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Individual Portfolio Project Marketing Plan Catholic Charities U.S.A. Damean De Leon February 16, 2010 Baker College Online

A. previous donors.S. Marketing Plan 2 Abstract The target market for Catholic Charities U.050 and $500. This new marketing campaign consists of: 1. people of middle to higher income levels with a strong sense of ideals and beliefs. families of all faiths and walks of life. The expected revenue from these events and promotions should be in the area of $267. Michigan These new marketing ideas are aimed at raising funds for CCUSA to continue to be able to provide services to families in need. Nation wide radio ad on Christian Radio K LOVE 3. This amazing profit margin is due to the limited amount of expenses and generous donations from businesses such as Best Buy and Home Depot as well as numerous volunteers.P. A web page that highlights our new marketing efforts (see appendix) 2. . CCUSA is engaging in a new marketing campaign in an effort to reach their target market better than they ever had before.’s fundraising efforts is businesses.050 thus giving us a profit margin between 88% and 164%. churches. Press release to gain recognition for our fundraising efforts 4.000 with expected expenses at $3. Charity Event in Lansing.I.P.

B. KS. CCUSA assists relief operations of local communities recovering from disasters.. VA 22314. Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) meets the 20 Standards for Charity Accountability according to the B.P. The Chief Executive is Father Larry Snyder. Marketing Plan 3 Section One Current Status Executive Summary Catholic Charities USA's members provide help and create hope for more than 8.000 a year. The board size is 22 with a paid staff of 46 (B. Suite 600 Alexandria. CCUSA is also involved in social policy and provides a national voice for the needs and concerns of its members and the people it serves nationally. 2010).P. The Chair of the Board is Janet Valente Pape and the Chair's Profession / Business Affiliation: Director of Catholic Charities of Wichita.S.I. as well as working with affiliate organizations to provide disaster relief worldwide. Through its disaster response program.B.B. They provide relief services for the needy here in the U. Organization’s Background Catholic Charities USA’s main office location is 66 Canal Center Plaza. CCUSA operates a number of programs services in order to achieve its mission and objectives. The organization was founded in 1910 and then incorporated in 1950 in the District of Columbia and currently has over 150 member agencies.5 million people of all faiths each and every year.B. President who receives compensation at $194. Locally the organization is the same but it also reaches out to help .

080.048 48.489 Ninety-seven percent of all revenues go to the programs sponsored with only three percent going to administrative fees and fundraising. race. as well as develop viable coping skills that will improve their personal and social functioning.655 (62.S.827 $90.189 Total expenses Expenses in Excess of Income Beginning net assets $94. Marketing Plan 4 teenage parents in San Antonio they have the highest number of teen pregnancies in the nation.876 Ending net assets Total liabilities Total assets 32.741.348.937 1.828) 95.I.B. or socioeconomic status (B. 2010). Programs such as The Great Start Program help young teenage parents manage the stress associated with having a child or new baby (Catholic charities U.613.P.038. They provide services without regard to gender. CCUSA’s financials break down is: Total income Program expenses Fund raising expenses Administrative expenses $31. CCUSA’s purpose is to empower individuals and families in need to discover and enhance their own resources.441 $80. This organization is also taxexempt under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is eligible to receive .424. national origin. religion..B.948. 2010). disability.P.377..467.A. creed.844.529 1.

According to The Daily Comet. “It just helps people keep up. associate director of individual and family assistance for Catholic Charities Houma- .S. 2010). a speedy tax refund can make the difference in saving a job. He works full time at an alternative school in San Antonio. disaster victims. and to call the entire church and other people of good will to do the same (Catholic charities U. a car or even a home. according to local Catholic Charities leaders. They provide relief for struggling families. 2.P.A. Mission The mission of Catholic Charities is to provide service to people in need. Damean is also full time college student working on his BA in Marketing and Business Administration at Baker College online..” said Jennifer Gaudet January 9.. January 9. Marketing Plan 5 contributions deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes (Catholic charities U.P. to advocate for justice in social structures.I.S. 2010 “For those living paycheck to paycheck. and even provide tax services to those who cannot afford to get good tax advice. Customers of the Nonprofit CCUSA serves the community in many different ways. Texas. 2010 p. Author's Background The author of this paper is Damean De Leon. the needy. As a boy who grew up in a Catholic household his strong religious beliefs and faith mirror those that are represented by CCUSA and would one day like to work on behalf of the organization in the near future.A. 2010).

