected to become a community for EDM lovers


• Startalk: Startalk is the first online TV platform in Vietnam. The lattest in

society, showbiz, fashion, beauty, entertainment, communities are reported in vivid
and interesting videos

2.2. Job analysis

The name of the job: Telecom Infrastructure Technician

2.2.1. Job description

• Plan periodic maintenance of telecom equipment in the station and patrol

telecom cable network periodically
• Construct optical fibre and cable connectors
• Install, operate and make plans to handle incidents related to peripheral
networks, optical fibre and equipment in the station
• Understand details of construction steps and optical transitions, manage
materials and documents of construction completion
• Coordinate with the Planning, Design, Supplies and Inspection sections
• Use tools for operating troubleshooting and updating online database, optical
core: Ticket, Inside, Map, Port, AutoCad, etc.

2.2.2. Job requirements

• Male, aged 22-35

• Graduated from University, majoring in telecommunications, electricity,
electronics or refrigeration
• Understanding optical fibre systems
• Having good knowledge of telecom infrastructure, knowledgeable about using,
analyzing and reading AutoCad and Corel drawings
• Proficiently using tools, equipment such as welding machines, optical meters,
generators, etc. in service of infrastructure operation and troubleshooting
• Memory is in good condition
• Priority is given to candidates who have experience in management and have
relationships with non-company units serving optical construction
• Having teamwork and job management skills


• Good communication, agility, proficient office skills.

2.2.3. Conclusion

The above job description lists things that employees must perform in a concise
manner, specifically describing the work's activities and the necessary equipment. It
helps candidates understand the job position and helps the company to be able to
manage human resource management activities effectively and properly
The job requirements have clearly defined the characteristics, experience and
skills that employees must have to perform the job effectively. This helps the
company shorten the selection time for applications because only those who match the
job requirements can apply for it


3.1. Importance of human resource planning

3.1.1. General

Human resource planning is often overlooked, especially in the early stages of

a business when the focus is solely on profitability and proving the business model.
There comes a time however, when planning is an absolute necessity. Not only does it
shield the business from hefty legal consequences, planning creates a smooth process
for employee management that is both efficient and effective. The HR team often
coordinates with payroll to manage paperwork and ensure everyone is properly
enlisted in the company and company programs while being paid in a timely manner
The human resources department has an important function within most
businesses. Any business that relies on multiple employees to function stands to
benefit from human resource planning. Not only does the HR department become a
tool of legal compliance, they also work strategically with the business to manage
growth, employee issues, training and a number of organizational tasks that simply
require an HR specialty approach
There are several elements to human resource planning and all are equally
important. The first is the actual planning of the workforce. Even in a small business,
specialized skill sets are not always easy to source and planning for a growing


workforce is critical. Planning for a reduction in the workforce is also intensive and
requires strategic thinking to work through temporary or permanent layoffs. Legal
planning and process building are used to shield the company from legal ramifications
for discrimination of workplace misconduct. The human resources department is
responsible for educating and training employees on company policy, they handle
legal aspects of the employee relationship like workers’ compensation and they
communicate with every department in the business. Human resources also work as a
bridge between employees and payroll by ensuring contracts are executed and
honored. Effective planning in the human resources department leaves the managers
in position to focus on meeting goals that are responsible for driving revenue rather
than spending time dealing with administrative issues and employee paperwork

a. Planning for Growth

The company stands to gain returns by scaling a workforce quickly. If a plan is

in place, the company can bid on bigger contracts and effectively grow without being
understaffed. The planning aspect applies to the additions of permanent employees,
temporary employees and contract workers. A temporary growth opportunity often
calls for seasonal or contract labor to avoid a cycle of hiring and firing. Planning to
meet these expectations falls on human resources
When a company needs to grow quickly or add a large seasonal workforce,
human resources must plan for the hiring and manage recruiting. Recruiting fairs,
advertising and other recruiting events are largely responsible for locating the
workforce and placing them in jobs while still following company policies and
procedures. A large retailer may hire thousands of employees for the holiday season
on temporary work arrangements. Despite being temporary, human resources is still
responsible for educating each employee on company policies, workplace safety
guidelines and their role within the company. This is often done in the form of a
contract where the employee signs off after receiving the training and agrees to follow
the company policies. This holds the employee responsible for their actions at work
and protects the company from legal actions if they fail to comply. It's especially
important when large numbers of new people are entering the workplace


simultaneously. Not only does the human resource planning and training help the new
employees understand their roles and the rules, it reduces chaos and guides everyone
into position so they can begin working and executing their daily tasks
Growth planning is also a requirement to receive contracts in many cases.
Government contracts are one common example where the company must prove they
can access the workforce necessary to complete a contract. Any large scale, contract
based business deal is a candidate for human resources planning of this nature. Failing
to demonstrate an ability to access and hire a qualified workforce may remove the
company from the running for a contract

