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10 INDIAN EXPRESS, NEW DELHI, Wednesday, December 16, 1987

PM in Burma
UNIQUE BUSINESS OFFER Who is the offender?
COMPUTER HOROSCOPES tion, Mr Maung said it would deepen
By NEERJA CHOWDHURY and sets alight is not just an abettor religious leaders pronounce tomor­
their mutual understanding and con­ but a criminal. The abettors are those row that sati is part of* the Hindu
tribute further towards co-operation Express News Service
TOTAL INVESTMENT who watch passively and do not religion which the Government has
between India and Burma. NEW DELHI, Dec 15 object to the crime being committed, no i right to interpret?
Rs. 65000/- Instead of treating women as vic­ Section 4 of the Bill on abetment
• COMPUTER EM6LISH ts. 12000/- Indian and Burmese officials tried tims, the Sati Bill treats them as appears to have borrowed from the Many people hold the view that
• PRINTER CAST1N6S. PREDICTIONS (30 YRS.) on Tuesday to evolve an understand­ offenders. I PC the treatment of the abetment of had the judges confined themselves
INTERPRETATIONS. LUCKY STONES ing on the sale of rice from this The Commission of Sati (Preven­ sati which has been viewed essential­ to granting Shah Bano maintenance
country on a long-term basis. tion) Bill, 1987, now before Parlia­ ly as a suicide By retaining the under the Cr P.C. and not gone into
(HINDI A ENGLISH) Official sources said at the request ment lays down that anyone who concept of abetment, the Bill is likely the question of whether maintenance
of Burma. India had decided to attempts to commit sati or does to afford an excuse to people to hide was in accordance with the Muslim
10% SPECIAL DISCOUNT ON purchase a large quantity 6f rice from
Burma in the current financial year.
anything towards this end shall be behind the plea that the woman personal law, the Shah Bano case
might not have evoked the kind of
punishable with imprisonment of up wanted to immolate herself.
FIRST 10 SYSTEMS Substantially quantity of rice would to one year or with fine or with both. Legal activist, Ms Vasudha Dha- reaction it did. All that thfc Govern­
SSS CONSULTANTS CO. be bought next year If a woman survives immolation by gamwar. has suggested some amend­ ment needs to state in the Bill is that
India is keen that Burma, which relatives on the funeral pyre of her ments in Section 4 of the Bill. She has
32, CORONATION BUILDING. FATEHPURI, has a huge favourable balance of husband, she can be jailed for up to suggested that the Bill should make
DELHI-110 006 PHONE: 2528293 trade with India, should step up its one year. The term has now been murder or attempt to murder as the According to one opinion, it would
imports from India. A number of reduced to six months, in deference principal offence. In those be better to omit the word sati from
items have been identified. But the to the wishes of the members of Lok rare cases where the woman wanted the Bill. The legislation should be
Burmese have yet to indicate their Sabha who passed the Bill on to end her own life and where this directed against the offence of widow
preferences. India had bought can be proved beyond doubt, it immolation. The practice is glorified
350.000 tonnes of rice from Burma in The woman has to be punished should be treated as a case of culp­ by referring to it as sati and not as
1983-84. because the Bill makes sati a princip­ able homicide not amounting to mur­ murder. Secondly, isolated incidents
Soon after his arrival, Mr Gandhi al action. Unless she is punished, the der and punished accordingly. In of widow burning get projected as an
TAMIL NADU held informal talks for 30 minutes,
with the Burmese leader. General Ne
abettors who are supposed to commit other words, those who actively par- entrenched practice. Thirdly, the
a subsidiary offence cannot be penal­ omission of the word would end the
Win. on stepping up Indo-Burmese ised, though the Bill has sought to confusion over sati as the immolation
ELECTRICITY BOARD bilateral co-operation in trade, eco­
nomic and cultural fields.
punish those who abet sati or an ^ ^ N e w s a n a l y s i s ^
attempt to sati by providing for death
of a woman after the death of her
husband, sati as the gooddess who is
Mr Gandhi called on the Burmese sentence or with life imprisonment. ticipate in the process of widow worshipped, and sati as the descrip­
TUTICORIN THERMAL POWER PROJECT President, Mr San Yu, to present to; Abetment can take place only when immolation would be guilty of com­ tion of the virtues expected of a
Separate sealed tenders are invited tor: Manufacture and supply ol 30 Nos the Burmese people the manuscripts there is a principal offence. mitting murder or attempt to murder married woman.
