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Your research paper, and the resulting thesis statement, must be an ARGUABLE issue. Be
prepared to present the actual findings of your research convincingly even if you discover that
your findings differ from your personal opinions. Remember, research is objective and not a
“soap box” for personal views. The following topics have been divided by subject:


 Withholding the truth from dying  Should schools determine what is

patients learned?
 Limits to confidentiality  Does a common curriculum promote
 Involuntary commitment equality?
 Organ donation  Home-schooling
 Access to experimental drugs for  Measurement-driven instruction
dying patients  Mainstreaming: beneficial to all?
 How to achieve literacy for all?
CRIME AND CRIMINOLOGY  How can the government make
 Is criminal behavior biologically teacher’s profession become more
determined? appealing?
 Street crime vs. white-collar crime:  How can we modernize education to
which is more serious? make it more appealing?
 Is the criminal system racist?  What are advantages and
 Plea-bargaining disadvantages of home-schooling?
 Does arrest reduce domestic  Is present educational system
violence? capable of creating geniuses?
 Execution of juveniles  The importance of multilingual
DEATH PENALTY  Do grades do justice to students’
 The death penalty for minors
 The death penalty for the mentally ENVIRONMENT
 Televised executions  Does the wilderness have intrinsic
 The death penalty as a deterrent value?
 The relationship between race and  Is there a cancer epidemic due to
the death penalty. industrial chemicals in the
 Women and the death penalty environment?
 Global warming
 Mandatory national service
 Minimum wage  Women in combat
 Is the middle class shrinking?  Career vs. family
 Euthanasia – an assisted suicide? o Short- and long-term affects
 How can research help cure AIDS? o Emotional aspects
 Are there effective ways to prevent  College vs. career
cancer?  Major causes of juvenile crime
 How do fats positively affect human
body and mind? Topics on Business

MASS MEDIA  How can one turn a business idea

into a successful startup?
 Does mass media shape Filipino  How can creative marketing increase
values? the sales?
 Privacy in the Information Age  Does taxation aim to kill small
 Advertising: is it ethical? businesses?
 Effective time management for big
MORALITY and small teams.
 Animal rights  Is multitasking a productive method
 Do rich nations have an obligation of work?
to help poor nations?  What are minimum wages around
the world? Should The Universal
POLITICS Declaration of Human Rights control
 Is a world government possible or
desirable? Topics on Social Issues

PSYCHOLOGY  How do social media influence

interpersonal communication?
 Is behavior determined by biological
 How can team sports affect social
 Alcoholism as a disease: fact or
 LGBT tolerance around the world.
 Global citizenship: pros and cons.
TEEN ISSUES  How to deal with social anxiety?
 How can one defend privacy issues
 Adolescent health problems on Facebook and other social media?
 Communications between parents  How to stop bullying in schools?
and teens
 Adolescent marriages
 Teen pregnancy:
o Emotional aspects
o Psychological stresses
o Short- and long-term affects
o Socio-economic aspects
 Spending/purchasing power of teens
 Teenage alcoholism:
o Socio-economic aspects