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Literary Essay Rubric --

Concerns Criteria
Evidence of Exceeding
Areas that Need Work Standards for Lit Essay

Overall (2 pts.):
Made a claim about a text that can be
supported by evidence from across
many parts of the story. Each part of
essay includes relevant examples,
connects to my claim, and is explained.

Lead (2 pts.):
Introduction interests readers, includes
a brief summary of the story, and fits
with the rest of essay.

Claim is clearly stated and told readers

how essay would unfold.

Transitions (4 pts.):
Used transitions to help connect claim
to evidence and to lead into reasoning.

Ending (2 pts.):
Conclusion restates important points
and offers final insight or implications
(Why is this important?)

Organization (2 pts.):
Essay is organized into sections.
Reasons and evidence are arranged
purposefully. Order of sections and
internal structure makes sense.

For each reason, essay includes a
variety of examples from the text,
including summaries and specific
quotes. (6 pts.)

Examples are explained and support the

claim. (reasoning --4 pts.)

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Craft (6 pts.):
Essay includes concrete, specific details
from the story. Background
information is included to help explain.
Words are chosen carefully.

Spelling (2 pts.):
Spelling is correct, especially names and
places. Capitalization is correct.

Punctuation & Sentence Structure (2

Used punctuation correctly, including
dashes, parentheses, and quotation

points 32 points points

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