b. Scaling Down

When you think about what is involved in human resource planning, scaling
down and laying off employees does not always come to mind. It is however a critical
aspect of planning. A business can lose a key client or account that results in a larger
workforce than necessary. This can capsize a business financially and scaling down
becomes an unfortunate necessity. Laying off employees can happen in a temporary or
permanent fashion. Layoffs come with some legal consequences if handled
improperly and the human resources department must ensure each layoff is justified
and handled properly. They must work through the employee pool and determine who
must leave based on input from management. Determining layoffs is based on
seniority, immediate need and financial resource planning. Some employees will
require severance packages and unemployment benefit eligibility notification and
guidance. Contracts for a severance are built by the legal team and the human resource
department. A HR manager is often present during the individual or group layoff
announcement to ensure everything is handled properly
Planning throughout a layoff process is not only prudent for the company, it
ensures the employees have the maximum notice possible, access to unemployment
benefits and a genuine ability to move forward with their lives while seeking new
work. They should also understand why the layoffs happened so there is no lame on
their shoulders. Sometimes, business just goes in the wrong direction. Communicating


this difficult message effectively requires an excellent human resources team that
really understands the process

c. Productivity and Employee Wellness

Productivity in the workplace is measured by managers and department heads

but human resource planning can influence productivity through employee wellness
programs and initiatives that create a healthy and happy workplace where individuals
have the energy and positive attitudes required to succeed
Every workplace is different but human resources departments plan to ensure
employees have the minimum number of breaks required by law. Additionally, they
can introduce incentive programs, health programs, gym membership discounts and
general wellness programs to create a healthy and productive workplace. Even the
layout of furniture, introduction of plants to an office and change in the lighting can
have a major impact on employee wellness. Measuring productivity before and after
the implementation of each program can demonstrate increases in output. Building a
healthy workplace also cuts down on sick days and improves the long-term
capabilities of each employee. The human resource planning behind wellness and
productivity programs can increase the bottom line in the long run while improving
morale in the workplace
HR acts as a communication tool with employees as well. They can survey
employees while ensuring that no repercussions will be executed for undesirable
answers. The ability to collect honest employee feedback functions as a key identifier
for weak points in the business. The human resources department can essentially
uncover hidden issues that employees are not comfortable resolving otherwise. The
survey process can have a major positive impact on driving a more successful
In addition to basic wellness and creating a positive work-space, human
resources is responsible for addressing mental health. They are a neutral resource and
field reports of harassment and workplace misconduct. This outlet is important for
developing a safe place of work for everyone. If a trend of harassment or misconduct
develops, the department is responsible for planning a course of action to resolve the


issue. If they have done the planning necessary to build an employee handbook with
policies that each employee has learned and signed in a contract, taking action is easy
to justify from a legal and logical point of view. In order to manage conflict and
practice conflict resolution however, advanced planning must take place to define
clear boundaries and draw an actionable road map to effectively handle those

d. Risk Management

In the larger sense of things, human resource management serves to manage

and mitigate risk. The planning processes create a safe working environment that
meets regulatory standards while building a healthy environment. This allows
employees the opportunity to flourish in an equal opportunity workplace. It also limits
legal liability for the company which does far more than protect just the company. A
large suit has the potential to shut a company down and remove the jobs for everyone
including those who are not involved. The risk management through HR ensures the
company can withstand accusations because it followed a strict human resources
procedure and it protects the workers as much as the company itself

3.1.2. Human resource planning of FPT Telecom

The Corporation’s personnel continued to grow in size and level of

accomplishment. By the end of December 2017, the total headcount (including the
distribution and retail segment) has reached 32,092 people, an increase of 13%
compared with 2016. The total headcount excluding the distribution and retail
segment was 25,322 people (up 14,2% YoY), with the number of engineers,
programmers and IT experts reaching 12,181 people, up 18.7% from 2016 and
accounting for 48% of the total headcount of the Corporation. The number of
specialists in these areas excluding the distribution and retail segment in 2016 was
10,265 people. In order to improve employees’ capabilities to keep up-to-date with
changes in the business and technology world, FPT has placed a stronger focus on
internal training. The Board of Management has issued a training policy that requires
FPT employees to participate in continuous training programs suggested by FPT
Corporate University, or complete at least one online course. In 2017, 268,864


employee training sessions with a total of more than 1.7 million hours of training
recorded; 3,551 technology certificates were obtained by FPT employees from global
tech-giants, bringing the total number of international technology certificates
possessed by FPT employees to 6,834 certificates, almost double that of 2016.
Compensation, welfare policies, enhanced working facilities as well as many other
measures were conducted during the year to better provide for the employees. The
annual employee survey has revealed that we have an active, professional, and flexible
working environment with friendly and supportive colleagues, good promotion
prospects, and excellent training and development opportunities, all offered with
competitive compensation packages
Considering people as the core values, FPT always focuses on human resource
management. But this is a complex category and there is no common solution to
solving human resource problems
In the context of increasingly fierce competition in the market, sustainable
competitive advantage of businesses will depend on the individuals in the
organization. Big businesses identify people as their core values. So how to empower
the community? The secret lies in the art of human resource management
For FPT, the company always focuses on planning because planning is an
important issue with the survival of the company. Properly planning the missing
positions as well as good positions and not-good-enough ones is the way to propose
appropriate policies such as recruitment, promotion, etc. Through the positions that
the company is recruiting, people can understand partly about how they plan and
describe their job positions

