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Abstract for the Open Session:

Title: Relative Contribution of

Women Authors in the
Puratattava Journal: A Sample

By: Urmila Duhan.

Abstract: Latest issue of the

Puratattava journal (2017-18)
was perused to gather data on
publication by women authors.
Contribution by women authors
was approximately twenty five
percent of the total publications.
It indicates a gender imbalance.
Within the twenty five percent,
approximately seventy percent of
the publications by women were
as single authors. Overall, nearly
half of the total publications in the
issue (men and women included)
were single author publications.
The latter could indicate
preference for pursuance of
research matter from a
single/narrow academic focus i.e.,
of that of one researcher only. If
so, then there is ample scope to
encourage multidisciplinary
research focus at the University
level, in fields published by the
Puratattva journal. Further, in
view of the large number of single
author papers in the journal,
ethical oversights by the
contributing author could also be
a factor. It is therefore suggested
that the author’s specific
contribution to the paper may also
be published at the end of the
paper. Overall, the data presented
here could serve to encourage
gender-based surveys in
publication matters.