Single phase 230 KV SF6 orcuit breakers of their great national hero. General Moreover, according to the Indian if the sati is unsuccessful. The abet­
Mahabandoola. which had been Pehal C<5de. the punishment for abet­ tors would be those who watch the Finally, there was no need to go in
Description: Design Manufacture. Inspection Testing at manufacturer s works and for a separate legislation on the
supply of 6 Nos Single phase 2000 Amps and 24 Nos Single phase 1250
brought to Calcutta by the British The Prime Minister, Mr Rajiv Gandhi, being received by the Burmese Prime ment cannot exceed that given for the spectacle passively.
than a century ago. Minister, U. Maung Kha, on his arrival at Rangoon on Tuesday. — PIB. main offence. But in this instance, If murder, attempt to-murder or subject, making it into a special
Amps 230 KV SF6 circuit breakers and accessories
the Bill provides for stricter punish­ culpable homicide not amounting to category of offence. Amendments in
Specification No.: SE(D|TTPP-22 ment for the subsidiary offence. This murder are made the principal off­ the IPC would have sufficed. A new
■unt of contract: FIs 70 lakhs
Mishra renews attack Sa,i.Bil1 Continued from Page 1 Column 3
can and is likely to be challenged in ence. the woman can be treated as a law has given the impression that
court as a contradiction. victim of the crime, and should not there was no provision in the existing
be penalised after the trauma. law to deal -with sati. It has also
E.M.D.: Rs 70.000 - (Rupees Seventy thousand only) sfiould be demolished The Bill attempts to penalise the A phrase in the description of the provided an alibi to those who main­
Due date and time for receipt of Tender: 1200 Hours on 28 1 88
Date and Time of opening of Tender: 15 00 Hours on 28 1 88
Place of opening of Tender: At the office of the Superintending Engineer Design
on Dubey Govt Mr Ram Nagina Mishra (Cong-I)
said the Government should encour­
age widow-marriage and provide em­
abettors with punishment for mur­ Bill can stir a hornet’s nest. It says: tain that the sati of Roop Kanwar or
der. But it fights shy of describing the “Whereas sati or the burning or
main offence as murder.
her chunri cerem o ri^ere not illegal
burying alive of widows or women is because the Rajasthan Ordinance
relief. If it was true, how as many as It is curious that the Bill treats revolting to the feelings of human followed these events.
TTPP II Floor Eastern Wing-NPKRR Maaligai 800. Anna Salai Electricity ployment to those who volunteered The words “notwithstanding any­
15 major embankments suffered 90 those who may actually collect ghee, nature and is nowhere enjoined by
Avenue. MADRAS-600002
The former Bihar chief minister breaches, he asked and suggested to marry widows. build the pyre, push the woman on to any of the religions of India as an thing contained in the IPC” which
Copy of Specification can be obtained either in person or by post by remitting and dissident Congress (I) leader, Mr that the Central Water Commission Mrs Sheila Kaul (Cong-I) de­ it and then light it. and probably push imperative duty...". The references preface many a section of the Bill
the cost either by cash or by Money Order to the Chief Internal Audit Officer Tamil Jagannath Mishra, has renewed his must be associated in any enquiry. scribed sati as a blot on the image of her back if she attempts to rise, as of not being enjoined by any religion under discussion also convey this
Nadu Electricity Board I Floor. Eastern Wing N P K R R Maaligai 800. Anna Salai. attack on the Bindeshwari Dubey Mr Mishra told the Prime Minister the country. mere abettors. They are not seen as bring back echoes of the Muslim impression.