3.2. Details of FPT Telecom human resource planning

3.2.1. Quantity of human resource

After 20 years of establishment and development, FPT Telecom has covered

59/63 cities and provinces across the country, owning a 9,200 km North - South
backbone line, bringing to market the connecting services for users. Internet use. The
most recent products are FPT Television and FPT Play services, and soon there will
be a smart camera and many other products to be delivered to customers. In the past


20 years, this unit has maintained a growth rate of over 20% per year, becoming one
of the leading Internet enterprises in Vietnam. In addition, the company is putting its
mark on the international market by taking the number one position in service
provision in Cambodia, being the first foreign telecommunications enterprise licensed
to deploy infrastructure and preparing to provide telecommunication services in
And within the next 10 years of FPT Telecom, General Director Nguyen Van
Khoa set 5 main directions for development strategy. It is widely covered nationwide
with the core service, that is the Internet with the best quality and experience;
developing FPT television services; developing OTT services such as FPT Play,
Fshare, Star Talk; IoT trend and finally globalization. FPT Telecom Chairman Chu
Thanh Ha set the target of FPT Telecom to become one of the key technology
enterprises of the Vietnamese economy, of which each Vietnamese citizen uses at
least one product of FPT Telecom
In order to fulfill that dream, according to the Chairman, not only improving
infrastructure, changing organizations, FPT Telecom also has to develop human
resource, such as: Regular rotation, creating generations of young officer, core forces
in units to create new vitality for the business. And the parts to achieve OKR
(Objectives and Key Results) will lie in the new services, new business activities, etc.
General Director Nguyen Van Khoa affirmed that FPT Telecom will continuously
seek and create management staff with the expectation of 50 new staffs found each
Sharing the action program 2018-2020 at FPT Telecom Leadership
Conference, General Director Nguyen Van Khoa affirmed that there will be 6
important things to be done in this period. “One of the most important tasks that we
need to implement for FPT Telecom is human resource,” Mr. Khoa emphasized and
added, in the last 5 years, the unit has promoted the rotation of staff. in FPT Telecom
“and for a while, we run out of reserve staff”
According to FPT Telecom's leaders, the proactive and early detection of
promising staff and young talents to put into sources creation programs is an
important solution to supplement the management team of the next generation.


Specifically, management levels must plan personnel at the "regional" units, including
the work of discovering, praising, training and introducing FPT Telecom to quickly
acquire new workforce who are ready to take over the duties as well as work rotation.
The new managers will be ready immediately for training, capturing new points to
meet requirements in areas where the company will expand. Each year, FPT Telecom
will find 50 people and through many tasks, the working process will add 25
participants in the Leadership Conference next year. Thus, in three years 2018-2020,
the whole FPT Telecom system will have at least 150 new positions, from the branch
director or more
At the same time, the Human Resources Department of FPT Telecom
announced internal recruitment of managerial positions to develop managerial human
resources in seven business regions across the country. Specifically, from December 1
2018, the Human Resource Department of the Organization (FHR) implemented an
internal recruitment plan for the positions of managerial staff such as the Board of
Directors, Sales Manager, Head/ Deputy Head of Customer Services, Head of
Technical Department, Head of General Department and Chief Accountant at centers
and branches of business areas. Participants include employees working at FPT
Telecom who need to develop themselves in work or external candidates introduced
by FPT Telecom who want to seek opportunities and desire to join the unit
According to the FHR representative, the internal recruitment program of managerial
positions aims to prioritize and create conditions for employees across the company to
see opportunities for development at work and take initiative in grasping
In recent years, FPT Telecom has appointed many young management
positions in the age of about 30 years old such as Deputy Director of the Center for
Development and Management of Infrastructure, Director of Soc Trang branch,
Deputy Director of Ninh Thuan branch, etc

3.2.2. Quality of human resource

In the opening session of FPT Telecom Technology Day in Hanoi, by

redrawing Vietnam's poor Internet picture in 1996-1997, FPT Telecom Chairman Chu
Thanh Ha pointed out the importance of technology to life and the inevitable path of


