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Module 5 

The module of good food and bad food is talking about how young 

consumers tempt to eat bad food because it’s affordable than organic foods 

like fruits and vegetables. In America, there is an increasing rate of obesity 

for children and adults. These resources give advice or new ideas to fix 

these problems with bad eating habits and instead to make good eating 

habits for consumers. The system in schools basically controls you on your 

choices of what to eat. The system on our society controls our eating in a 

way that makes fast food restaurants cheaper and foods that are healthy are 


The article “ Bad Food? Tax It, and Subsidize Vegetables,” by Mark 

Bittman describes that the food industries should tax bad foods so that 

consumers should buy less of it, “ tax things like soda, french fries, 

doughnuts, and hyper process snacks”(Bittman). By doing this, this could 

cause less obesity to society. The food industries also don’t really care for 

health, they only care for the money, “ Their mission is not public health 

but profit,” (Bittman). It also implies that it also has been in consideration in 

other parts in the U.S., “ 30 cities and states have considered taxes on soda 

or all sugared products,” (Bittman). Other countries had already thought of 

taking action about this problem, but the U.S. has not quite yet. 

In the U.S. the biggest worries are the obesity that is growing it the 

United States. The article “ Attacking the Obesity Epidemic by First 

Figuring Out Its Cause,” by Jane E. Brody gives good examples of the 

epidemic of obesity, she compares how back then and until now “ I had to 

walk or bike to go buy an ice cream cone, nor were we constantly seeing 

advertisements for processed foods,” (Brody). In a daily bases, there was 

much more movement then today. According to the article “ Since 1900, 

the energy requirements for daily life have decreased substantially,” 

(Brody). This proves that back then people were more fit than today 

because we depend more on cars. With the prove of putting taxes on 

tobacco and people buying less of it, this could be the same result of buying 

process foods and sugared beverages. 

In the article “ No Lunch Left Behind,” by Alice Waters and Katrina 

Heron said that the school menus to better the student's food options, “ The 

long list of options includes high-fat, low-grade meats and cheeses and 

processed foods like chicken nuggets and pizza,” (Water and Heron). The 

school cafeterias have the same ingredients as every fast food restaurants. 

The article implies that parents are already have taken action, “ Parent 

advocacy groups like Better School Food have rejected the National School 

Lunch Program,” ( Water and Heron). If they don’t do anything about it, 

they believe that it would create a junk-food distribution system. They want 

every parent that can take action about this problem, to help the societies