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Feby Meylin Kezia

My name is Feby Meylin Kezia. I was born in a city dubbed the city of Serasan Sekundang on
February 29, 2000, my height is 150cm, I really like red and black. I am very grateful to be born in the
midst of a simple family that loves me. Since I was little, I lived with my parents and my brother, but
at the age of 12 I had to stay separate from my parents because I attended another city I live with
my sister and my cousin. At first I felt sad because I had to stay far away from my parents but over
time I got used to it and I became an independent person.

During elementary school, I like to dance and also participate in dancing competitions with my
friends. When my junior high school and my friends had won championship in dancing several times,
I also took part in basketball and paskibraka extracurricular activities. When my high school went to
6th grade senior high school at the time of admission, I got a ranking of 2 out of several hundred
students who took the test to enter the school and I was majoring in science. In high school I joined
the futsal extracurricular a number of times as well my high school and my team won championships
in futsal matches. I also got the best player trophy. It made me very happy. After graduating from
high school I chose to study at the Bina Darma Palembang campus. I chose the Information Systems