FPT Telecom today. She also spent her time sharing the 5 latest technology trends
launched at technology conferences around the world including: 5G, Internet of thing
(IoT), virtualization, integration between Wifi and LTE networks, Cloud. Technology
in the world today is making such spectacular progress. Now, machines and people
are no longer operating independently but increasingly attached, everything is directed
towards a "smarter" trend, SMAC technology is increasingly spreading. “The success
of FPT Telecom in the coming time depends greatly on technology forces. I hope that
all of you will try your best to create, research and apply new technologies to achieve
the strategic objectives of the company”, said Ms. Ha
And General Director Nguyen Van Khoa emphasized that in order to
implement the long-term strategies that Ms. Ha had put forward, every technical
officer of FPT Telecom from branch to HO had to join hands. “The engineering
technology team is an important base, a lifeline for the development of FPT Telecom.
The future of the company depends greatly on this team because a telecommunication
company is only strong when it has a good technology base and no matter how good
the sales business is, if the deployment and maintenance is not good, customers will
also leave”, he said
To do that, the key point is to build and develop technology staff. Each
technical officer at all levels and especially at the branch needs to know all
infrastructure and technology issues and can handle arising technical problems. At the
same time, enhancing the knowledge and learning of certificates so that FPT Telecom
has experts in every branch and in all fields. Each technical officer starts from the
simplest things, finish daily duties, constantly cultivates knowledge and learns from
each other to improve skills. Each individual should not keep "capital" for their own
but should actively transmit the existing experiences to his colleagues because
knowledge is only valuable when transmitted and spread
Especially, given the dizzying changes in technology trends in the world today,
the technical team also needs to eliminate the conservative nature, be willing to
change, actively update new things to fulfill the development. Technicians must have
a strong desire to learn. Managers must transmit aspirations and learning opportunities


to subordinates. Promoting the spirit of learning and creativity is the foundation to

bring the technology of FPT Telecom to reach out

3.3. Human resource planning process

Human resource planning is carried out according to the following process:

• Forecast of human resource needs
• Analysis of the situation of human resources
• Forecast of human resource supplies
• Making decisions to increase or decrease human resources
• Implementation plan
• Evaluate the plan implementation

3.3.1. Forecast of human resource needs

Nowadays, the pace of development as well as the level of science and

technology of society is tremendously increasing. With the characteristics of the
business, Science and Technology has a great influence on FPT Telecom. The
company will launch many high-tech products such as Home Security system, cloud
computing application to store data and access via smartphones anytime, anywhere, or
smart services following the IoT trend. Therefore, the company needs to have human
resources possessing comprehensive capabilities of expertise, skills, working attitude
for employees to keep up with the technology of the era, creating a more sustainable
development company
As a joint stock company operating in the field of technology, FPT Telecom
requires high professional skills, especially in computing, electrical equipment,... of
labor. Each job position will have specific requirements corresponding to the job
description. Since then, HR staffs must consider the recruitment standards, the gender
gap of men and women, the age of the company
Besides, FPT Telecom has a clear and feasible business strategy. With the
pioneering mission of bringing the Internet to the people of Vietnam and wishing
every Vietnamese family to use at least one service of FPT Telecom, the company
constantly strives to invest in infrastructure, upgrade product and service quality,
enhance the application of new technologies to bring to customers the outstanding


experience, besides enhancing awareness and working capacity for employees, etc.
This strategy affects the company's human resource management activities such as
recruitment integration, right people for right jobs, investment in training and
developing human resources to meet international standards. Therefore, company
need employees for positions such as telecommunication and maintenance technician,
telecommunication infrastructure management technician, partner management staff,
customer care staff,... to provide better services to customers, maintain and develop
sustainable relationships with stakeholders
In other markets, FPT conducts "standardization" of human resources by
requiring employees to participate in language courses to improve their foreign
language skills. After a certain time, some employees will be trained to become their
"experts in the field". Along with that, FPT also thought about recruiting international
personnel from countries like India and Malaysia. Not only adding human resources
for the globalization strategy in the coming time, FPT Telecom will continue to recruit
senior personnel. Accordingly, the company is looking for new people who are skilled
in developing their knowledge, skills and strategies to lead the company to global
integration and development

3.3.2. Analysis of the situation of human resources

The number of employees of FPT Telecom tends to increase over the years
from 2012 to 2017

The quality of internal labor resources is reflected in the working skills,

education level as well as the ability to harmonize with the organizational
environment. The proportion of staff with university or higher education is a large part
and the rest also have training with certain specialties
The rate of young workers continues to be maintained, in 2017, the number of
employees under 35 years old of FPT accounted for 65%, in line with the specific
characteristics of the industry


3.3.3. Forecast of human resources supplies

a. The internal supply of human resources

Internal labor supply includes all existing individuals working for the
organization. These employees can be used to secure the supply of labor by
maintaining employees in the current position or moving, advancing to fill other
positions in the organization. Internal labor supply may change constantly because
the organization may accept new employees, former employees may leave the
organization (move to another company), resign, retire, die or be fired
For internal recruitment, the company primarily applies for management
positions for employees with outstanding achievements to promote, stimulate the
spirit and effort of employees
To ensure the internal supply forecast and future supply of human resources for
organizations, administrator needs information systems: human resources datas, a
description of the number of employees at each job in organizations, qualifications of
There are both advantages and disadvantages of internal recruiment:
The disadvantages: Depending on the size
The main advantages of the company, there may be limitations
in internal recruitment

