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[12/04, 9:14 pm] Nana😘😘😘❤: HALFWAY – make a long distance seem short (U)

HAVEN – create a safe zone; open opportunities (O)(91%)

HEART – center in joy; connect to your soul (O)(90%)

HELP – eliminate indecision or uncertainty; increase focus (U)
HERO – inspire inspiration; inspire aspiration (O) (92%)
HIDE – block or dim view; put into the shade (O)(91%)

HIGHEST POTENTIAL – place focus on positive aspects (O)(93%)

HIGHLIGHT – draw attention to; direct focus at (O)(92%)
HO – relax; to reduce tension; to yawn; to sigh (U)
HOLD – build character (U)
HOLE – be attractive, appealing (U)

HOLIDAY – enjoy yourself; step out of routine; stop the monotony (O)(90%)
HORSE – be solid; be strong; gain power (U)
HORSESHOE – remain steadfast; strengthen the soul; safely move rapidly ahead; increase
sturdiness and balance (U)

HUG – feel warm appreciation; connect with another (O)(93%)

[12/04, 9:14 pm] Nana😘😘😘❤: ICE CUBE – cool down; numb pain (O)(91%)
IMMUNITY – protected from accident or harm; maintain wellness (O)(92%)
INDEED – emphatic agreement (O)(88%)
INHERITANCE – gain external enhancement (O)(91%)

INK – add permanency (O)(92%)

INNOCENCE – create, build faith and trust (O)(93%)
INTEGER – whole; without attachments (O)(92%)
INTEGRATE – assimilate; embrace; bond with (O)(93%)

INTEND – give a focus for attention; create a plan (O)(86%)

INVEST – show devotion (O)(92%)
[12/04, 9:14 pm] Nana😘😘😘❤: GATHER – come together (O)(92%)
GENIUS – raise expectations; merge with information beyond human comprehension (O)(92%)

GET – develop an understanding; attain (O)(93%)

GIGGLE - get in the mood for writing; enjoy the task at hand (U)
GIVE – sell; help others (U)
GLEAN – gather remaining details; learn intricacies; gain through sharing surpluses (O)(93%)

GO – end laziness; begin; progress (U)

GOLD – an enduring reward; shine under pressure; incorruptible (O) (93%)

GRACE – smooth the rough spots; be merciful (O)(91%)

GRASS – be versatile; make yourself useful (O)(93%)
GUARD – protection of body, spirit or property; preserve personal safety (U)
GUESS – stop procrastinating/analyzing/waiting, do it (O)(89%)

GUIDE – follow inner guidance; allow oneself to know the way (O)(88%)
Guiding STAR – Connect with a higher wisdom; choose enlightening leadership (O)(90%)
[12/04, 9:14 pm] Nana😘😘😘❤: JACK LALANNE – enthuse (or use someone you know who is an
JACKPOT – feel successful; feel excitement (O)(90%)

JASMINE – clear confusion; be in the now; release the past (O) (90%)
JESUS – create healing focuses; be a comforting presence (or use someone you know who
creates healing focuses, is a comforting presence)(O)(91%)

JEWEL – shine brightly; feel magnificent; raise your vibration (O)(86%)

JOG – release restlessness; change focus (O)(93%)
JOHN – feel calm and comforted; feel safe (O)(90%)
JOLLY – create enjoyment (O)(90%)
JOY – give and receive joy; increase bliss (O)(82%)

JUDGE – love to read; increase comprehension (U)

[12/04, 9:14 pm] Nana😘😘😘❤: LAMINATE – allow protected access; maintain integrity (O)(92%)
LAUGH – boost the immune system; connect to youth and longevity; feel good (O) (77%)

LAVENDER – let go of anxiety; relax into sleep (92%)

LEARN - be youthful; look youthful; rejuvenate (U)
LEONARDO da VINCI – be ingeniously creative; master creativity (or use someone you know
who is creative)(O)(91%)

LIGHT – be inspired; lighten load, mood or stress (U)

LIGHTNING – be bold; brighten your domain; move swiftly and with purpose (O)(94%)

LIMIT – set parameters; keep others from taking advantage of you; back off; stop; regain control

LISTEN – predict the future; in touch with nature and self (U)
LOVE – generate, radiate, experience love; acceptance (U
[12/04, 9:14 pm] Nana😘😘😘❤: KEEP – be safe; feel cherished (O)(91%)
KEY – get authoritative access; gain acceptance (O)(93%)
KING/QUEEN – center of attention; increase self-aware confidence; calm control over social
gatherings (O) (91%)

KING to be used by males. QUEEN to be used by Females.

