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Impact of the Processes of the Hydrologic Cycle


Process Increase in Rate Decrease in Rate

Evaporation a) Farmers rely on water for

their crops to survive. If
there’s an increase in the
quantity of condensation,
possible result is that
there’ll be also frequent
rainfall. Too much rainfall
can be harmful that may
cause crops to die and
farmers will lose their
Frequent occurrence of
rain due to the increase in
the rate of condensation
can lead to flooding. This
results to several impacts
like loss of property,
disruption of electricity,
destruction of crops and
loss of livestock.
b) Increase in the rate of
condensation can also
affect the environment. If
there’s a lot of water
present in the soil or
ground it can cause soil
erosion. Soil erosion
removes the topmost layer
of soil, which is the most
fertile and most productive
part of any soil. When the
top layer is removed, the
soil’s ability to store water
and other nutrients are
reduced. Soil erosion
harms the soil’s capacity of
growing plants and crops.

c) Continuous rainfall
happens if the evaporation
rate increases.
Infrastructures such as
dams can be damaged or
collapsed because the
water erodes the river bed
beneath the dam.

Condensation a) Condensation allows a) The rate of

water to fall to the ground condensation decreases
in the form of precipitation. will lead to very dry
If the rate of condensation seasons. This then
increases, the more water results to food shortages
will spread widely, because crops take
allowing plants and animals longer to mature. Less
to access more water. condensation, water
Farmers rely on the remains in gaseous
condensation to water their form. Gaseous water is
crops so they can depend not suitable for animals.
less on irrigation.
b) Condensation is very b) If there is less
important to our weather condensation there’s
and climate because it is also small chance of
what responsible for cloud precipitation to happen
formation. Clouds warm or and as well as cloud
cool Earth’s atmosphere by formation. This results to
absorbing heat emitted slow regulation of the
from the surface. If there is flow of radiant energy
an increase in into and out of Earth’s
condensation, cloud climate. Thus, there will
formation will also be direct heat of solar
increase. radiation from the
Earth’s surface resulting
to hot weather or
Infiltration a) If there is an increase in
b) If infiltration rate
increases the soil may not
be able to absorb too much
water. This results to
negative consequences like
soil erosion and can
waterlog plants and
vegetation thus depriving
their roots of air.
Waterlogged soils can
cause root decay.
c) Drainage of the water
occurs when there is too
much for the soil to cope
Runoff a)