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THE EFFECTIVENESS OF GRAPHIC Theoretical and Conceptual Framework 3.

What is the reading comprehension achievement

ORGANIZER ON THE READING The effectiveness of using graphic of the students in the reading comprehension tests
COMPREHENSION ACHIEVEMENT OF organizers to enhance comprehension may have its using graphic organizers? ;
GRADE 7 STUDENTS roots in cognitive learning theories, particularly
dual coding theory, schema theory, and 4. Is there a significant difference between the
Abstract information processing theory. reading comprehension achievement of the students
This study aimed to determine the Furthermore, the following DepEd Orders who use graphic organizer and who did not use
effectiveness of the graphic organizer as a reading strengthen the development and improvement of graphic organizer?
strategy in the reading comprehension achievement the reading skills of the students: Do 18, s. 2017 –
Guidelines on the Utilization of the 2017 Every METHODOLOGY
of the selected Grade 7 students. This study
was mainly composed of Grade 7 students from Child a Reader Program Funds for the Early
Research Design
section Charitable and Patient with a total number Language, Literacy, and Numeracy Program:
This study made use of descriptive-
of 100 respondents. The data were gathered Professional Development Component and Do experimental research design. This study aimed to
through the mean percentage scores of the 14, S. 2018 – Policy Guidelines on The describe the reading comprehension level of the
respondents in every reading comprehension test Administration Of The Revised Philippine respondents and their reading comprehension
conducted after the reading session. These data Informal Reading Inventory achievement. In order to identify the effectiveness of the
were interpreted using the statistical tools: GO, two groups of respondents were employed. The first
frequency, percentage, mean and mean percentage Schematic Diagram group coming from Grade 7-Patient were the controlled
scores. Based on the result of the data gathered, group and the second group which is the experimental
group will be from Grade 7-Charitable.
there is a difference of the mean percentage scores
on the reading comprehension tests between the
respondents in which graphic organizer is applied 2. LocaleWith
of thethe
use of
This study was conducted in Lingig National
and respondents in which graphic organizer is not graphic
High School situated at barangay Poblacion, Lingig,
applied. Surigao del Sur. (EG)
organizer The school has a total population of
almost 1,600 students: 300 in Senior High School and
1300 in Without
Junior the Comprehension
High School. Grade 7 classes is
Introduction 1.
composed of 8 sections: one Achievement
(1) under Science and
use of graphic
Technology Curriculum and seven (7) under K to 12
One of the issues that most of the schools organizer (CG)
Basic Education Curriculum. The average students in all
have encountered is the low reading comprehension Statement of the Problem the Grade 7 classes is 49.
level of the students despite that their word Specifically, this study sought to answer
recognition is high. This fact tells us that even the following questions: Respondents of the Study and Sampling Techniques
students can read well, there is a possibility that 1. What is the profile distribution of the selected The respondents of this study were identified
understanding the text that is being read in impeded Grade 7 students in terms of the reading through purposive sampling. This is done in order to
due to poor reading comprehension skill. It is in the comprehension level during the Pre- Phil IRI? ; make the conduct of the study smooth and easy. Out of
light of this scenario that the researchers would like the seven (7) Grade 7 classes/sections under K to 12
to assess if reading strategy like the application of 2. What is the reading comprehension Basic Education Curriculum, two (2) sections were
graphic organizer during reading session will have achievement of students in the reading chosen. These are students from Grade 7- Charitable and
comprehension tests without using graphic Grade 7- Patient. The total population of the respondents
a positive effect to the reading comprehension
organizers? ; is 100. Each of the mentioned section is composed of 50
achievement of the students. students.
Reading Comprehension Frequenc Percentage 44.80 76.00 31.20 Increased Republic of the Philippines
Level y 47.60 75.60 28.00 Increased SURIGAO DEL SUR STATE UNIVERSITY
Independent Level 14 14% 42.00 76.40 34.40 Increased Tandag City Surigao del Sur
