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Prof. Rajan V. Patel Assistant Ishwar B. Jadhav,Sumit V. Jha, Anand G. Jaiswal.

Professor, Department of Students ,
Electrical Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering
Guru Gobind Singh College of Engineering & Research Guru Gobind Singh College of Engineering & Research
Center, Nashik Center, Nashik

Abstract— In today’s world of technology and due to interested in controlling certain time varying, non-linear
speed running industries, the production rate has increased process.
tremendously. Generally, manufacturing industries keep
manufacturing same models with little variation in height, Automation is one of flourishing field in today’s
colour, weight, shape. And here sorting plays an important world and it has become the backbone of control engineering.
role. In such cases industries can’t bare human errors for PLC are the most efficient and widely used tools in industrial
sorting these products. Thus it become necessary to develop automation. With the rapid development in technology, the
Low Cost Automation (LCA) for sorting these products in more focus is on selection of application oriented Controllers
accurate manner. Industrial automation mainly focuses on and tools. For using digital I/O’s it becomes easy and efficient
developing automations having low cost, low maintenance, to use PLC.
long durability and to make systems user friendly as possible.
Finally, here we have developed a LCA system for sorting the Programmable Logic Controller is type of Control
light weight objects on the basis of height variation using DC Logic controller and product Siemens of as well as Siemens
geared motors which is controlled by Programmable Logic software in lab which is used for our project. The Object
Controller (PLC) and the conveyor in the system passes the sorting system uses the PLC Siemens for the purpose of
object in front of sensors and thus sorting logic is decided. Automation. This automation technique is been accomplished
Key Words: Automation, Programmable Logic using an Interfacing Panel which is consisting of relays and
Controller, Low Cost Automation, Manufacturing, Sorting electronic circuits. The automatic sorting system has been
reported to be complex and a global problem. This is because
of the inability of sorting machines to incorporate flexibility
in their design concept. at the same time move objects
automatically to the basket as defined by the regulation of the
The primary goal of the control engineering is to distill and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) with a IR sensor to
apply knowledge about how to control process so that detect a value range of objects.
resulting control system will reliably safely achieve high
performance. Over recent years, PLC has emerged as
practical alternative to classical control schemes when one is

7. Base Board
The control system arrangement of the proposed
8. Switching Mode Power Supply(SMPS)
operation of the belt conveyor system, which makes the
sorting material to appear in series. The conveyor belt receives II. SOFTWARE
the signal from IR proximity sensor in order to actuate and
process the program logic and at the same time to run the
1. Compiler: Keil-uVision3
conveyor to work as intended. The conveyor belt actuates as
soon as an object is placed on it. The object is then transported 2. Programming languages: assembly

to the area of the detecting sensor activated by the PLC.


1. Flexible control, change any industrial process by

modifying the program.
2. Maintenance and the discovery of faults in the PLC
system are easily seen on the PLC screen.
3. Small size.
4. Instant monitoring system.
5. Low cost
6. PLCs can be used in commercial and residential to
It then sends a signal to the double acting cylinder to push solve the complex switching requirements.
the object into the appropriate compartment for storage. The 7. High efficiency: the sorting speed can be very high.
8. High precision: the margin of error can be reduced
output of the system consists of three parts, (1) size A , (2) size
to great extent.
B and (3) size C The behavior of the conveyor belt determines 9. Good quality and low failure rate with long life.
the output. The sensor sends the signal to the control system 10. Reliable operation and maintenance.
11. Automatically Sorting the object .
that eventually sorts the object into their different categories 12. Time saving and efficient.
based on the sensor positions. This is to get the desired 13. Less manual work.
14. Decrease in total manufacturing cost.
position when the motor serves as the kickoff, and rotate 15. Easy analysis.
objects or specimens to the belt and place it on a desired point 16. Improves productivity.
on the conveyor for the double acting actuators to push the
object to the desired compartment.
Thus, from our work we have learned about, how to sort an
object based on the height of the particular object. This sorting
will be very useful in the industries were the size is considered
1. Programmable Logic Controller(PLC)
as important parameter. The sorting process is an important
2. Conveyor
process by which we can easily differentiate an object. In
3. DC Gear Motor some industries, sorting plays a major role so that by sorting a
4. IR Sensor particular object, they may get a very huge profit. The sorting
process also reduces the human effort in the food industries.
5. Transformer
The food industry mainly utilizes the sorting process. So the
automatic sorting helps to increase the particular sorting in a
reduced time.


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