Madras-2 noting the specification No and sending the cash receipt or Money Order Government for its failure to tackle that the state government s claim of Mrs Phulrenu Guha (Cong-I) said committing a murder. In another Women Bill. A law is made when none exists,
receipt as the case may be to the Superintending Engineer Design TTPP II the recent floods in large parts of the relief work was nothing but a “bun­ the reason for sati- was the love of offence like case of bride burning, What will the Government do if when it does, it should be im­
Floor Eastern Wing 800 Anna Salai Madras-2 with a requisition furnishing the dle of lies". He reminded Mr Gandhi property on the part of abettors. She anyone who pours kerosene on her the Shankaracharyas or other Hindu plemented.
complete postal address Tenders should be submitted m triplicate to the state and has asked the Prime Minis­
ter to intervene in the matter im­ that he had written to him on suggested vigilance committees not
undersigned before the due date and time mentioned September 18 to apprise him of the only to check sati but all social evils.
Tenders received from those who have not purchased the specification will not mediately.
be opened Tenders received after the due date and time will be summarily reiected
The Board will not be responsible tor the loss ol the copy of specification tender or
for the delay in postal transit
In a long letter written to the Prime
Minister on December 11 and re­
leased to the press on Tuesday. Mr
situation. “I am forced to write again
because the situation instead of im­
proving. has deteriorated. The state
government has become an object of
Mr Umakant Mishra (Cong-I) said
the law should be as stringent as
Mr Dinesh Goswami (AGP) spoke
Rajiv’s holiday BJP for probe into
officers’ killing
Copies of specification will not be available tor sale on the due date for receipt ot Mishra recounted the misery and
suffering faced by the people at the ridicule” . While crores of landless about the plight of young widows and Continued from Page I Column 1 Another controversy was in re­
hands of the state government. Re­ labour and marginal farmers were wanted tne Government come to gard to Mr Amitabh Bachchan’s
II Floor. CHIEF ENGINEER THERMAL DESIGN their rescue. He said foreign film
N P K R R Maaligai. minding Mr Rajiv Gandhi that "the facing starvation, the Bihar Govern­ Folk-dancers and artistes from flight from Calcutta to the Anda­
ment was pleasing itself by making a makers who tried to film acts of sati Agathi will entertain the visitors. mans via Rangoon. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)
800. Anna Salai. MADRAS-600002 days are not very far when we will be has demanded an inquiry into the
knocking at the doors for votes". Mr plethora of announcements without should be stopped. Mr Gandhi s Andamans holiday It is not yet known whether all
Telex 041-7261 last year had created a controversy circumstances leading to the killing of
Mishra regretted that all his attempts caring to see wfiether they were being of them will join Mr Gandhi in this
DIPR/99/VOC 87 aspco due to the unusual action of allow­ the two senior Punjab Police offic­
to point out the lapses of the adminis­
tration had fallen on deaf ears. He said contrary to claims, no Pak to vote for ing foreigners into high-security.
year's holiday. The system of year-
end holidays and holding of ers—Mr A. S. Brar and Mr K. R. S.
Gill—by terrorists in Patiala.
Without naming Mr Bindeshwari where had free ration been distri- . TT. T naval installations. Cabinet meetings in tourist re­
buted for more than two weeks and In H io a t II J \ sorts. something prevalent in the The killings must serve as an eye
DEPARTMENT OF POSTS Dubey in the letter. Mr Mishra has A senior naval officer, who had opener for the Director-General of
made it clear that the situation had in several areas, it was even lesser. sought the formal permission of affluent West, emerged on the
OFFICE OF THE POST MASTER GENERAL About 25 lakh houses had collapsed UNITED NATIONS, Dec 15 (PTI) Indian scene only after Mr Gandhi Punjab Police, Mr J. F. Ribeiro. the
gone out of control in the state and it the head-quarters for the fore­ Punjab Governor, Mr S. S. Ray, and
. DELHI CIRCLE NEW DELHI-1. was time the Central leadership inter­ and now when winter had set in, no Pakistan has announced that it will igners.’ entry, had later bowed out became Prime Minister.
one had been given any grant for vote for India in the election to a key the Prime Minister, Mr Rajiv Gan­
FOR QUICK DELIVERY OF CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR MAILS, POST vened to set matters right. of service and is living a private The Lakshadweep archipelago dhi, a BJP statement issued by its
While Mr Mishra is known to be a house construction. Nothing had yet UN committee but has declined to life in Allahabad. is about 200 km to 400 km from
YOUR CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR MAIL LATEST BY 18TH DECEMBER been done to provide drinking water withdraw its own candidature. general secretary, Mr Krishanlal
1987 TO ENSURE TIMELY DELIVERY. Collection Centres for Christ­ staunch critic of the Dubey adminis-. The presence of.the Bachchan Calicut and about 60 km from Sharma, said here on Tuesday.