[12/04, 9:14 pm] Nana😘😘😘❤: *To do today*
Read the list try to understand the meaning of each word
Chant any two switchwords which appeal you.
[12/04, 9:16 pm] Nana😘😘😘❤: ABIDE – accepting and residing within all that is; fulfill a wish (O)
(92% )
ABRAHAM LINCOLN – resolve conflicts and reunite (or use someone you know who represents
resolving conflicts and reunite)(O)(90%)

ABSOLVE – release guilt; release blame; obtain a waiver (O) (91%)

ACT – be a good orator; transition (U)
ADD – find or increase percentage; enlarge what you have (U)
ADJUST – create balance; assume or carry a burden; handle uncomfortable or unpleasant
conditions (U)

AIM – to give purpose (O)(93%)

ALERT – increase awareness; perk up; pay attention to your surroundings (O)(91%)
ALIGN – support (O)(92%)
ALL IN – totally enjoying, embracing and absorbing; 100% unshakable, unstoppable certainty;
move forward; total realization; break through on all levels - physical, mental, spiritual; a miracle
beyond triumph and victory (O)(91%)

ALLOW – make available; release; discover (O)(86%)

ALONE – nurture or heal; increase focus on self (U)
AMAZING – inspired; create miraculous endeavors (O)(87%)

AMBROSIA – pleasurable healing; extend life (O) (91%)

ANCHOR – attach; self-confident; firmly fasten (O)(86%)
ARISE – bring into being; materialize (O)(90%)
AROUND – gain or improve perspective (U)

ARROW – stay on target; take a straight path (O)(92%)

ATTENTION – do detailed work; avoid carelessness (U)
AWE – be aware of your singular place in the Universe; be your authentic self, the world is
better because you are here (O)(93%)
[12/04, 9:16 pm] Nana😘😘😘❤: DAISY – create excellence; brighten the day (O)(93%)
DANCE – feel joy (O)(87%)
DARLING – be warm and accepting; bring a smile; soften the heart (O)(92%)

DASH – take pause; refine details (O)(88%)

DAZZLE – give astonishing results; show brilliance (O)(87%)
DEACTIVATION – made inactive; pacified; dismissed (93%)
DECLARE – begin the creation process; create possibilities (O)(93%)

DEDICATE – stop clinging (U)

DEEP – submerge within; give focused attention (O)(85%)
DELETE – get rid of an unwanted emotion, thought, belief, or habit (O) (92%)
DELICIOUS – awaken appreciation for the present moment (O)(93%)

DELIVER – empower (O)(90%)

DETACH – withdraw; disassociate; remove (O)(90%)
DIMINISH – reduce; be reasonable; be gentle (O)(90%)

DIPOLE – create a neutral zone; balance negative with positive (O)(93%)

DISTILL – concentrate and purify; extract essential elements (O) (94%)
DITTO – create an aligned agreement; bring multiple parties to the same focus (O)(90%)

DIVINE – work miracles or extraordinary accomplishment; increase personal ability (U)

DIVINE LIGHT – multiply intensity; increase enlightenment; brightly focus positivity (U)

DivineORDER – anytime you have some organizing or cleaning to do, or packing for a trip, be
efficient; clean up a mess; put in optimum order; revamp (U)

DO – eliminate procrastination (U)

DONE – create completion; meet a deadline; keep a resolution; build willpower (U)
DOWN – stop bragging (U)
DROP – let go now (O)(92%)
DUCK – dispel hypersensitivity (U)

DYNAMIC – refresh; revitalize; update energy (O)(92%)

[12/04, 9:16 pm] Nana😘😘😘❤: CALM – at rest; stable; constant (O)(92%)
CANCEL – eliminate negativity or unwanted conditions; eliminate, erase or dis-create debt or
any kind of negativity, or any unwanted thought or condition; dispel annoyance; to dispel worry;
eliminate poverty (U)

CANCER – calm emotional distress; soften (from astrology’s Cancer the Crab)(U)
CARE – memorize; remember; retain (U)
CATALYST – spark change (O)(91%)
CENTER – reconnect to your core being; get grounded (O)(94%)

