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August/September 2019

Calendar starts when Kinematics begins not the actual semester

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
First day: Starting Kinematics Position graphs Cont. Position graphs
Anchoring Event Introduction to motion/ Investigation: Students Investigation: Students will
Choice of video or distance and will be using motion take the time to finish up
letter or any other idea, displacement detectors to understand creating position graphs
creating groups Student lead/teacher an object's motion using a and work on a handout
Exploratory day: guided discussion: handout to guide them in that will have them analyze
students will take the Students describe linear creating specific position the components in a
day to look into the big motion and the graphs. position graph.
physics concepts that difference between
are necessary for distance and
designing cars. (K-NKT displacement.
Cont. distance and Finish Displacement First in class work day Introducing Velocity Constant velocity
displacement and time Exploratory: This is the Teacher lead discussion: Investigation: Using carts
Student lead teacher Benchmark: Quiz on first day students will Students will talk about that move at a constant
guided discussion: Recap various position graphs have in class to work on what it means to be in rate students will calculate
of what students were where students will making a design for their motion and properly the velocity of the cart
investigating using describe the motion in car just based on any defining words (speed & using the distance traveled
position graphs. Work on detail. previous knowledge velocity) and the time to get that
problems that they have. By the end of far.
differentiate distance and the day students should
displacement. have an idea of the car
they want to start
Cont. Constant velocity Finishing Constant Review First test run A changing velocity
Investigation: Finishing Velocity Teacher lead: Review of Students will Present their Investigation: Students will
up the investigation. Benchmark: Quiz displacement and cars for the first phase of begin looking at objects
Discussion on solving looking at objects in constant velocity, testing and receive that are moving at a
problems dealing with constant velocity and looking at calculation feedback that they will changing velocity (a cart
velocity and tying having to find other problems. use to make modifications moving down a ramp), and
displacement. values such as on their car. collect data.
displacement or time.
Cont. A changing velocity Finishing A changing Cont. Acceleration Cont. Acceleration Acceleration
Investigation: Students velocity/starting Teacher lead discussion: Teacher lead discussion: Benchmark: Quiz over
will continue/finish the acceleration Students will go deeper Continue looking at acceleration, calculating/
investigation and analyze Student lead discussion: into the process of acceleration with graphical representation.
the graphs from collected Students will talk about calculating acceleration combining all three
data, create a what they discovered, from velocity, possibly concepts of position,
mathematical model for discussing another main start tying position. velocity and acceleration.
the velocity of the cart. kinematic equation they Deriving the remaining
came up with the kinematic equations.
mathematical model.
Second test run Calendar ends here for
Students will present the moment since this
their latest version of the is just looking at
car for more feedback. kinematics