tration, his coming out in the open at to the flood-hit. Similarly, although Pakistan had earlier decided to brothers with their families in the Maldives. Bangaram, Tinnakara
mas/New Year Mail have been set up at the following Post Offices for medicines worth Rs 5 lakh for anim­
the highest level suggests that the contest for membership of the Com- Prime Minister’s entourage, along and Parli are the western-most It said that BJP was of the view
the convenience of the public. Congress (I) leadership at the Centre als, Rs 60 lakh for human beings and with an Italian businessmen, was barren islets with a total area of
1. New Delhi GP0 2. Sarojini Nagar H.O. ;mittee for Programme and co­ that if immediate steps were not
has failed to bring about even a fodder worth Rs 35 lakh were said to ordination (CPC) which deals with also mentioned them in the media. 115 acres, 77 acres and 10 acres taken to overhaul the police and
3. Delhi GPO 4. Lajpat Nagar P.O. have been purchased, they were not
6. Naraina Ind. Estate P.O. temporary patch-up between the two important budgetary issues of the UN respectively. They are encircled by intelligence set-up in Punjab and
5. Indraprastha H.O. state leaders—Mr Mishra and Mr being made available to the needy a coral reef with an opening in the
8. Rajouri Garden P.O. but later agreed to withdraw in doubtful elements not purged, all
7. Lodi Road H.O.
9. Karol Bagh P.O. 10. Gandhi Nagar P.O. Bindeshwari Dubey. It is bound to
touch off a fresh wave of dissident
anywhere. No work has been started
under NREP to mitigate the suffer­
favour of India under a deal last May. Writ admitted west. They are virtually sand
banks with a lagoon all round,
efforts to curb terrorism were bound
to prove futile. It was imperative that
11. Malka Ganj P.O. 12. Shahdara P.O. ings of the people, he said in his As a reciprocal gesture India de­
activities in the state which has been making a wonderful spectacle.
13. Patel Nagar P.O.
15. Jung Pura P.O.
14. New Subzi Mandi P.O.
16. Krishna Nagar H.O. simmering ever since Mr Dubey took letter.
Mr Mishra suggested to the Prime
cided to withdraw in Pakistan’s
favour for chairmanship of the prepa­ on anti-sati The islands haye what are consi­
a security belt be . created along the
Indo-Pakistan border to prevent the
18. Ashok Vihar H.O. over the reigns of administration. ratory committee of tne special UN dered the most beautiful corals of terrorists from receiving arms assist­
17. Ramesh Nagar P.O.
19. Hauz Khas P.O. 20. SRT Nagar P.O.
22. Rajinder Nagar P.O.
Minister a set of measures to mitigate
the sufferings of the flood hit. They session on disarmament. padayatra the world. Their exotic flower­
like. multi-coloured coral growths
ance from across the border.
The statement also warned that
21. Tilak Nagar P.O. relief measures started by the Bihar include 25 per cent subsidy to farmers "But after the elections to the CPC
23. Kalkaji P.O. 24. R.K. Puram (Main) P.O. .were announced recently, Pakistan can been seen deey in the clear any move by the Centre at this stage
administration were a mere eyewash, on purchase of fertilisers, postpone­ JAIPUR, Dec 15 (PTI) waters^ of^ the lagoons. During to restore popular rule in Punjab or
25. Chanakya Puri P.O. 26. Laxmi Nagar P.O. Mr Mishra asked the Prime Minister ment of realisation of loan arrears, said it would contest for the seate The Rajasthan High Court has
27. Parliament Street H.O. 28. Eastern Court P.O. reserved for Asia. This was seen by low-tiderone can walk over to the enter in dialogue with the terrorists
to set up a high level enquiry into continued gratuitious relief to far­ admitted a writ petition seeking a ban was bound to be counter-productive.
