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Climate change has been associated with historical collapses of heritage sites all over the world not

in the phillipines .

Nature has, in its own way, contributed to the cause of climate change by regular adaptations. A natural
disaster like volcano releases toxic gases such as sulphur-dioxide apart from water vapor, dust and ash.
The released sulphur-dioxide gets accumulated in the topmost layer of atmosphere. The released
substances also obstruct sunlight from entering earth’s surface leading to earth cooling. The formed
water combines with the toxic gas to result in sulphuric acid that hangs around the topmost layer of
atmosphere. These have the capability to block sunlight and disrupt regular processes leading to eco-
imbalance. Part of the climate change is attributed to continental drift as it changes the physical
features of the land area, their location and location of water, eventually tidal currents.

If nature changes the climate unintentionally, humans have multiplied the climate change effect by
several notches. Industrial revolution, over-usage of resources, inefficient resource handling can be
attributed to human -influential causes of climate change. This also includes greenhouse emission gases
and burning of fossil fuels like oil, coal, natural gas. Excessive emission from industries has polluted the
atmosphere to great levels. It is not surprising to note that developed countries contribute the
maximum to atmospheric pollution through carbon emissions.


Every individual living on this planet is responsible for global warming in one way or another and must
amend ways to stop this phenomenon in his/her own way.


Energy efficiency

Efficient usage of energy includes proficient car usage, energy reduction power sources, innovated
industrial strategies and developing technological solutions. Low noise refrigerators, energy efficient
washing machines save significant amount of energy. Hand drying of clothes after machine washing
saves considerable energy. Reducing temperatures of air conditioning system also saves huge amounts
of energy over the year.

Solar energy
Renewable forms of energy sources must be worked up on instead of using non-renewable energy
sources such as oil, gas, nuclear energy and coal. Coal is no longer being generated to be used
extensively. The fate of oil is similar to that of coal. According to the latest status report of renewable
energy, out of total energy consumed only 19% is renewable, a meager 2.8% is nuclear energy and the
rest if fossil fuels [11]. Of the renewable energy sources, biomass forms 13%, hydropower forms 3.2%,
solar energy forms about 1.4% and the rest sources are wind energy, geothermal and hydropower.

Electricity can be generated from sunlight which can be substituted for non-renewable forms of energy.
Photovoltaic cells can be used to convert light to electricity and can be used to charge devices such as
calculators or power entire house. Solar thermal power plants are another source of energy where
electricity is generated by highly pressurized steam from sunlight using power turbines.

Wind energy

Using wind energy reduces carbon emissions drastically, given our major objective is to reduce carbon
emissions, and maintains eco-balance. Construction of infrastructure required for generating wind
energy is not tedious as generally believed. Greenpeace states the prediction of wind energy usage at
12% of world’s energy by 2020 [12].

Individual contribution

Reducing water usage in daily activities saves good amount of energy. Using public transportation such
as trains and buses preserves energy. [11] suggest rural renewable energy strategies like using
hydropower or biogas for lighting and energy purposes instead of candles or kerosene. Similarly,
hydropower or biogas can be used for communications instead of batteries. Solar cookers can be
developed and used instead of burning wood for cooking to achieve over 25% efficiency. Solar PV pumps
or mechanical wind pumps can be used to pump water instead of diesel pumps and generators.

Another recommendable solution is saving energy on computers by turning on the save screen mode
which reduces power consumption and emissions. It might sound trivial but small amounts of saved
energy add up to huge amounts at the end of the year.


A greater resolve is needed on behalf of all world countries to stand by the promises made to reduce
carbon emissions to achieve our objectives by the target, 2020. Countries must work towards the
common goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and must also abide by frameworks such as Kyoto
protocol aimed at reducing global warming. Also, reducing global warming and addressing climate
change is the responsibility of not only governments but also its citizens, of each and every individual’s.
We should collectively work to save energy by reducing unnecessary water usage, saving electricity,
using public transport, recycling