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Construct the most appropriate question for each of the answer given.
Worksheet Week 10

1. Question: why did you apply for this job?

Answer: I would love to become an expert in biochemistry. It has always been my

dream to work on innovations in this field, as I consider it as something

significant in building a better future for our nation. I will do all I can to

accomplish my goal. Actually, after doing some research on a number of high-

ranking organisations, I believe that working at your company fits into my plan

perfectly, for it would be another step towards reaching my goal one day.

2. Question: introduce yourself, please.

Answer: My name is Malaika, I am 23 years old, passionate about medicine, especially

neurology. I consider it as my personal calling to help to cure people with

neurological diseases. I have two family members who have these diseases,

and that is the strongest reason why I am so close to this field. I spend my

free time learning about it, and I also try to do some non-profitable activities in

this field such as visiting patients with these serious illnesses.

3. Question: why did we have to accept you?

Answer: Sir, if you look at my achievements, I always strive to be the best, and I have

won a lot of competitions. In addition to that, as you can see in these pictures,

I always run in my school jersey. In my speeches for local media, I have

always appraised the institution and the trainers. I believe that I can really

help in building an excellent reputation for your company if I get a chance to

work here.

Construct possible answers for the given questions.

1. Question: Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Answer: as to answer your question, I would like to see myself ten years from now is a

very successful person with full of dedication and motivation. I also maybe had my own

company and sustain in this field.

2. Do you plan to look for other job if you are given a better offer?

Answer: yes, I will because it will increase my motivation to keep going and to increase

my knowledge, also my performance.

3. How do you plan to improve our company?

Answer: there are several plans that I have made before I came here and I had done

some research that related to your company. We can increase the profit of this company

by increase the productivity and also we can change the management, maybe 10

months every year.