DEPARTMENT OF POSTS mers until the next crop season, grant Indian diplomats as going back on a on the "anti-sati padayatra" of the other two islets of. the group.
several lapses. In his letter, he said
POST MASTER GENERAL the Bihar Government claimed to of consumer loan to farmers and ‘gentleman s agreement" reached be­ Arya Samaj leader. Swami Agnivesh,
DELHI CIRCLE have spent Rs 140 crore on flood facilities of safe drinking water. tween the two countries. from Delhi to Deorala. OFFICE OF THE MEDICAL SUPERINTENDENT
davp710(270)/87 NEW DELHI-110001 _____ A division bench, comprising the
DIS-1656/87-D acting Chief Justice. Mr Guman Mai LOK NAIK JAI PARKASH NARAIN HOSPITAL


‘Pak can make 3 N- bombs a year5 Lodha and Justice Pana Chand Jain,
posted the case for next hearing on
December 17 and ordered that
NEW YORK, Dec 15 (PTI) ists in Congress and elsewhere admit ican-made F-16 aircraft for delivery notices be issued to the state govern­
DELHI ADMINISTRATION: Amidst reports that Pakistan is that they have been successfully out­ of nuclear weapons. However, India ment and Swami Agnivesh in this NO TICE
C. P. 0. BUILDING: building a second uranium enrich­ manoeuvred in their attempts to put
brakes on Pakistan’s nuclear prog­
has over 270 advanced aircraft that
have similar capability, he adds. However, the court declined to
ment plant, an American expert esti­
KASHMERE GATE: DELHI. mates that it is already in a position ramme which is generally seen as Another leading American non­ send the court messenger for serving
notice to Swami Agnivesh and the
Staff Nurse Mercy MatheW proceeded on Maternity leave upto
17.6.87 which was sanctioned to her. Further sherequested to extend
to produce one to three atomic geared towards weapons production, proliferation expert, Mr Leonard
Applications are invited from Indian Nationals for recruitment of bombs abbually. according to US media reports.^ Spector is quoted in the same news­ petitioner, Mr Bhagirath Singh her leave upto 30.11.87 vide applications dated 20.7.87 and 18.9.87.
about 150 Enumerators on daily wages basis (purely on temporary The report about a second Pakista­ paper as saying that by the end of Shekhawat, a local advocate and an
basis) for deployment on the work for conducting census of “A resounding defeat for non- activist of the Dharma Raksha Sami-
ni uranium enrichment plant at Gol- proliferation" that is how one key 1990 India could have enougH pluto­
Industrial units in the Union Territory of Delhi. ra, near Islamabad, in London’s nium not subject to international ti. The court ordered that special vered with the postal authorities remarks that 'Adressee out of
The Enumerators will be required to do door to door survey work Congressional source is said tb have arrangements be made for serving station. Present address not available same returned to sender.'
“Financial Times” was published described the Senate’s decision on safeguards for 35 to 115 nuclear
and collect the requisite information during normal working hours hours before the US senate approved weapons, depending on the operating the notice. Now, therefore, the said Mercy Mathew,/Staff nurse is informed
(9.30 A.M. to 6.00 P.M.) for six days in a week. aid resumption to Pakistan. Mr Shekhawat argued that Swami through this notice that if she fails to report for duty within 10 days of
on Friday night a new six-year waiver In the controversy and concern level of its reactors and the sophis­
The applicant should be atleast graduate with Statistics or for Pakistan of key nuclear non­ tication of its weapons design. Agnivesh was making the "padayat- the publication of this notice, the proceedings for termination of her
Economics or Mathematics or Commerce from recognised Universi­ surrounding Islamabad’s nuclear ra" when the issue has already died services shall be initiated against her.
proliferation law. programme, According to Mr Spector, India
ty. However, preference will be given to the experienced and The waiver allows resumption of could deploy a number of aircraft- down and an anti-sati law had been
post-graduates. also received a enacted to further his "vested politic­
US military and economic aid to attention in the US Congress and deliverable weapons in a matter of
The age limit is 30 years. However, it will be relaxable in case of Pakistan despite American concerns months. al interests”.
