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JOE CAROLLO PROPERTY (sem 3230 MORRIS LANE, COCONUT GROVE Media Statement of Bill Fuller For Release on May 9, 2019 Good morning, my name is Bill Fuller, small business and property owner in Little Havana. T'm here today with my business partners and our attomeys, and some friends and family ‘AS many of you are aware, for the past 18 months, myself and my partners have been the target of a well-orchestrated and calculated attack on our personal characters, businesses and livelihoods at the behest of District 3 Commissioner Jor Carollo and the City of Miami. He has conducted a campaign of slander ancl defamation, and has held eode violation witch hunts at commission hearings. He has usurped the authority of the City Manager and directed the City, with the assistance of the City Auorney, 0 send scores of code enforcement and building officials to our businesses and our properties at all hours of the day and night. He himself, was caught hiding in the bushes behind the Ball & Chain at 9:30, wying to incite and provoke our neighbors to issue complaints against us He has maintained publiely for months that he has no personal issue with us, and that he is not selectively attacking us, but rather fulfilling his civic duties as Commissioner to uphold the City Code and Charter and providing a public safety service by calling us out for code violations. My grandmother used to tell me “people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.” Now you would think, that Joe Carollo, after months of attacking us with code violations would himself have always complied with City Code and have a clean history with no cade violations. You would even expect that as Commissioner he would hold himself to a highcr standard. How could he possibly be so brazen as to think that no one would notice if he engaged in work without permit on any of his properties let alone his own home. Yet as it tums out, besides being a known racist and domestic abuser, Joe Carolla, is also a seasoned building and cade violator. Today we are unmasking “Joe Carollo the Fraud.” Aficr conducting our own research and investigation, we have concluded that Joe Carollo himself has never pulled a building permit and has broken several city codes and regulations. [n March of last year he told a staff member of ours, “I am the law", and today we are illustrating to you exactly how Joe Carollo believes he is above the law. We paid for a complete microfilm search of his residence 3230 Mortis Lane, a property whieh is @ few blocks away from here in Coconut Grove, This is a property that he purchased in January of 2001, The microfilm request included every plan and permit that has ever been submitted to the City of Miami, Itrevealed the following: 1, Since his purchase in 2001, he hasnever or anyone else has ever submitted for a building permit or submitted for plans to be reviewed. 2. What we know, by conducting our own investigation, online through Google Street ‘View, and through satellite and aerial imagery, is that he has engaged in several projects without sceuring permits. More so, he has built several unsafe structures on his property that include: 1. am illegal and unsafe entrance arch with a mature bougainvillea growing through it, You can sce rooftap tiles separating from the membrane, ready to fall om a passerby; 2. an illegal and unsafe rooftop deck, what looks to be in a state of disrepair or in the process of ongoing construction; 3. three illegal and unsafe carport structures that anyone with a minimal understanding of the South Florida Building code knows would never qualify for a building permit due to its inability 10 hold up during a hurricane, Here is photographic evidence of the evolution of this structure since 2008. Here you can see it's disrepair in midstream of construction, now in 2009 its mew construction material, and more recently its finished state; and. 4. finally, the most egregious violation in my opinion. The systematic, cutting and eventual killing of mature, native, old growth, banyan tree on his property. This particular violation is subject to very high fines and mitigation remedies by the City. Now this only what we can see from the outside. We are confident, based upon reports from eyewitnesses, that he has also performed work inside of his property. He should be subjected to the same “full inspection” of his property that we have been relentlessly subjected to After this meeting, the evidence we have presented, will be submitted to the appropriate departments of the City of Miami, Including the offiees of the City Manager, Building Director, Unsafe Structures, Code Compliance, and to all other commissioncr offices to alert them as to how Joe Carolto has deceived them in his pursuit of upholding the laws of the City, Today's press conference was necessary to illustrate the disparity and injustice that we have been subjected to at the hands of this corrupt public official. Just two weeks ago Carollo said, “in America we are all supposed to be treated equal. ‘The rich and the famous have to be treated the same way as everyone else.” Clearly in his mind, this does not apply to him. ‘To date, his selective enforcement and attacks have cost our businesses millions of dollars. Today, the only defense be has ever had. which is that he was only upholding the law, is a total farce. Today confirms what most people have always knowns Joe Carallo is officially a fraud,

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