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Internship Offer Letter

Date: 03.05.2019
Name Shishir Maurya
Address: Lovely Professional University Chandigarh

Dear ( Shishir Maurya S/o ):

I am pleased to confirm your acceptance of an internship position as (Executive) in the (Neev Team) at
a pay rate (3500) of (per month 9AM to 5PM). Your first day of the work will be (26-05-2018). Your
duties and assignments for this position will be those described to you in your orientation with (Work
Assignments). Delay or failure in finishing of Work Assignment will levy a penalty of 2000 INR per
month. This is deductible from your aforesaid stipend. Your period of Internsip is 40 days from 26-05-
This offer is contingent upon completion of a physical examination, including a drug screen, and
completion of employment processing procedures, as well as a criminal and/or financial background
check. Please report to the Neev Team at (12 PM) on (26-05-2019) with the appropriate documents
and completed forms. Salaries are counted till 24th of Each month and given only on 1st to 4th of NEXT
MONTH. Outstation allowance or a JOB OFFER is given differently if needed.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. We are very pleased that you have decided to
join (Neev Team). We look forward to seeing you on (26-05-2019) and offer a very warm welcome.
The internship period is for 3 months. You will be given a completion certificate only if you fully
complete 3 months. The 500/- per month Deducted will be given to you along with your certificate.
We welcome you to learn, earn and enjoy. Your stipend is governed by attendance on time and work.
We will promptly award you once you do good work or bring work for Neevinternational. In case we
do not receive any revert from your college or you before 8th May 2019 your INTERNSHIP letter will
be cancelled.


Acceptance Signature
(Rohit Kapoor)

Note :- For ladies only 2 leaves are given as paid leaves per month besides SUNDAYS. These has to be
inclusive of holidays or told via email. Late coming, Making excuses, Bad Behaviour will terminate this letter
without any amount settled. Do note that you are responsible for a good atmosphere. A good atmosphere
and behavious is must for a healthy and wealthy life. For gents 1 leave is given as paid leave per month besides
regular holidays. Leaves are to be emailed. More leaves may result in termination. . Termination amount is
never settled if you are leaving us in between, with one year or less time. After one year you may give 3
months’ notice if your intention seem to change.