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Critical Item History - ALL

Name of Est Nature Business Street City/Town Permit

Critical Item Description Inspected By
Date C I Marked Follow-up Date LAG Time:
Designated Employee: Beard
Captain D's #3737 Food Service Establishment 15434 Highway 43 Russellville 33-FS-1367 Beard

38 several spray bottles of toxic items labeled incorrectly-3 day notice given-abated 5/1/2019 5/6/2019 5

Slickrock Camp Store Limited Retail 170 Slickrock Cam Russellville 33 LR 1488 Beard

38 various toxic items stored over single service articles,-abated by moving to an approved location 4/30/2019 4/30/2019 0

Waffle House #2186 Food Service Establishment 14005 Highway 43 Russellville 33FS-2143 Beard

27 no drying device at the rear handsink-10 day notice and sink supplied 5/1/2019

07 prep unit holding ham chopped and sliced ham, sliced tomato, chopped lettuce, etc at 61-62, 5/1/2019
eggs sitting out at 71-72, (not time)-3 day notice, food discarded

Designated Employee: Warner

El Quetzal Buena Vista Bakery/ Food Service Establishment 118 E. Franklin St. Russellville 33-FS-2004 Warner

16 melted plastic bowl-- 4/30/2019

Kelly's Kitchen Food Service Establishment 17901 Hwy 43 Russellville 33FS-2155 Warner

6 sausage out of temp-- 4/30/2019

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