 The cost is lower than the  The number of candidates is few,

advertisement for outside candidates. especially candidates who are right and
 Connect and access jobs faster qualified
 Recruitment time is faster.  The direct manager may not want
 Lower risk to give up his staff
 Talent development - Create  The lack of cultural diversity and
opportunities for employees to expand new ideas compared to external
their jobs and develop their careers at the recruitment methods


Number of employees
8000 7296 7232
Uniit: Employee

6000 5607
5000 4677

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

The number of employees of FPT Telecom tends to increase over the years so
this is a good signal of the abundance of internal labor supply for the company

Human resource structure by education

level 2017

Undergraduate or Post-
38% graduate
College or Technical school

62% Unskilled labour

The proportion of staff with university or higher education is a large part and
the rest also have training with certain specialties. Moreover, in 2017, FPT telecom
specially invested in training activities for employees about new technology, trends of
the 4.0 revolution such as cloud computing, IoT ... with a budget of 77,9 billion VND
has created a high quality human resource, in accordance with the company's higher
rankings of recruitment criteria. It increases the quality of human resources supply for
the company internally


Human resource structure by age


Under 25
Over 35


The rate of young workers continues to be maintained, in 2017, the number of

employees under 35 years old of FPT accounted for 65%, in line with the specific
characteristics of the industry and this proves the company's abundant young human
resources, a potential source of manpower for other positions or senior positions in the
FPT Telecom is always proactive in discovering promising employees and
young talents to put them into source creation programs soon. This is an important
solution to complement the management team of the next generation. Specifically,
management levels must plan personnel at the "regional" units, including the work of
discovering, praising, training and introducing FPT Telecom to quickly have new
cadres ready to undertake mission. From 2015 until now, FPT Telecom has promoted
the rotation of staff in FPT Telecom. According to estimates, in three years 2018-
2020, FPT Telecom's entire system will recruit about 150 managerial positions
internally to develop management human resources in business areas across the

b. The external supply of human resources

Predicting external supply of labor is a very important job because the

organization's human resources are often fluctuated because some people are working
in the organization but need to move to another place, retire, get sick pain, death,
accident, disciplinary dismissal, etc. Therefore, the need for additional human


resources appears and additional sources for this number must be sought from the
external labor market
On the other hand, due to the need to develop and expand production, FPT
telecom needs more human resources to complete production tasks. Therefore,
predicting the supply of human resources from the external labor market allows
organizations to see the potential of labor, human resources can provide for the
organization and take measures to attract human resources in accordance with love.
organization needs when needed

 Population structure

The current population of Vietnam is 97,113,466 people on February 28, 2019,

according to the latest figures from the United Nations. Vietnam's population
currently accounts for 1.27% of the world's population. Vietnam is ranked 14th in the
world in the ranking of countries and territories. The average age in Vietnam is 31
years old. Besides the advantage of a large population size, the high population
growth rate has provided an abundant human resource in terms of quantity. Therefore,
the supply of human resources is still favorable in terms of quantity but FPT telecom
also faces difficulties in finding the right people for the job positions, especially in
terms of quality

 The size and structure of the social labor force

In Vietnam, the size of labor force aged 15 and over reached 54.52 million
people, an increase of 0.3% compared to the second quarter of 2016, women
decreased by 0.31%, urban areas increased by 0.28%. In the second quarter of 2017,
the labor force participation rate of the population aged 15 and over was 76.45%,
down from the first quarter of 2017 and the same period last year
In the second quarter of 2017, there were 1,081 thousand workers in the
unemployed age, decreasing by 20,000 people compared to Q1 / 2017 and 7.1
thousand people compared to the second quarter of 2016. Unemployment rate of
workers in the age group decreased to 2.26%, the lowest in the last 5 quarters. The
number of unemployed people with "university or higher" qualifications is 183.1
thousand people, an increase of 44.2 thousand people compared to the first quarter of


2017; unemployment rate of this group was 3.63% (the previous quarter was 2.79%).
The group of "college" qualifications has 82.6 thousand unemployed people, down
21.6 thousand people compared to the first quarter of 2017; Unemployment rate in this
group decreased to 4.96% but remained at the highest level. The group of
"intermediate" qualifications has 92.7 thousand unemployed people, an increase of 9.4
thousand people, the unemployment rate is 3.5%
The information and data above show the abundant supply human resources,
which means FPT telecom can easily attract labor for the jobs
However, the structure of labor distribution by industry is unbalanced.
Proportion of employees working for industries that need to accelerate development in
the period 2011-2020 to serve the industrialization and modernization of the country
such as: Information technology, supporting industries, health, etc. only
approximately 1% of each industry, while 47.4% of workers work in agriculture-
forestry-fishery or simple labor. The structure of training human resources is not
reasonable. The rate of university and college training compared to intermediate and
technical workers is 7/3, leading to the situation of "lack of teachers". Graduates find
it difficult to find suitable jobs, lack of skills to integrate, team work, communicate
with foreigners, apply information technology

