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Level 2 Diploma in Creative Media Production & Technology

Name Aaron Williams
Candidate 172419
Pathway Game development

Project Title Time ultimation

Section 1: Rationale (Approx 100 words)

I have learnt lots of things from all 7 units of Creative media Level 2. For example, in the unit Exploring
Interactive Media we are asked to create a maze game using a software called game maker. The things
I learnt is how to create a simple maze game and adding simple features such as a menu page with
buttons (Play and control scheme). Learning to create the game gave me lots of confident on thinking
that I want to go onto the level 3 games development. At the start of I course I had little experience in
game creating and film making however now I have experience I feel confident on completing Time
ultimation to the very best as I can. I want to at least get a merit and proceed on games development
level 3. The unit Exploring Interactive Media really inspired me to pick my pathway which is games
development as it was my first taste in creating games and planning it and I am very passionate on
game creating and game development also. In all the 7 units I have learnt have to use photography and
camera angles such as long shot and close up

Section 2: Project Concept (approx 200 words)

The project I have decided will be creating a 2D Game of hero saving a queen before she gets killed.
The concept will be a super hero trying the queen before she gets however there will be barriers such as
traps (Spike trap and grenade that kills you) and enemies in the way. The aim for the project will to have
a fully working game that clearly represents a hero saving someone and he has to get through barriers.
The popular game "Keep talking and nobody explodes” gave a little taste on how I should design my
levels as the game clearly shows how a game that you a defusing a bomb before the time runs out. For
each level I plan to create and design them differently and unique have each level having different ways
to get through destroying the enemies. For example, for the first level I could have multiple enemies
coming after the character and trying to kill the character but in level 2 I could have traps that I have to
get passed, if I hit the traps the queen you will die, and you will the fail the game. I will have lots of
resources such access to computers, the reason I need this as I do not have access to a computer at
home, so I need use the computers and college to complete my project. I will also need a resource for
the game making which is called game maker. The reason I need this is because this will be the main
way, I will create my game. The YouTube link that I posted on my Weebly site gave me some ideas
such how I should design my assets such the characters. I hopefully want to follow my timescale and
complete all the work without any errors.

Section 3: Evaluation Methods (approx 50 words)

UAL Awarding Body Level 2 Diploma Project Proposal Doc.

In the Time ultimation unit I tend to record my decision which is creating a 2D game about saving
someone. I tend to record my decision by getting feedback from other people and asking them to give
me feed back about my designs such as level designs and ask them what I should add. With their
feedback I will deeply look at my work I use the feedback I have received and change my work. I also
tend to record my decision by using screen shots and evaluate the screen shots by showing how I
started the project and the changes I made throughout the process

Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography

I have found videos from YouTube such as this This gave me a short idea on how I
should design my 2D game which will be a hero trying saving someone. It showed me how I should
design the characters in my game. I tend to use more YouTube videos and other websites to help my
research in the future in this project.

Project Proposal – Unit 08

Project Action Plan and Timetable

This section provides you with an opportunity to outline your planning and organisation over a period of weeks, and the
activities you will need to carry out in order to successful complete your project within the agreed time frame. It is
important that you consider how you will balance ambition, time and realism in the realisation of the project.
This should include what you are going to do, how you will do it and by when. The more time and thought you give to
planning your project, the more successful it is likely to be. Remember to include: time spent sourcing materials,
questionnaires, access to workshops, tutorial and peer group feedback, and where you will incorporate independent

Week Date Week Activity / What you are Resources / What you will need
Beginning intending to do - including to do it - including access to
independent study workshops

1 14/03 Research into action films Access to computers

Complete research and project

2 Access to computers
18/03 proposal

3 25/03 Production planning Access to computers

4 Production planning Access to computers


Easter Break complete production

5 08/04
planning estudy

6 15/04 Easter Break

UAL Awarding Body Level 2 Diploma Project Proposal Doc.

Access to computers
7 Practical Skills and Presentation

8 Complete Practical Skills Access to computers

and Presentation

9 06/05 Access to computers

Evaluation and Reflection

13/05 Submission Week

UAL Awarding Body Level 2 Diploma Project Proposal Doc.

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