such as the one in Haiti. Marketing Mix (the 4 P's)  Product – CCUSA provides services to people in need across the United States to people of all faiths. Marketing Plan 6 Thibodaux. But the professional help some need to get those refunds — or just to follow the law in filing income-tax returns — can prove too costly for some.  Price – Catholic Charities USA does not charge for its services and although it is a non-profit organization it does accept donations from anyone willing to help to fund their services. . 2010).  Place – CCUSA provides all their services to people of all faiths in the United States and their territories. There is even a membership available for agencies wanting to join CCUSA.A. parish relations and catholic identity. Their goal is to apply core competencies and skills to critical issue facing their members. CCUSA encourages support of Catholic Relief Services.P. Agency membership dues are based on a three year average of the agency's operating expenses (Catholic charities U. Any diocesan Catholic Charities agency may become a member of Catholic Charities USA.. Services include Disaster relief. Catholic charities provide many different services for the needy without regard to their religious beliefs (Mc Knight. services for teenage parents and tax services for the needy.S.I. work to reduce poverty.P. senior services. 2010). the Church’s agency for international response for disasters outside the U.S. Catholic Charities USA provides support and leadership to agency members on a wide range of issues—from adoption and child care to housing.

CCUSA will be celebrating their Centennial this year in 2010 (Catholic charities U.A.S. Marketing Plan 7  Promotion – Like many different organizations Catholic Charities does a lot of promotion through networking on the internet with different social networking sites such as Twitter. (Catholic charities U. 2010). Financial Stability –CCUSA has assets in excess of 80 million dollars with ninety-seven percent of all revenues go to the programs sponsored with only three percent going to administrative fees and fundraising.I. 2010). Facebook. Longevity .700 local Catholic Charities agencies and institutions nationwide. Even though the organization caters to people in need of all .S. Catholic Charities USA's members provide help and create hope for more than 8.P. 2.P. Name – I think that one of the weaknesses lies in the name Catholic charities.5 million people of all faiths each year. SWOT Analysis  Strengths 1. 3.  Weaknesses 1.Catholic Charities USA is the national office for over 1. Size ..A. They also depend on publications they provide to their online community through their website. DC. as the National Conference of Catholic Charities..Catholic Charities USA was founded in 1910 on the campus of Catholic University of America in Washington. and Flickr.

Members – CCUSA has the ability to reach out to people with a strong belief system and ideals. the Church’s agency for international response for disasters outside the U.P.  Opportunities 1. Marketing Plan 8 faiths some might very well believe that they only serve those who are Catholic.P. 3..With agencies like Catholic Relief Services.S.I. This could possibly hinder membership and donations. but with the sheer size of this organization it has the potential to help millions of people in the U.  Threats . 3. CCUSA the opportunity to expand its services to people around the world as well as its donation and membership base.S. 2. Base . and worldwide as well as spread the message of the catholic faith. Size – One of their strengths may also be one of their weaknesses. With over 1700 agencies nationwide some problems are bound to arise such as financials not being in line throughout the organization. Scandals in the Church – Although the Catholic Faith is one of the oldest and longstanding religions ever the charity must take the good with the bad including any scandals or bad press associated with the Church. for this reason they can continue to count on the support and loyalty of their members. 2. Size – This one has come into play more than once.

