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ALL STORIES NEW—NO REPRINTS “* nod JULY, 1947 Cover by Lee Brown Coyé LONG NOVELETIES THE WILL OF CLAUDE-ASHUR . + C..Mal-Thompson 6 4 mind in League ith the power of darks, attaned tthe whimper SVT oridben Wit can trast shonge dark pai of on) "mE THE DAMP MAN ww ww ww . Allison V. Harding 38 A relentless pursuit instituted by 0 beyond-vorimel monster ith a loathsome scheme hinted at arly in aiglimeres SHORT STORIES THE CRURCHYARD YEW ‘After all tree is just a tree—noi Tand between the dead and the fi PARRINGTON'S POOL 2... wa ‘Only 10 conse, to this place, and then one, and then one—bat that was anly the b INTERIM tena eee Life starts, and énds, in darkuess—with movement the lack of movement, the begining and the end THE RUE OF FORGETFULNESS . 6... Roger S Vreeland 66 Each moment has an urgent importance until relegdted to its proper place in the past by the fatere THR DOG THAT CAME BACK... The firing may die Oui do not zest with @ Purpose to carry ont sill in. fife THE BREEZE ANDI. 2 Mary Elizabeth Counselman 76 Gur learned scientists hive’ barely siumbled pon an inkling of whet the ancients knew THE DIGGING AT PISTOL KEY... | Cari Jacobi 86 Huried treasure, buried scercti, things thet shosld forever vemain bsvied yet would not J. Sheridan Le Fanu 32 no man’s 6 Stephen Grendon 58 Ray Bradbury 64 Stanton A. Coblentz 70 VERSE RESURRECTION Clark Ashton Smith 85 WEIDIsMs Lee Brown Coye 63 THE EYRIE AND THE WEIRD TALES CLUB oT Except for personal experiences, the contents of this wagasine is ‘tion. Any use Fe nc efang tring pasos renee ta etal Cae pully ence 1 Ube Rust Oifee nt New Jerk. N.Y, under the get oF Suirch 2 1878, Single copies, 43 ents, gabe, ais iaemeak at Ga etic at Cetin, rel ado oe ation Rec ae wt a Sr oe ee ara sf Pensa IN THE U.S A ae Tol. 29, No. ML D. BEILRAAT. Easton LAMONT RUGHANAN, Amoowte Huson, The Damp Man > YEORGE PELGRIM sat with exag- gerated boredom on the uncom fottable wood benches ‘of the amphitheatre, The sign above: the several rows proclaimed that this was the’séction re- setved for the press, but George, as his sprawled long legs and discontented manner indicated, was neither impressed by the sign nor the spectacle going on bencath him in the pool where the Women’s State Swim- sing Championships were being held Despite his ‘comparatively young, years Delgrim had cuvered « uewspeper reporter's average quota of big stories, including those of the sports variety. “This was a conicdown. ‘More than that, it was an out-and-out indig- sity, and for at least the tenth time that day, Pelgrim reviewed the disadvantages of working for a big short-handed metropolitas claily with the inevitable shuilling of assiga- aneats to its younger members that short handedness dictated. Still, covering some: thing Jike a girls’ swimming meet, and a relatively-obscure one at that, was going too far. He'd taken a Int fram McBrien, his editor, but this was Five similar forms splashed" mightly be- Jow him, and one in a red-cap finally forged ahead and touched the pool's end. ‘The pa. system then announced that the 100- yard free'style winner was Miss Linda Mal- Jory. Second was Miss Mary: Ciphers, the former title-holder in this:event. George yawned. ‘Thank God it was the Jast event, He Slouched out of the stands, passing by the public-relations table to pick up 4 press sheet with Events, Winners, and fimes.. Now afew wards from the new 400 yard champion and he'd be through this day's work. He took his'time getting to the clubhouse and then he Hashed hi§ press pass at the doorway that proclaimed, “No Visitors > “I'm Pelgeien of the Gazerte, Contestants’ Entrance. He nodded to 4 timer he recognized as someone he'd seen several times before at track meets—Oh happy days!—then he buttonholed one ul the ribboned commnitteemen. “Td like to see that girl: who won the 100- yard, Just a few words.” He looked down at his Sheet. “Mallory? . “Ab yes, Miss Matlory,” said the commit- teeman, filled with be-nice-to-the-press reso- Tutions. A fine swimmer! He beckoned the newspaperman to follow Wine und went dust « cuitdor topping be fore a door, kaocking on it and then sticking his head in. to murmur a few words. Then he turned back. “Go right in.” Pelgrim ‘went in. Linda Mallory was standing just inside, Pelgrim got the im- pression of well-built blondeness. She was dressed in street clothes now. he mum bled. “I'd just like a few words, Miss Mal- Jory. Is this the first district championship you've won? Haw nld are you?” He SHOT forth a few other questions. Get = it - over with as - soon - as - possible Pelgrim. Then for the first time he really looked at her. She was very pretty, you like the big healthy athletic pe, But there. was something clse. One shapely arm was holding onto the dressing table as though she needed its support. George's eyes narrowed, ‘This was a strange way for a newly crowned champion to act, She ought to be pleased. Instead, Linda Mallory was, terrified. . There was an awkward silence and then. the git managed the ghost of a smile “Pm sorry,” she said and sqyaced her shoulders. “I'm twenty and this is the first Heading by JOHN GTUNTA He was 30 obviously; so obvionsty, 100, nox, a baniant. ! ALFIE RNID IAI IOEL SILI Rae Aha “AC == 4h BY ALLISON V. HARDING Bon tnt