 The quality of human resources

The quality of human resources is a very important criteria on in analyzing the

supply of human resources from outside. If the quality of human resources is high and
diverse, it will create opportunities for organizations capable of attracting the
workforce suitable for job requirements
According to forecasts of Vietnamworks, nearly 80,000 IT human resources
will be graduated in 2017 and 2018. This figure shows that the supply of human
resources is very little in reality
In addition, according to the World Bank, Vietnam's quality of human
resources reached 3.79/10 points, ranking 11th among 12 countries surveyed in Asia.
While South Korea reached 6.91/10 points, India reached 5.76/10 points, Malaysia
reached 5.59/10 points. This assessment also shows that our human resources are


weak in quality, lack of dynamism and creativity, industrial labor style. The quality of
training, structure by industry, field, distribution by region, region, locality of human
resources is not really suitable to the needs of society, causing waste of State
resources. and society. High-quality human resources, skilled workers are still lacking
compared to social needs to develop key economic sectors of Vietnam, especially to
participate in global value chains as well as upgrading. Vietnam's position in that
value chain. This is also the judgment of domestic experts: the quality of human
resources in Vietnam is low and has a large gap with other countries in the region
The number of employees with professional qualifications tends to know the
theory quite well, but is poor in practical capacity and adaptability in an industrial
competitive environment. According to statistics, the percentage of unskilled workers
accounts for nearly 85% (71% in urban areas and 91% in rural areas). Most of
employers are not satisfied with labor quality, especially working skills of workers

3.3.4. Making decisions to increase or decrease human resources

The company will compare the demand for human resources with the current
situation of human resources to determine whether human resources are in surplus or
inadequate compared to the needs of enterprises. After that, the company selected
solutions to overcome the excess or shortage of manpower
With the continuous development of customer demand for internet and
telecommunication services, the company always strives to expand the ability to meet
the needs with the best quality.
Companies often plan to recruit quite a number of employees in many positions
in different departments. With the advantage of the company, there is a strong
corporate culture, characteristics, dynamic working environment, attractive
compensation, so every time the recruitment notice is made, the number of
applications submitted to the company is very high, due to FPT Telecom always has
the advantage to choose the best and suitable employees

3.3.5. Implementation plan

Implementation plan usually includes the following main contents:

• Employee recruitment plan


• Plan to reorganize the organizational structure

• Plan to promote and transfer employees
• Plan to reduce redundant labor
The company will plan in accordance with the current situation

3.3.6. Evaluate the plan implementation

When evaluating, the company will:

• Determine the differences between the goals outlined with the process of
implementing the plan
• Analyzing the causes of such deviations
• Proposing deviation adjustment solutions and finishing measures
After planning the necessary human resources in the future, the company needs
to look for this human resource to ensure available human resources when needed


4.1. Recruitment objective

A good recruitment program needs to serve many objectives and sometimes

these objectives are contradictory. FPT Telecom with the vision to “become a new
type of organization, prosperous, with effort and creativity in science, engineering and
technology, as customer satisfaction, contributing to national prosperity, gives each
member fully developed conditions of talent and material, mental enrichment” has
corresponding objectives. The objectives often mentioned are:
• Attracting a large number of candidates needed for selection
• Attracting high rates of capable employees who are interested in accepting
work offers
• The goals after hiring employees should also be considered - the recruitment
process must create employees who do a good job and accept to work for the
organization within a reasonable amount of time.
• Recruiting efforts should have an external benefit effect, which is the overall
image of the organization should be strengthened
• All of these goals should be met at the fastest and least cost-effective level


Balancing different goals should be done with reference to the organization's

strategy and value

4.2. Recruitment philosophy

FPT Telecom invests heavily in training activities within the enterprise and has
a plan to develop source staff right from the start. Therefore, FPT Telecom tends to
help its employees promote to the higher positions. In the lower ranks, the company
recruits candidates who meet the conditions from the outside and then going further
FPT Telecom emphasizes on selecting those who wish to work longer than just
filling in the blanks. The company wants to find candidates who meet the current
position requirements but also considers their future management and development
capabilities. This approach will take longer but will also bring long-term benefits to
the company
FPT Telecom with code of conduct and ethics “Respect – Innovation – Team
spirit – Objectivity – Exemplarity – Wisdom” always want to ensure the diversity of
its employees. Recruitment activities encourage the participation of everyone both
outside and inside, welcoming and supporting all candidates
FPT Telecom considers its candidates as customers who need to serve. The
company spends time and money to determine the candidates' desires and redesign the
recruiting activities for each different human resource segment after each recruitment
FPT Telecom values morality, fairness and honesty in the recruitment process

4.3. Recruitment strategy

With the globalization strategy, FPT telecom is making efforts in training and
selecting highly qualified human resources to achieve future growth targets.
Accordingly, the company is looking for new employees, people with skills to deploy
in the global company, extensive knowledge of the globe. In order to focus on
promoting globalization as well as strengthening its position in traditional fields in the
domestic market, FPT will increase investment in new technologies and research and
development activities; boosting M&A activities. Therefore, the group also actively
"prayed" to international figures with achievements in M&A in the world to


implement this activity to supplement the necessary capabilities, shorten the time to
market and quickly expand customer list

