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 2  CSTP:  Creating  and  Maintaining  Effective  Environments  for  Student  Learning    

Element  2.1   Emerging   Exploring   Applying   Integrating   Innovating  
Models  and   Models  fair  and  respectful   Reinforces  positive,   Develops  shared   Facilitates  student  self-­‐  
communicates   behavior.  Demonstrates   responsible,  and   responsibility  with   reflection  and  ongoing  
expectations  for  fair  and   commitment  to  fairness   respectful  student   students  for  resolving   improvement  of  the  
respectful  behavior  to   and  respect  in   interactions.  Assists   conflict  and  creating  and   caring  community  based  
support  social   communications  with   students  to  resolve   maintaining  a  caring   on  respect,  fairness,  and  
development.     students  about  language   conflicts.     classroom  community.         the  value  of  all  members.    
  and  behavior.     Incorporates  cultural   Supports  students  in    
  Seeks  to  understand   awareness  to  develop  a   taking  leadership  in    
Promoting  social       cultural  perceptions  of   positive  classroom   developing  a  caring    
Development  and     caring  community.     climate.     community  that  is   Students  take  leadership  
responsibility  within         responsive  to  the  diverse   in  resolving  conflict  and  
a  caring  community   Some  students  share  in   Students  participate  in   Students  demonstrate   cultural  norms  of   creating  a  fair  and  
where  each  student   responsibility  for  the   occasional  community   efforts  to  be  positive,   identities  of  all  students.   respectful  classroom  
is  treated  fairly  and   classroom  community.     building  activities,   accepting,  and  respectful   7/10/18   community  where  
respectfully         designed  to  promote   of  differences.   12/10/185/10/19   student’s  home  culture  is  
caring,  fairness,  and   Students  take   included  and  valued.  
  respect.   responsibility  resolving   Students  communicate  
conflicts  and  maintaining   with  empathy  and  
a  caring  classroom   understanding  in  
community.  Students   interactions  with  one  
promote  respect  and   another.  
appreciation  for    
Standard  2  CSTP:  Creating  and  Maintaining  Effective  Environments  for  Student  Learning    
  I  teach  my  students  about  
how  to  be  a  responsible  
member  of  our  classroom  
community.  Every  student  
knows  their  role  and  
responsibilities  in  helping  
our  mini  community  run  
smoothly.  Class  jobs  provide  
students  with  an  additional  
Evidence   sense  of  responsibility  to  
those  around  them.  7/10/18  
Students  participate  in  the  6  
Pillars  of  Character  Program  
where  they  learn  about  the  
character  traits  and  are  
recognized  in  the  class  and  
school  for  their  
demonstration  of  these  
traits.  7/10/18  
Standard  2  CSTP:  Creating  and  Maintaining  Effective  Environments  for  Student  Learning    
Element  2.2   Emerging   Exploring   Applying   Integrating   Innovating  
Is  aware  of  the   Experiments  with  and/or   Develops  physical   Maintains  physical   Adapts  physical  and/or  
importance  of  the   virtual  learning   environments  that  reflect   environments  that  reflect   environments  flexibly  to  
physical  and/or  virtual   environments  that   student  diversity  and   student  diversity  and   facilitate  access  to  a  wide  
learning  environments   support  student  learning.     provide  a  range  of   provides  a  broad  range  of   range  of  resources  that  
that  support  student     resources  for  learning.   resources,  displays,  and   engage  students  in  
learning.       7/10/18     artifacts  that  are  current   learning.    Ensures  that  
  Structures  for  interaction   12/10/18   and  integral  to   environments  enhance  
Is  aware  that  structured   are  taught  in  single   5/10/19   instruction.     learning  and  reflect  
interaction  between   lessons  or  sequence  of       diversity  within  and  
Creating  physical  or  
students  can  support   lessons  to  support   Utilizes  a  variety  of   Integrates  a  variety  of   beyond  the  classroom.    
virtual  learning  
learning.     student  learning.     structures  for  interaction   structures  for  interaction    
environments  that  
    during  learning  activities   that  engage  students   Selects  from  a  repertoire  
promote  student  
    that  ensures  a  focus  on   constructively  and   of  structures  for  
learning,  reflect  
    and  completion  of   productively  in  learning.   interaction  to  ensure  
diversity,  and  
    learning  tasks.  7/10/18   5/10/19     accelerated  learning  for  
    12/10/18     the  full  range  of  students.    
