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4th Quarter Project

Travel Study Grant

Time: 7 weeks


To become knowledgeable of a particular historical event

To develop organizational skills
To reinforce map skills
To develop creative and critical thinking skills
To develop knowledge of the customs of various cultural areas
To develop knowledge of food preparation and eating habits of other countries
To develop proper correspondence skills


Passport application (for each member)

Resource materials (library/internet)
small 3 ring binder. (1”)

Student work groups will create a grant proposal to a funding body for a field study for
their group of three to five students to an area, nation or region that we have studied.
The proposal must include a clear vision, purpose and rationale centered on a better
understanding of historical events that occurred at that location. A daily itinerary,
detailed cost spreadsheet, equipment list, and required documentation.

1. The group will select an historical event that they would like to learn more about on a study tour.
2. The group will research the event and determine what their goals are and how they will be
3. The group should choose a date to travel to their county.
4. The group will plan the trip and write a grant proposal outlining:
where they are going
how much it will cost
what they will be doing while on site

5. The group will obtain passport applications from the U.S. State Department website, Post
Office or my school website and will complete them ( DO NOT USE CORRECT
6. The group will get visa and health information from the embassy website of the country of
visitation and the Centers for Disease Control (


1. Your Itinerary is to be kept in your binder.

2. All information should be typed.
3. The trip must be 10 days in length. (inc. travel days) Each day will be precisely planned.
4. The trip will begin and end in Chattanooga.
5. You must include a detailed map or maps of your trip plotting each site visited.
( see )
6. Your itinerary should be illustrated throughout with the different places you will visit.

7. The following items must be included in your itinerary:

a. State the purpose of each site visited, i.e., museum, monument, etc. (research
each and why it’s important to you to visit it)
b. Use unique and varied modes of transportation making sure you have included
the major mode in the area.
c. Include activities which would provide contact with the native inhabitants.
d. Include recreational and entertainment types of activities.
e. Include possible menu for each Sunday dinner while on the trip. The foods
should be native to the country.
f. Describe the living accommodations of each place visited, i.e. hostel, hotel, tent,
etc. and tell where (street name).

Flight charts to and from the country should include the following:

Flight Number
Arrival Time
Departure Time
Airline Name

The grant letter would serve as a cover letter to your proposal and should be written as a
business letter and include the following:
1. The Heading
2. The Inside Address
3. The Greeting
4. The Body
5. The Complimentary Close
6. The Signature Line

See for more detailed information


This list needs to include 10 people or institutions from which you would solicit funds.