4.4. Recruitment process

The recruitment process at the company is divided into two processes: staff
recruitment process and senior staff recruitment process

4.4.1. Staff recruitment process

Stage 1: Recruitment phase

The recruitment session of FPT takes place frequently based on the demand
identified beforewards. The fact that the company has conducted public recruitment
objectively contributes to ensuring sufficient number of candidates' files, attracting
and recruiting excellent people who are suitable with the corporation culture and the
job position

 Internal sources

For internal sources, the company mainly applies to management positions to

provide employees with outstanding achievements the opportunity to get promoted,
encouraging the attitude of effortful and hard-working
Through the network and internal documents, the company publishes its recruitment
needs. Popular forms of communication include: message boards, employee email
notifications, website announcements, employee exchange forums and each of the
internal newspapers unit
The target is all FPT employees who have needs and desire to change the working
environment. The position is quite diverse, so it attracts the attention of employees
from many levels

 Recruiting from university

Through schools, clubs, youth groups, the company introduced the recruitment
position. The most common way to do this is that the recruitment department will
send a notice of vacancy through the students' email system, so that students who want
it can register. Those students who are highly appreciated for their studies, union
work, etc. will be recruited directly to contact, offering the opportunity to work at FPT


 Recruiting through newspapers and the Internet

The main effect is only to inform mass about the unit's recruitment plan. This method
is rarely used by FPT, because of its effectiveness and hostility to the corporate
recruitment room

 FPT candidates data

Candidate data from the test rounds are also used for recruitment. Part of this data
comes from qualified candidates, but because the previous test did not achieve good
results. The use of internal candidate data confirms that FPT telecome is more
interested in workers
Stage 2: Select candidates

 Step 1: Select the application

The company proposes a sample profile, the candidates can present it on the
profile or create their own records based on the necessary information required by the
recruitment department (through a sample file). Candidate profiles can be sent to
businesses through free applications, applications in employment-related programs
(job fairs, career seminars, etc.)
Candidates' records are transferred to the relevant human resources department.
After that, the HR department gathered enough necessary documents, ensured the rate
of selection through the rounds, sent the notice to the general company to conduct the
examination, and contacted the candidate to inform. about the exam schedule.
Disqualified applications are those that do not have the necessary information, or do
not provide evidence that the candidate is passionate about the relevant position at
FPT. In this step, usually only 5-10% of the candidates are eliminated because the
issue of the file does not meet the demand

 Step 2: Test basic knowledge

Due to the specific requirements of the working groups, the candidates will
undergo different tests. Particularly, the group operates mainly in the field of
Information Technology, so candidates will often go through 3 exams: IQ + GMAT +
TOEIC. Some positions such as Marketing, Sales, .... will take the EQ + GMAT +


TOEIC subjects. The score will also be set by each unit, usually 50% of the exam /
subject score for FPT General, and the member companies will take this point as the
base to determine the test score for each position, each application. your taste. The
results of this round will assess whether the candidate needs to learn, have basic
knowledge to serve the job or not

 Step 3: The interview round

After the candidate goes through the round of basic knowledge, the candidate
will participate in the interview round. In this interview, the candidate will go through
two interviews (in some cases, these two interviews will be combined as one): an
interview of professional knowledge, personality and an interview. advice on business
engagement and appropriate remuneration mechanisms
The first interview will involve the head of the department who wants to recruit
with a staff. The form of recruitment will be varied, usually a pre-prepared interview
form asked by the head of the design department. During the interview process, HR
staff try to keep the atmosphere friendly and open and exchange with candidates about
the company and the current issues of the company. The end result is the unity of the
unit head and personnel, in which the head of the unit plays a key role
The interview about the remuneration mechanism is applied when the applicant
is accepted through a professional interview. In this interview, the staff in charge of
personnel and head (or vice) of the unit will talk to the candidate about career
opportunities about the job orientation and about the remuneration mechanisms that
the candidate receives if participating. join the company. Candidates, especially young
and skilled candidates, often have many different plans, including comparing the
compensation between job opportunities, ... exchanges. To be frank, will help HR and
department representatives identify the candidate's ability to stick, thereby assessing
the success of the recruitment. During the exchange, interviewers will talk frankly
about current issues, remuneration of enterprises; some experienced interviewers can
also advise young candidates about career opportunities, and give them expensive
advice. In case the candidate is not suitable for the business, or does not want to stick
with the business, the recruitment of new staff will be prepared


 Step 4: Complete the request for records

After the applicant goes through the rounds, the candidate will complete the
requirements for the record. The file includes: Medical examination card, curriculum
vitae and relevant qualifications. This stage only plays a minor role in the evaluation
of candidates
A health examination card is used, to ensure that candidates are not deformed,
and do not encounter obstacles in the process of performing the job. For normal jobs,
health checks can be certified from any hospital; Some specific jobs, candidates will
have to go to the health check at the hospitals designated by the company, or the
company will invite doctors to check in at the company. Other records for the
management process, including curriculum vitae, notarized copies, diplomas,....
These records will then be transferred to the Organization and Human
Resource Management Department to facilitate staff monitoring and evaluation