Terrorism – This is a threat to the American way of life and it has an effect on everything we do even our charities. efficient and honest organization will help to keep this charity at the top among all others. They need to stay focused and continue on as best as they can until this economic downturn ends. Competition Competition among charities has and always will exist. Although they have . Being a respectable. 3.P. Marketing Plan 9 1. 2. Differentiation CCUSA is unique in the sense that it a Catholic faith based charity with the intent of spreading the ideals and beliefs of the Catholic Church through service and action to people of all faiths right here in the United States. and Doctors without Borders will also be vying for donations as well.I. Charities such as The Salvation Army.P. CCUSA must be prepared to assist in disaster relief for something that might be caused due to domestic and other terrorists. The American Red Cross. Government regulations – This ties in with the current economy because in times like this the government tries to step in to get things going in the right direction and passing different policies and regulations may hinder or affect charitable donations. Economy – With the current economy in trouble and unemployment numbers through the roof this organization as well as all other charities must face the inevitable truth that their donations and support will decrease in times like this.

A.E.T. .I.S. CCUSA is a More traditional and efficient organization.P. CCUSA is not a high profile.C. Marketing Plan 10 affiliations that help with disasters around the world CCUSA focuses its efforts to those in need here in the United States. Efficient There are many different charities that target many different beliefs and lifestyles. Trendy A.A. Positioning High Profile United Way Traditional CCUSA P.P. trendy charity which primarily targets the wealthy.P.

Size of Target Market There are over 67 million registered Catholics in the United States alone and Michigan happens to be ranked number 10 in the top states with the highest number of registered Catholics. According to Glenmary Research (2000) there are over 2 million Catholics in the state of Michigan (Glenmary Research. beliefs and backgrounds. This staggering number provides us with an opportunity to reach millions of Catholics and non Catholic Christians with our nationwide radio campaign.P. That being stated the target market for this fundraiser will be primarily Catholics since the event and tickets will be sold in the Archdiocese of Lansing. They will be targeting middle to upper income families with children who express moral codes that are deeply rooted and literally interpreted. 2009). Current Marketing Efforts . religion.I. 2000). Marketing Plan 11 Section Two Proposal Target Market The name of the organization is Catholic Charities but it serves people of all faiths. This target market also happens to be fiercely loyal and follow established routines in large part in line with their ideals.P. conventional people with concrete beliefs based on traditional established codes of family. CCUSA will be reaching out to the believers who are mainly motivated by their ideals. community and nation (Donnelly & Peter.

During this time of crisis around the world especially in Haiti.catholiccharitiesusa. are available. Catholic Charities USA provides strong leadership and support to enhance the work of local agencies in their efforts to reduce poverty. A variety of eCards. CCUSA is there to assist people in need.5 million people of all faiths each and every year. They also have a section where you can customize your own eCard to share your generosity and blessings with your loved ones. . people from all walks of life and all religious beliefs. such as eCards. maximize your donation's effectiveness by reducing printing and mailing costs. CCUSA has affiliate organizations to help in disaster relief around the globe but most of your donations stay right here to help the needy in our own backyard. The organization also has newsletters and magazine subscriptions. Please help us in our campaign to provide much needed services to those right here in our own community. They have a section for charitable donations and if you register on the site you or your company or organization can even track the donations made to CCUSA.P.I. support families. and empower communities. Marketing Plan 12 The main outlet for donations and fundraising is the organizations website http://www.org. including Spanish and French. Catholic Charities USA's members provide help and create hope for more than 8. Electronic communications.P. Integrated Marketing Communications Press Release Catholic Charities USA is the national office for over 1.700 local Catholic Charities agencies and institutions nationwide.