CHANGE – dispel emotional or physical pain; get something out of the eye (U)
CHARLTON HESTON – stand straight and tall (or use someone you know who stands straight
and tall)(U)

CHARM – manifest your heart’s desires (U)

CHEERS – give/receive encouragement (O)(93%)
CHISEL – mold to form; sculpture; cut out excesses (such as tumors)(O)(90%)

CHLORINE – mingle; share yourself; make a difference; blend; become one with (U)
CHOOSE – empower; release old pains (O)(93%)
CHRYSALIS - open up to the world after having been unnoticed; allow yourself to overcome the
pain of trauma of rebirth (change, transformation ) (O)(92%)

CHUCKLE – turn on personality (U)

CIRCULATE – end loneliness; mingle (U)
CLAP – show appreciation; feel good (O)(92%)
CLASSIC – appear cultured, suave (U)
CLEAR – dispel anger and resentment (U)

CLIMB – rise; enhance your viewpoint (U)

CLOUDS – abundance; miraculous formation of event (O)(92%)
COMPASSION – be accepting; show special kindness; alleviate pain (O)(90%)

CONCEDE – stop arguing, "kiss & make up" (U)

CONCERNS – focuses of importance; interested involvement (O)(91%)
CONDUIT – channel for transferring (information, objects, articles, etc.) into a new realm or
space (O)(94%)

CONFESS – end aggression (U)

CONGRATULATIONS – feel accomplished; increase self-esteem (O)(93%)
CONSIDER – be a good mechanic, a fixer of things (U)
CONTAIN – arrest current condition immediately; stop sequence (O)(91%)

CONTINUE – create or increase endurance; continue swimming (U)

COPY – have good taste; increase fertility (U)
CORONA – connect to Source within; fill with light energy; attach to life energy (O)(91%)

COUNT – make money; reduce smoking (U)

COVER – reduce nervousness; subdue inner excitement (U)
COZY – create comfort (O)(91%)

CRACKERJACK– exceptionally good performance; great skill or cleverness; seemingly magical

transformation; "I AM happy with what I've completed" (O) (91%)

CREAM – to get along well together in a group; to create bonds (O)(90%)

CREATE – cause; transform thought to action (O)(91%)
CRESCENDO – gradually increase (O)(92%)

CRISP – dispel fatigue; feel refreshed; revitalize; enhance; rejuvenate; brighten (U)
CROWD dispel disobedience in children, pets or subordinates (U)
CRUX – get quickly to root of the matter; find central/supporting features (O)(91%)
CRYSTAL – clarify the situation, things; look to the future; improve clairvoyance; purify;
neutralize; access Universal Knowledge (U)
CURVE – create beauty; make something beautiful (U)
CUT – for moderation if tempted to excess; sever ties (U)
CUTE – think; discern; be sharp-witted; be clever (U)
[12/04, 9:16 pm] Nana😘😘😘❤: BALANCE – increase dependability; create stability (O)(90%)
BAMBOO – diversify yourself; grow rapidly (O)(93%)
BE – be at peace and maintain wellness; have good form; dispel loneliness; skill in sports; to be
unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy (U)

BEAM – bring sunshine; stop raining; brighten (O)(92%)

BEETHOVEN – be passionately creative; passionate creativity; reach beyond limitations;
command respect (O) (92%)

BEGIN – bring into existence (O)(93%)

BENEVOLENT – be liberal; receive generosity; show compassion and understanding; be
peacefully accepting (O)(87%)

BETWEEN – use or enhance telepathy; increase psychic awareness (U)

BINGO – find a right answer; feel excitement (O)(83%)
BLESSED – increase vibrational level; feel peace; feel gratitude and appreciation (O)(87%)

BLUFF – dispel fear or nervousness; enhance imagination and dreams (U)

BLUSH – bring warmth into conversation; turn cold into heart-to-heart warmth; touch an
audience; enliven a gathering (O)(87%)

BONUS – unexpected abundance; swift unforeseen addition (O)(92%)

BOO – feel ready; be alert and in advance/advantage; turn awkwardness into light fun; all is well

BOW – dispel arrogance (U)

BOY – youthful exuberance (O) (94%)
BREAKTHROUGH – end hesitation; finally grasp the potential of career, education, relationship
possibilities; open heart to forgiveness or receiving new nourishing love (O)(87%)

BRICKS – solidify; strengthen; fortify position (O)(90%)