 Step 5: Signing a probationary contract

After the applicant completes the remaining requirements, the candidate is

asked to sign a 2-month probation contract with the company (or apprentice for 6
months without a university, college, ...). Basically, this period is also the training
period of the employees - in this period, the candidates will participate in different
projects, under the support of the direct staff

4.4.2. Recruitment process for senior officials

The process of recruiting high-level cadres, at FPT, is the "Process of Sage"

Stage 1: Recruitment
Based on the need to expand the group's operations, as well as the shortage of
leading officials, in certain positions, the head of the HR department plans to recruit.
However, due to the characteristics of high-level staff recruitment, recruitment
measures will have certain differences for the method of recruiting ordinary
employees. Three sources of candidates are interested in the recruitment notification


• Internal candidates: through the introduction of reputable staff, the recruitment

department will approach highly valued staff, discuss with them about new job
• Head-hunting candidates: through outside businesses, through candidates'
information leaving old businesses,…. HR staff will contact the candidate, and
propose new job opportunities
• Candidates from Candidate Data in previous vacancies
End the recruitment phase when the recruitment department ensures the minimum
selection rate is maintained (3 candidates get 1 position)
Stage 2: Selecting

 Step 1: Browse candidate profile

After contacting the candidate and receiving the application for the candidate,
the recruitment officer will coordinate with the directors, the full-time staff, to study
the candidate file. In this process, the candidate information, including experience,
participation events, accumulated skills, will be analyzed carefully. Important
information is carefully marked, serving the interview phase later
Normally, after reviewing the application, the directors will mark important
information, and then the recruitment officer will participate in the verification of the
information. Verification is primarily through telephone exchange with the candidate's
previous officer. The information obtained will help the candidate process more

 Step 2: Candidates to interview the Council

In this interview, the Interview Council normally has 3 members: Head of the
relevant Human Resources Department, a member of the Board of Directors and
Head/ Deputy Head of the relevant professional department.
The questions are also quite diverse, in addition to general questions about life
and personality,... candidates will continue to experience professional questions, and
knowledge and attachment to the company. Along with that, the candidate will also
participate in some simulation situations. In this exercise, the candidate will have a
certain amount of time to prepare for the answer. The creativity and feasibility of the


candidates 'proposals, as well as the candidates' plans to implement, will be the best
evaluation criteria for candidates. In some other cases, a group interview will take
place, the interview committee will base on the perspective and how the candidate
protects his or her views against other opinions, to assess the candidate's personality.
The strongest point in the group interview is that the candidates are naturally exposed
to their opinions, exchanged frankly with each other; and reflect most honestly their
value through group interaction

 Step 3: Candidates prepare documents and return to the High-level Human

Resources Department

After the candidate passes the interview, the candidate will complete the
remaining procedures of the application, before moving on to the probationary phase.
Records include health checks, curriculum vitae, relevant qualifications and
certifications of units previously worked. This stage is not different from the Profile
period for recruiting ordinary employees.

 Step 4: Candidates participate in a 2-month trial period

The probationary period (or challenge) is a mandatory stage in assessing

candidates, especially for high-level officials. Going through a challenging period
(usually lasting 2 months), these candidates will appreciate quite deeply about the
business, they also identify their learning and promotion opportunities, and can decide
to stick longer or find opportunities at other units. During this period, candidates are in
charge of 5-10 projects at many levels. Candidates through lower-level human
resources, carry out the project and report the results
For the evaluation of senior officials, it will be done through a comprehensive
assessment (at FPT is Evaluation 3600). In this assessment, the direct officer, the
senior staff and the lower level staff closest to the candidate, will contribute their
opinions. The synthesis of this opinion, will help make a final assessment of the
candidate. In case the candidate meets the requirements for equivalent positions, the
official contract will be signed and the candidate becomes a full-time employee of the
company, enjoying the full remuneration for senior officials


4.5. Recruitment process in reality

 Information provider:

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh – FPT employee

Phone number: 0905.715.793
The recruitment process of FPT Telecom is applied based on the sample
recruitment process of FPT Corporation
The recruitment process of FPT Telecom can be described as follows:



Step 1: Submit the recruitment request to the higher level, if the request is approved,
go to step 2, if the request is not approved, go to the explanatory department to review
and explain.
Step 2: Review and select recruitment requirements for candidates.
Step 3: Submit the recruitment request to branches and conduct recruitment.
Recruitment sources include paid recruitment resources and free recruitment
resources. Free recruitment resources can be done through job-searching forums,
social networks. Paid recruiting sources include websites that provide recruitment,
candidate referral information (RUF) or offline recruitment events.
The main steps in the selecting process include receiving candidates' CV, assessing
and interviewing.
Step 4: Submit recruitment results to candidates.
Step 5: Receive new employees, end the recruitment process.



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