org Or Call: 1-800-919-9338 Mail a Check: Catholic Charities USA P. Being that they are a 501 3b nonprofit organization the advertisement will run for free. Financial Analysis One of the things that the organization is excited and proud of is the fact that the upcoming advertising campaign has next to zero expenses and a high profit potential. Since they are a non-profit organization we were able to take advantage of radio spots and newspaper releases at no charge to the organization itself. Since the Casino Night fundraiser is local.O. the spot will push donations for the charity itself through the website. MD 21297-1066 E-Mail Campaign CCUSA will target the registered users our website and past donors who have contributed through the website six months and beyond.P. The only expenses .I. Marketing Plan 13 Donate what you can to help us in our mission. Box 17066 Baltimore.P. How to Give Donate online at: www. We will be using the same script as our press release and e-mail campaign for this spot.catholiccharitiesusa. corporate office and phone number. your tax deductible donation will help to provide those services and your stewardship will be greatly appreciated. Radio Spot CCUSA will run a national radio spot on K Love Christian radio. They will use the same script as our press release for this campaign.

050 $1.$10 Total Estimated Revenue Total Expenses $19.050 thus giving us a profit margin between 88% and 164%.000 with expected expenses at $3.500 $1.250 Expenses $250. Total revenue Casino Night Fundraiser Minus Expenses Total Profit Donation Total Press Release.000 $267. CCUSA’s finance department has put together a campaign that is not only profitable but financially solid as well.P.P. The estimated profit for our fundraising campaign is between $267. E-mail Campaign and Radio Spot Ads featuring the website Targeted audience of 500.250 $18.050 and $500.050 Profit Margin on Sales The point to this campaign is to make a nice profit margin despite the expenses.000 through campaign Estimated 1/10 will donate $5 .I. . Marketing Plan 14 incurred were the cost of putting the press release and radio add together as well as administrative costs for gathering the e-mail addresses for the e-mail campaign which were minimal.200 $3. This amazing profit margin is due to the limited amount of expenses and generous donations from businesses such as Best Buy and Home Depot.

References .I. CCUSA will progress in their fundraising efforts by continuing to try new avenues for revenue generation such as radio. television and newspaper releases as well as events aimed at their current target markets. CCUSA’s customer base is loyal and gives freely because of their beliefs and moral obligations. Marketing Plan 15 Conclusion With the lifeblood of organization being donations from CCUSA’s loyal base they feel that through this campaign they are exercising the best strategy to reach out to their target market. honesty and credibility in order to serve their patrons and community.P. They are proud that people have chosen their charity to patronize and will maintain the highest standards of efficiency.P.

L. (2010). Catholics in national context. Retrieved from http://www.catholiccharitiesusa. . Glenmary Research. New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin.P. Marketing management: knowledge and skills.pdf Catholic Charities U. Retrieved from http://www.P..org . Retrieved from http://www.A.bbb.I. (2010. J.org Mc Knight. (2000). Marketing Plan 16 Peter.. H. January 9).org/grc/RCMS_2000/Catholic%20rankings_tables. Retrieved from http://www. Jr. (2009). Tax help available to local residents. & Donnelly.glenmary.dailycomet. The Daily Comet. P. J.S.com/article/20100108/ARTICLES/100109500/1008?Title =Tax-help-available-to-local-residents Better Business Bureau (2010). 2000.

Roulette.A.00 and the 3rd place winner a cash prize of $500. All proceeds go to CCUSA. in Conjunction with Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic church brings you casino night 2010.00 per person. Price includes • Casino style buffet with drink • $100.S.00.P. from Panasonic.00 in casino chips (No monetary value) • Exciting games such as.V. There will be 3 Grand Prizes for the top 3 chip earners of the night.I.P. Marketing Plan 17 Appendix Catholic Charities U. Slots and Blackjack. Texas holdem. • Top three earners win prizes . 1st place will win a 54” flat screen T. Come join us for an evening of fun and excitement. 2nd place will win a cash prize of $750. Tickets for this event are $50.

Purchase Tickets Make a Donation Home Newsletter . Marketing Plan 18 There are a limited number of seats available so respond quickly to enjoy a Vegas style night of fun and excitement for a good cause.P.I. Monetary donations are always accepted and appreciated.P. so please help out if you can.

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