SC/ST and other special categories of persons. Reservation for media. That is what the pro-Pakistani
special categories of persons shall also be given as per rules.
over it nuclear programme. lobby has been striving for. However, the evidence that India
has been working on weapons design
Jan M orcha appoints (Dr. P. K. KAKAR)
America’s nuclear non-prolifera­ Mr Gary Milholin, a nuclear non­ Medical Superintendent
Selected candidate shall be paid daily wages @ Rs 40/- per day. is sparse, say Mr Spector and Mr
They will not be paid any TA/DA over and above the same for full job.
tion experts have viewed the Senate
decision with concern. They have
proliferation specialist, is quoted «n
Warren Donnelly, nuclear specialist
district conveners
The period of employment is expected to be about 89 days. the daily “Christian Science Moni­ Express News Service
voiced hopes that the waiver would tor" as saying that India could pro­ at the US Congressional Research
Interested persons should submit their applications in the Service. JB IS 1659/87D.
following format: . be shortened and conditions of aid to duce enough plutonium for up to NEW DELHI. Dec 15
Pakistan tightened when the proposal twenty bombs a year. Pakistan could American officials reportedly con­ Mr Ram Dhan. national convener
1. Name of Applicant clude that Pakistan has most of the
2. Father's Name is taken up by a joint conference of make one to three bombs yearly, of Jan Morcha, has nominated 18
3. Date of birth
4. Address
Senate and House of Representatives
according to him.
Mr Milholin says that Pakistan
elements needed for a nuclear device
and could make the rest in a short
district conveners of the Morcha in '
Uttar Pradesh. This was stated in a
period, according to Mr Spector.
5. Educational Qualification
6. Experience, if any
Nuclear non-proliferation special- could theoretically use its 38 Amer­ press statement released on Tuesday.
Following are the names of the ELECTRICITY BOARD
Bhopal court verdict
.7. Whether belongs to SC/ST/Ex- :
8. Employment Exchange No., if :
regd. with Employment Ex­
tom orrow Gorbachev: Too early conveners: Mr Budhpal singh. MLA.
for Bullandshahr. Mr Sachindanand
Vajpayi, MLA, for Unnao, Mr
Raghuraj Prasad Tewari', for Bhar- j
BHOPAL, Dec 15 (UNI). aich, Mr Harvansh Verma, for Kheri,
change in Delhi.
9. Any other information which :
merit his/her in selection Signature of candidate
The Bhopal district court whieh is
hearing the Union Carbide com­
pensation suit, on Tuesday fixed
to talk of better ties
MOSCOW, Dec 15 (AP) negotiations to cut both sides’ long-
Mr Ram Singh, for Sultanpur, Mr |
Raghunath Rai. for Ghazipur. Mr ;
Krishnavir Singh' Yadav. for ; SCOPE OF WORK Design. Manufacture inspection and supply to site Erection,
Thursday (December 17) to decide Badayun, Mr Uday Vir Singh j testing and commissioning and carrying out of acceptance tests at site ot air
range nuclear missiles by 50 per cent.
Candidates who are eligible and willing to apply may submit the question of interim relief to vie-: US-Soviet relations are improving Before and during the summit, the Rathore, for Etah, Mr Deepak | compressors as per specification Detailed scope has been described in the
their applications by 22.12.87 positively in person, addressed to the tims of the gas tragedy. somewhat, but disagreement over the specification
Commissioner of Industries, Delhi Administration, Delhi, to the “Star Wars" missile defence prog­ Soviets toned down their criticism of Kumar, MLA, for Muzaffamagar.