Instructional Level 33 33% 42.80 71.20 28.40 Increased FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES
Frustration Level 53 53% 42.40 75.60 33.20 Increased
Total 100 100% 56.80 67.20 10.40 Increased
62.00 74.00 12.00 Increased
Table 1 shows the frequency and percentage 42.80 74.40 31.60 Increased
distribution of the respondents’ reading comprehension level 75.60 76.20 0.60 Increased
during the Pre-Phil IRI which was conducted at the beginning 76.20 77.00 0.80 Increased
of school year. It shows that the Independent Level got the 47.60 75.00 27.40 Increased
lowest percentage and the Frustration Level got the highest 42.00 78.00 36.00 Increased
percentage. The figures implies that most of the students in 66.80 83.60 16.80 Increased
Grade 7- Charitable and Grade 7- Patient need to improve their 75.20 77.20 2.00 Increased
reading comprehension skills in order to achieve higher
75.60 78.80 3.20 Increased
reading comprehension level. Furthermore, the reason why
most of the students are categorized under the frustration level
because based on the English final average grade of these This table shows the comparison of the mean GRAPHIC ORGANIZER ON THE
percentage scores between the Control Group and the
students are also low compared to students in other sections.
Experimental Group. Based on the data, there is an increased
Hence, the data suggests that the teachers must employ reading
strategies that will help improve their reading comprehension of all the mean scores of the comprehension tests conducted. ACHIEVEMENT OF GRADE 7
level. Thus, this implies that the use of graphic organizers which is STUDENTS
applied in the experimental group help improve the reading
The next data shows the mean percentage scores of comprehension of the respondents
the reading comprehension achievement of the control group in
the 15-day duration of the conduct of the study in every FINDINGS, CONSCLUSIONS AND
reading comprehension skill without the use of graphic RECOMMENDATIONS
organizer. If we notice, most of the mean percentage scores of
Based on the gathered data, the following are the
the reading comprehension tests do not reach the standard
findings: 53% of the total respondents are under frustration level
passing rate which is 75% of the total items. Hence, the based on the Pre Phil IRI, that most of the mean percentage scores
remarks of the tests in which the mean percentage score did of the respondents on the reading comprehension tests in which
not met the standard passing rate is failed. Moreover, it is there is no application of graphic organizer did not meet the
reflected from the data that the skill getting the main idea got standard passing rate, that most of the mean percentage scores of Researchers
the lowest mean percentage score while enriching vocabulary the respondents on the reading comprehension tests in which there
got the highest mean percentage score. This further implies is an application of graphic organizer meet the standard passing
that the respondents have the difficulty of identifying the main rate, and that there is a significant difference between the mean EVANGELINE S. BAUTISTA
idea of a certain text. percentage scores of the control and experimental group. Thus, MAELT
there is an increased of mean percentage scores between the two
Data shows the mean percentage scores of the group.
reading comprehension achievement of the control group in the Moreover, the following conclusions were derived from RYAN D. BABANTO
the above findings. Firstly, that reading comprehension level of the
15-day duration of the conduct of the study in every reading
students is an existing problem in the school as high number of
comprehension skill with the use of graphic organizer. Based
on the data, most of the mean percentage scores of the students who belong in this level is high. Secondly, that the
respondents have reached the 75% passing rate. Out of 15 traditional reading session without reading strategy like graphic
organizer may not contribute to the reading comprehension level
comprehension tests employed, only four did not meet the
of the students. Lastly, that graphic organizer helps a lot in
passing standard. The data further implies that the skill on
improving the reading comprehension achievement of the students.
drawing conclusions is considered to be the most difficult since Therefore, it is suggested that teachers must use reading
the mean scores did not reach the standard passing rate of 75%. strategy like graphic organizers in order for the students to have a
Moreover, the skill on enriching vocabularies still ranked first clear understanding of the text and for their reading
on the highest mean percentage scores. comprehension achievement to improve.

March 2019