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CMA Executive Program

If you plan to enrol in the CMA Executive Program, contact our
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Certified Management Accountants of Alberta

300, 1210 – 8 Street SW
Calgary, AB T2R 1L3

P: 403.269.5341 or toll-free 1.877.CMA.2000

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Lead the leaders The Executive Program is split into two
The CMA Executive Program is for senior-level executives phases: the Foundation Phase and the
who are shaping the future of their organizations. Dynamic, Application Phase.
intensive and highly rigorous, the program offers a unique
forum where business-changing ideas come to life. Explore
the evolving role of senior management executives who
Foundation Phase
are leading business and gain the ultimate competitive In this phase, participants work on increasing their
technical training in core accounting areas, including:
advantage: a CMA designation.
With a CMA designation, combined with executive-level • Performance Management
experience, graduates of the program are equipped with
a powerful skill set that integrates logic, calculation and
• Performance Measurement PHASE
analysis with innovation, imagination and creativity to • Financial Resource Management ONE
produce powerful results. Kara Claypool, CMA
• Financial Reporting
Executive Vice President
• Risk Management Jugo Juice
What to expect
The CMA Executive Program is one academic year in length, Participants with a Canadian Chartered Accounting
occurring from September until June. The program involves (CA) designation, Certified General Accountant
independent study as well as five interactive sessions that occur (CGA) designation, PhD in accounting, or those who
across the Prairies. The interactive sessions bring together a have successfully completed the CMA Accelerated
carefully selected cohort of senior-level executive leaders who Program within the last three years, are exempt
represent diverse industries. from Phase One.

Program qualifications Application Phase

To be eligible for the CMA Executive Program, applicants The Application Phase further explores strategic
must have: management accounting concepts examined
in Phase One through case studies and group
• an undergraduate degree from a recognized post-secondary discussions as they relate to executive leadership,
institution; and management and strategic thinking.

• a minimum of five years of senior-level experience as a

strategic management professional.
Participants are individually assessed on their
contributions in the interactive sessions and
TWO Take charge of your future today
on applied management reports. They are also If you are interested in the CMA Executive Program, contact the
Program cost
assessed on teamwork through written case CMA Alberta office at: 403.269.5341 or toll-free 1.877.CMA.2000.
The cost of the program is $19,000*. Travel expenses are not
submissions and oral presentations. To learn more, visit
covered in the program fee.
*All costs subject to change.