In his order, the district judge, M r; “Star Wars," in what was taken as a Mr Jaideep Singh Brar. MLA, for |
Supdt. (Admn.), Office of the Commissioner of Industries, CPO M. W. Deo, said he had earlier fixed ramme could spoil it all, Soviet lead­ possible sign that the Soviets were Bareilly city, Mf Narendra Singh, ,
SE (D) TTPP-21
Rs 300 - Within Tamil Nadu
Building, Kashmere Gate, Delhi-6. Tuesday for filing written submis­ er Mikhail S. Gorbachev said. shifting their position. MLA, for Bareilly rural, Mr Syed Ali I Rs 330 - Outside Tamil Nadu
.Interview of the candidates who apply within the stipulated sions of the arguments by the Gov­ The Soviet leader went on nation­
Some analysts said the Soviets Ashrafi MLA. for Pilibhit, Mr Ram I ESTIMATED COST Rupees 57 Lakhs only
period shall be held at following dates at CPO Building, Kashmere ernment and the Union Carbide. The wide television for 7.0 minutes on appeared to be betting that the Un­ Kunwar Singh, for Azamgarh, j EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT Rupees 57.000- only
Gate, Delhi, for which they are advised to appear for interview: written submissions were filed by Monday night to tell Soviet citizens
1. Candidates having their names alphabet A to G to appear on about his three-day summit meeting ited States would find the programme Mohammed Aslam Khan. MLA. for ■ DUE DATE AND TIME FOR RECEIPT
both the parties
i on Tuesday while Mr too technically difficult to deploy or Saharanpur rural, Mr Amar Singh, OF TENDER
29.12.87 Vibhuti Jha, lawyer for the interven- in Washington last week. too expensive. for Saharanapur city, Mr Bhudar TIME FOR OPENING OF TENDER
2. Candidates having their names alphabet H to N to appear on Zahrili Gas Kaand Sangharash He and US President Ronald
Gorbachev said “definite circles” Narayan Mishra, for Kanpur rural,
30.12.87 Morcha — had filed his submittion Reagan signed an agreement to eli­ in the United States and Western Mr Virendra Nath Dixit, MLA, for Copy of Specification can be obtained either in person or by post by remitting
3. Candidates having their names alphabet O to Z to appear on on Saturday demanding at least Rs minate the two , superpowers’ Europe were trying to stop super Kanpur city, Mr Anand Prakash the cost either by cash or by Money Order to the CHIEF INTERNAL AUDIT
31.12.87. 1,000 crore as interim releif to the gas medium-range nuclear missiles. power relations from improving too Gautam, for Barabanki. OFFICER/Tamil Nadu Electricity Board I Floor N.P K R R Maaligai. 800. Anoa
No separate correspondence will be made in this regard. Gorbachev cited the treaty and Salai. Madras-600 002 noting the specification No and sending the cash receipt or
Attested copies of Educational Qualification in d certificate o f age Meanwhile, Union Carbide Cor­ what he said are changing American CPI(M -L) leaders Money Order receipt as the case may be to the Superintending Engineer Design/
and certificate of belonging to SC/ST and ex-serviceman persons. poration also filed a reply to Mr Jha’s attitudes toward the Soiet Union as Gorbachev said he and Reagan
TTPP/11 floorEastern Wmg 800, Anna Salai. Madras-600 002 with a requisition
alongwith one passport size photo may also be attached with the indications that relations between the furnishing the complete postal address
submissions opposing the demand for spent most of their time in Washing­ meet VP Singh Tenders received from those who have not purchased the specification will not
Rs 1,000 crore interim relief. The ton discussing cuts in their strategic be opened The Board will not be responsible for the loss of the copy ot
UCC said the quantum of interim Express News Service
arsenals, which make up about 95 per specification tender or lor the delay in postal transit
relief should not be taken into damental improvement, and differ­ cent of their nuclear weapons. NEW DELHI. Dec 15 Copies ot specification wifi not be available tor sale on the due dale for receipt of
as neither the Government ences over the Strategic Defence Even though the agreement signed A delegation of the Central Com­ tenders
S d/- nor the interveners had made such Initiative. Reagan's plan for a space-
based anti-missile system, could in Washington accounts for only ab­ mittee of CPI(ML), comprising Mr II Floor.
Dy. Director of Industries (A) demands earlier. out 4 per cent of the superpowers' Sadhan Sarkar and Dr Yatendra N.P K.R R. Maaligai.
Directorate of Industries, Delhi Admn., Delhi Referring to the intervener’s point block further progress. nuclear weapons, it is very important Kumar, meet Jan Morcha leaders, Telex 041-7261
■out UCC insurance cover of > 200 Gorbachev appeared to take issue
with Reagan’s assessment that SDI because about 5 per cent is enough to Mr V P Singh and Mr Ram Dhan, on DIPR/IOI VOC B7 aspco AIG-6151/87
million, the UCC said it should'be destroy all life on earth, he said. Tuesday.
-DIS/tff58/8? D J ignored would no longer block progress on

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