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 Climb Snake Mountain  Camel’s Hump

 Bonfire at Silver Lake  Mount Abe

 Rent a movie from the DVD collection  Mount Mansfield
that isn’t available on Netflix and watch  Camp for a weekend
it  Shelburne Farms
 See Atwater with the lights on  Buy a raft at Kinney, ride it down Dog
 Penguin plunge at Lake Dunmore Team River
 Go the Ben and Jerry’s Factory  Bristol Bakery
 Visit Special Collections and find  Stay on campus over a break with a
something from a person with your couple of friends
graduation year in a different  Vergennes Laundry
decade/century  Try more than just your favorite
 Visit the open observatory hours Noonie’s Sandwich
 Give a speech on top of a table at  Tap maple syrup
Proctor  Take a nap in Bihall’s Great Hall
 Build a snowman  Try to throw paper airplanes through
 Eleven, eleven, eleven, eleven…. the Bihall window under the clock
 Successfully ride a bike up Mead Chapel  Read a book in the Greenhouse
Hill  Play a round of golf on that golf course
 Streak across campus on the first snow you know we have
of April  Visit the Language Tables
 Dunmore Day  Make a pilgrimage back to your old
 Go to the first Tavern open party of the dorms with your old roommates
year  Vermonster Challenge
 Create a book scavenger hunt for a  Walk the TAM
friend in the library  Local brewery Passport Challenge
 Attend a Middlebury football game  Stay a summer in Middlebury (or at
(bonus points for completion) least come visit for a week)
 Camp out at the Organic Garden. Build a  Climb to Silver Lake
fire and watch the sunset  Falls of Lana
 Audition for an a cappella group, Riddim,  See new lambs in the spring
and/or improv group  Go to Montreal
 Meet your admission rep and thank them  Attend Laurie Patton’s office hours
in person  Volunteer in town
 Go apple picking in the fall  Play chess at the Middlebury tea room
 Sled down Mead Chapel Hill  Wear a costume to class on a non-
 Dog Team Sunday Halloween day
 Jumping at the Gorge  Ask someone out on a date (not a dining
 Bristol Falls hang out hall date)
 Ski/snow board down the Snow Bowl  Visit the camel on the way to Burlington
 Climb up the Snow Bowl for sunset in  Ride the panther
the fall or spring  Play Quidditch at least once
 Climb up the Snow Bowl for Winter  Eat as much chili as possible at the chili
Carnival to watch the races and cheer fest
on friends
 Go to the farmers market in Marble  Go camping somewhere
Works  Bowling
 Karaoke at the bar  Make something in the ceramics studio
 Go on a tree tour with Tim Parsons  Spend Midd’s money on something on
 Attend at least one game of each this list
Middlebury athletic team  Try all the buns
 Shotgun a beer on Battel Beach on the  Lincoln Peak Winery
last day of classes  Eat more Chesters
 Go ice skating/roller skating  Venture to the Kingdom
 Make your own go/  Black Sheep Bistro (ideally on a
 Go to the Radio Theater Live Show romantic date if you can convince the
 Find the mummy men to shape up)
 Double stack Dr. Feel Good  Convince a man to shape up
 Print the biggest poster you can from  Go to the Pond Skim
the plotter and hang it in Proctor  Create the perfect Proc Panini – write a
 Try a new club during your last recipe card and leave it on the wall
semester  Try out logrolling once
 Go to the ISO show  Write a crush list your senior year
 Watch a movie on the big screen in  Watch a sunset in the Giff 5 sex attic
Axinn  Go to Cookie Love on Route 7
 Read one of Julia Alvarez’s books and  Take a walk with a friend during finals
meet her in person week
 Write your custodial team a thank you  Dumpster dive at the recycling center –
letter wear your finds to the next Frisbee or
 Cross country ski at Breadloaf Tav party
 SNOWBALL FIGHT  Take a butts out pic at the top of Falls
 Like a Prayer of Lana
 Press a leaf from your favorite tree  Take a Battell bath
 Perform at a WOMP  Grouwer at an Atwater party (Group +
 Make the perfect soft ice cream swirl Shower = friendship)
 Go to a concert in Burlington  Puddle splash during mud season
 Submit something to one of the  Create a leaf wreath for Fall
publications on campus  Go to Harvest Fest
 Take a professor to dinner  Host a Friendsgiving
 Actually introduce yourself to the  Throw a Galentines Day party
person you are borrowing the salt from  Harvest honey in Proctor
 Speak at a Moth  Steal a jar of PB from Atwater
 Century at UPs  Compliment the Dining Staff on your
 Chipman Hill favorite dish
 Brewery Tour  Distribute candy randomly in the Lib
 Night out in Burlington  Apple crisp skillet. Bobcat Café.
 Crash frat party  Whistlepig Whiskey
 P-Day @ St. Mikes  Public comment at SGA
 Star Gazing at Bread Loaf  Nasal rinse
 Robert Frost Interpretive Trail  Make a crush list

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