BRING – unite with; manifest; make it so; deliver the goods (U)
BRUCE LEE – be instantly motivated, especially to work out or to engage in a physically
difficult task; to increase willpower and endurance; to turn reluctance about exercising into
excitement (or someone who represents this qualities to you) (O)(91%)

BUBBLE – expand beyond perceived limitations; get energized; get excited (U)
BUFFER – be discerning; avoid exploitation (O)(85%)
BUZZ – kick it into high gear; accomplish task at hand quickly and efficiently (O)(90%)
[12/04, 9:16 pm] Nana😘😘😘❤: EASE – simplify the task at hand; unleash yourself; calm down

ELATE – transform a setback into an uplift or benefit (U)

EMBRACE – give/receive complete acceptance (O)(91%)
EMERALD – domestic harmony and bliss; understand your own feelings and others; improve
tolerance (O) (92%)
ENCHANTED – give/get captivated attention (O)(85%)

END – stop thinking about; close; forget (O)(89%)

ENDORSEMENT– seal of approval; authorization; a step ahead; move forward; validation;
acceptance (O) (94%)
ENGAGE – occupy possibilities; fill a space; hold attention (O)(91%)
ENHANCE – unfurl; open (yourself) and choose to be seen (O)(87%)
ENROLL – gather support by sharing your vision; gain detail by sharing (O)(93%)

ENVELOPE – to make secure; to make priority (O)(92%)

EVAPORATE – transform; mingle with your environment (O)(87%)
EVER – maintain continuity; keep things going (O)(92%)
EVOKE – bring forth (O)(90%)
EXCITED – increase awareness; increase vital signs (heart rate, breathing, etc.)(O)(92%)

EXTINCT – terminated; ended; no longer exists (O)(83%)

[12/04, 9:16 pm] Nana😘😘😘❤: FATHOM – develop deeper comprehension; grasp on multiple
levels (O)(93%)
FIFTY FIVE (55) – show the way; lead to the light; whole-brain thinking; quantum spirituality;
universal mediator; mental telepathy; clairvoyance; ultimate freedom; ultimate oneness; integral
consciousness (O)(91%)

FIFTY THREE (53) – pay primary concern; take responsibility (U)

FIGHT – win a competitive game; intensify intents (U)
FILTER – restrict available information to (focus); focus on smaller details (O)(84%)

FINALLY – end delays; bring to an end; complete connections (O) (93%)

FIND – build a fortune (U)
FINE – soothe fears and calm nerves, especially about a specific thing; protect and help ensure
safety; help bring a matter to conclusion smoothly (works especially good as the Switchpair BE-
FINE) (O)(92%)

FLAME – extend; radiate warmth and light (O)(90%)

FLASH – be prompt; lunge ahead (O)(90%)
FLOCK – work in unison; lend your strength to others; gain strength from others (92%)

FLOW – let go of the details; release need to maintain a routine; break a habit (O)(92%)
FLOWER – flourish; thrive; open up to the world; share your Inner Beauty (O)(93%)
FOR – promote (U)
FOREVER – keep a secret (U)
FORGIVE – eliminate remorse; end desire for revenge (U)
FORTY NINE (49) – be an ethical leader; have integrity in your pursuits; be fair with others

FREEDOM – release ties to guilt-driven action; release need to conform; let go of constrictions

FULL – optimum level; go beyond; expand capacity (U)

[12/04, 9:16 pm] Nana😘😘😘❤: Ques:How to find personal switchwords?

Ans: By observation, by using our intuition. The names, the words, the things gives us extra
strength, energy which brings smile to our face, the words give us power when our moral is
down. This happens with everyone few people give us extra energy the names of those are our
personal Switchwords. Father, Mother, Kids, friends or anyone close to us, the name of any
thing, place, memory etc. which motivate us can be our personal switchwords and due to what
all when we reach unexpected goals, can achieve what we felt very difficult act as our personal
Happy reading.
Happy chanting.
[12/04, 9:16 pm] Nana😘😘😘❤: *We write switch words in capitals to give them extra energy.*

U - stands for Universal switchword works for everyone and success rate is 100%
O - stands for open switchword
P - for personal

*Activity to do for today*

And you all have to find your own Personal Switchwords and do share with me.
Read A to F list of Switchwords with their meanings to understand them.
Let's chant together I am chanting *CHARM* What are you chanting.
Share your experience.
Your queries are welcomed
Blessed be😘