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Most people see a

watering can.
You see the individual
growth opportunity in
Agile Coach, IKEA Serbia
You see things a little differently. So do we. At IKEA we invite you to grow in your own way. Come see things
a little differently with us.

About you
You have strong understanding and experience with Agile frameworks. You have knowledge and
understanding of business needs and experience with applying SCRUM/Agile frameworks in a
corporate environment. Your strong interpersonal skills including mentoring, coaching,
collaborating, and team building leads you in everyday work and enables you to have creative
approach to problem-solving with the ability to focus on details while maintaining the “big picture”
view. Also, you have excellent knowledge of English (written and spoken).

About the job

As an Agile coach, you’ll help and train our teams on the Agile way or work and oversee the
development of Agile teams to ensure effective outcome for the organization. You will be responsible
to train Agile teams with the right knowledge, tools and training so they will be able to use Agile to its
full potential.

About the assignment

On this position, you will:

• Give information to employees at all levels on Agile principles, providing them with tools for
implementing the process in their own work;
• Provide training sessions and train valuable skills that lead toward the organization-wide adoption
of Agile way or work;
• Guide teams into the Agile frameworks, providing employees with feedback and means of
improvement, catalyzing organizational growth and answering questions;
• Provide hands-on support to employees, collaborating with people across widely varying levels
and roles, leading teams toward further understanding and adoption of Agile as well as overall
company growth and improvement;
• Design a strategy for the organizational adoption of Agile that is suitable for the specific
organization, follow up on it and adjust if recognize the need in order to maximize benefit for the
• Use techniques that increase collaboration, transparency and promote a culture of
experimentation and innovation.

IKEA offers an exciting and empowering work environment in a global marketplace. And as the
world’s leader at life at home, you have exceptional opportunities to grow and develop together with

Apply for the position on line by 05.05.2019. in English.

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