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20101208 Aho Cap Conese. CONSTRUCTION CAMP RULES AND REGULATIONS For Construction Camp Accommodations “Approved by the BUILDING TRADES OF ALBERTA. CONSTRUCTION LABOUR RELATIONS ~ an ALBERTA ASSOCIATION 2010 - 2018 200102018 Aer Came Canepa > CAMP RULES AND REGULATIONS TABLE OF CONTENTS ARTICLE I - INTENTION OF THE PARTIES. ARTICLE Il - SCOPE OF AGREEMENT ovosensnninnsnsnn 3 ARTICLE III - CAMP ACCOMMODATIONS SITE..... ARTICLE IV - INSPECTION AND APPROVAL. ARTICLE V - ANNUAL REVIEW COMMITTEE MEETING. anaaane ARTICLE VI - CAMP STRUCTURES... ARTICLE VII - LIVING ACCOMMODATION .... ARTICLE VIII - LIVING ACCOMODATION WASHROOM UNIT... ARTICLE IX - RECREATIONAL FACILITIES... en ARTICLE X - CAMP ACCOMMODATIONS COMMISSARY 10 ARTICLE XI - CATERING SPECIFICATIONS. snared ARTICLE XI - CAMP ACCOMMODATIONS DISPUTES RESOLUTION PROCEDURE.15 ARTICLE XIII - DURATION 17 ARTICLE XIV - CAMP ACCOMMODATIONS CONDUCT AND PROCEDURAL RULES CERTIFICATE OF APPROVAL... 20 SIGNATORY PAGE. 7 et 2 APPENDIX A - Issue Resolution Process for Non-Signatory Camps. 2 20100218 AbetCamp Condon page ABBREVIATIONS: In the body ofthis Agreement two abbreviations are used. They are identified as follows: BIA Building Trades of Alberta CLR-A Construction Labour Relations -an Alberta Associaton, ARTICLE I - INTENTION OF THE PARTIES 101 “The pupae of this Agreement is ta promote unionized constmction and outlise the camp accommodations rules, regulations and standards that shall apply on camp accommodations jobs. This Agreement has been prepared to promote ‘harmonious relations between the Parties; to eliminate unnecessary expense, work stoppages or delays arising from this Agreement, and to facilitate the peacefil Scusment ofall hpstes and gevances. In all instances, pliable legion as it may affect relocatable industrial accommodation will be 0. ARTICLE Il - SCOPE OF AGREEMENT 201 “This Agreement shall apply to Building Trades of Alberta Unionized Constretin Camp accommodations in the Province of Alberta where the Parties 10 4 Collective Agreement have incorporated these Camp Accommodations Rules ard Regulations by reference into ther Collective Agreement, This Agreement does not apply to Hotels, Motels, Ins, Lodges Bed and Breakfasts, or other facilites ‘covered by the Innkeepers Act of Albert, Its understood that eamp accommodation thet are owned or leased by a provider of eamp accomodations that snot Party to a Collective Agreement as described in the paragraph above, will only be covered by the tems ofthis agreement hese Sich Camp Accommodations Provider agrecs Yo apply these conditions and only to the extent that they have agreed to apply the specifications herein. A providet of camp accommodations tht does agree to abide by the terms of this Agrecmeat land whose eamp accommodations mets or exceeds these camp accommodstiors Specifications will be provided with a cerificete indicating that ther camp accommodations are approved by the BTA ~ CLR. Camp Review Commitee (hereinafter referred to as the “Review Committee"). This certificate may be rescinded by the Review Committe if the camp’ accommodations provider refuses to allow for camp accommodations inspections as specified in ths ‘agreement or in accordance with Clause 12.04 ofthis agreement. ‘A aon-signatory Camp Accommodations Provider that Goes not agree to abide by the terms of this agreement will have aay disputes involving members of & Building. Trades Union living in that faity resolved under the processes stipulated in Appendix A ofthis Agroement, 202 Both Paes to this Agreement acknowledge thatthe promotion of unionized cimecon pum a Gta slr tan cond ‘alatons fo this Agreement may be acoqtable.” Upon receipt of roest ‘aravsjo tis Aen eRe Commis it on 1) day fvao the applicants. Agreement fo. requested “vanalions shall tot ‘mretsondhy Withheld andthe Ravcw Conmitce sal css revant fos {ncluing bu ot limited othe following i Teawooablenes ofthe variation requested, ii ature ofthe project and