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ICEBREAKER Estimated time: 5-7 minutes

Tangled Web

Everybody says something about themselves and whenever someone else can connect, the
former rolls the yarn to the latter. It goes around a couple of times, until it forms a web.
SPEAKING PRACTICE 1 Estimated time: 20 minutes


The game is similar to the Speed Dating system. Students will sit in pairs and on the plasma TV there
will be ten categories (e.g. Trips, Pets, My happiest day, etc.). The facilitator will set the clock and after
explaining the rules of the game, he will start the timer. Every 2 minutes, the participants will change
their partner and their topic. Thus, each participant will talk about a different topic with each of the
other participants.

COOL-OFF Estimated time: 3 minutes

The facilitator asks the participants what were the most interesting pieces of information they have
come across during their conversations.

VOCABULARY CHALLENGE Estimated time: 5 minutes

Each pair will receive a piece of paper with a word in the middle. (E.g. breakfast) They have one minute
to form as many words out of the initial word as they can. (E.g. Breakfast - break, brake, fast, fat, fake,
bat, breast, etc.). After one minute, they have to push the word sheet to the left and start working on
the new one, for the same amount of time.
NATIVE SPEAKER - WARM-UP Estimated time: 3-5 minutes

Prior to the session, the facilitator will stick 7 letters underneath the seats. Participants will be asked to
look under their seats and discover the letters (N,I,T,A,B,R,I). Quickly they will be asked to spell out the
word these letters form (BRITAIN).

The facilitator will ask the participants what do they know about Britain. After establishing some basic
information about Great Britain, the facilitator will introduce the guest speaker.

NATIVE SPEAKER - INTRODUCTION Estimated time: 5 minutes

The native speaker will introduce himself and ask participants for questions.

NATIVE SPEAKER - STORY TELLING Estimated time: 10-12 minutes

The native speaker will tell the participants a story about himself, an anecdote or something reflecting
the culture of his country of origin. (For about 5 to 7 minutes)

In pairs, the students have to retell the story in their own words. (About 5 minutes)


SPEAKING PRACTICE 2 Estimated time: 15 minutes

The facilitator will ask participants to write anonymously a secret about themselves on a piece of

After gathering the pieces of paper, the guest will read out loud the secrets. Then, participants will talk
with the guest and each other in order to find out who wrote what secret. (10 minutes)

This gives the participants the opportunity to talk with the guest.

At the end, the guest will have to guess all the secrets using the information he got from the
conversations. If he fails, the participants will help him.

GUEST´S GAME Estimated time: 10 minutes

FEEDBACK Estimated time: 5 minutes

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