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There is a disagreement with two students on how many planets are in the solar system. Student
AQ claims there are 8 planets and Student B claims there are 12 planets. What is some evidence
to support each claim?
a. Answer: there are 8 planets in our solar system but if you count the dwarf planets then there
are 12.So both right in a way.

2. On which planet would you weigh the least? What is your evidence to prove this?
a. Answer: on mars because that planet it has smallest mass in our solar system
3. How does the mass of our planet compare to the other inner planets?
i. Venus is roughly 90% of earth’s mass, mars is 11%, Mercury is 5.4%.
4. Dr. Grumbles claims that it is colder during the winter because Earth is farther from the sun.
Provide evidence to prove him right or wrong?
a. Answer: it is colder during winter because one side of the earth is not facing the sun so it is
colder. Dr grumbles is wrong. It depends on the angle of the earth
5. How does the path of the sun in the sky change during seasons?

a. Short in winter and long in summer

6. How would seasons on Uranus be different from Earth?
a. Answer: Uranus is farther away from the sun so it is much more colder over there.
b. There is no sun in winter and no darkness in spring

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