constructive  and  
Some  students  use   Students  use  resources     Students  routinely  use  a    
available  resources  in   provided  in  learning   Students  use  a  variety  of   range  of  resources  in   Students  participate  in  
interactions  among  
learning  environments   environments  and   resources  in  learning   learning  environments   monitoring  and  changing  
during  instruction.     interact  with  each  other   environments  and   that  relate  to  and  enhance   the  design  of  learning  
  to  understand  and   interact  in  ways  that   instruction  and  reflect   environments  and  
complete  learning  tasks  in   deepen  their   their  diversity.       structures  for  
single  lessons  or   understanding  of  the   Students  share  in   interactions.    
sequence  of  lessons.     content  and  develop   monitoring  and    
  constructive  social  and   assessment  of  
academic  interactions.   interactions  to  improve  
7/10/18  12/10/18   effectiveness  and  develop  
  a  positive  culture  for  
  learning.  5/10/19  
    I  have  many  resources   I also display a variety of  
and  displays  around  the   work in the classroom
room  to  support  student   throughout the year. I vary
learning.  Rules  and   the arrangement of
expectations  are  posted  in   Standard 2 CSTP: Creating
the  room  and  discussed   and Maintaining Effective
Evidence   often.  7/10/18   Environments for Student
The  classroom   Learning desks throughout
arrangement  provides   the year to promote
opportunities  to  work   different types of student
together  and  build  on  one   collaboration. I also have
another’s  work.  7/10/18   students gather on the
carpet or sit in circles for
different activities (Socratic
Standard  2  CSTP:  Creating  and  Maintaining  Effective  Environments  for  Student  Learning    
seminars). 5/10/19

Standard  2  CSTP:  Creating  and  Maintaining  Effective  Environments  for  Student  Learning    
Element  2.3   Emerging   Exploring   Applying   Integrating   Innovating  
Adheres  to  policies  and   Recognizes  and  addresses   Anticipates  and  reduces   Integrates  support  for   Shares  responsibility  with  
laws  regarding  safety  that   safety  issues  regarding   risks  to  physical,   students  to  take  risks  and   the  students  for  the  
are  required  by  the  site,   materials,  student   intellectual,  and   offer  respectful  opinions   establishment  and  
district,  and  state.     interactions,  and  the   emotional  safety  using   about  divergent   maintenance  of  a  safe  
Responds  to  behaviors   organization  of  the   multiple  strategies  that   viewpoints.  7/10/18   physical,  intellectual,  and  
that  impact  student  safety   learning  environments.     include  examining  biases   12/10/18   emotional  environment  
as  they  arise.       in  the  learning   5/10/19   focused  on  high  quality  
    environment  and     and  rigorous  learning.    
Establishing  and     Explores  strategies  to     Engages  in  reflection  on    
maintaining  learning     establish  intellectual  and   Models  and  provides   their  own  language  and    
environments  that     emotional  safety  in  the   instruction  on  skills  that   behavior  that  contributes    
are  physically,     classroom.     develop  resiliency  and   to  intellectual  and    
intellectually,  and       support  intellectual  and   emotional  safety  in  the    
emotionally  safe         emotional  safety.     classroom.  7/10/18   Students  demonstrate  
  Students  are  aware  of       12/10/18     resiliency  in  
required  safety   Students  follow  teacher       perseverance  for  
procedures  and  the   guidance  regarding   Students  take  risks,  offer   Students  develop  and   academic  achievement.      
school  and  classroom   potential  safety  issues  for   opinions,  and  share   practice  resiliency  skills   Students  maintain  
rational  for  maintaining   self  or  others.   alternative  perspectives   and  strategies  to  strive   intellectual  and  emotional  
safety.     7/10/18  12/10/18   for  academic   safety  for  themselves  and  
achievement,  and   others  in  the  classroom.      
establish  intellectual  and  
emotional  safety  in  the  
classroom.  5/10/19  
I  create  a  safe  classroom   I  use  clear  expectations  
environment  where   for  how  my  students  are  
students  feel  comfortable   to  treat  one  another  and  
sharing  their  feelings  and   respect  the  classroom.  I  
ideas.  They  are  learning   model  and  teach  
the  appropriate  language   constructive  ways  to  
and  way  to  express  their   communicate  with  peers.  
Evidence   thoughts.  7/10/18   7/10/18  
I have worked hard to help
my students become more
creative and effective
problem solvers in the
Standard  2  CSTP:  Creating  and  Maintaining  Effective  Environments  for  Student  Learning    
Element  2.4   Emerging   Exploring   Applying   Integrating   Innovating  
Focuses  the  rigor  of  the   Strives  for  a  rigorous   Develops  a  rigorous   Integrates  rigor   Facilitates  a  rigorous  
learning  environment  on   learning  environment   learning  environment   throughout  the  learning   learning  environment  in  
accuracy  of  answers  and   that  includes  accuracy,   that  includes  accuracy,   environment  that  values   which  students  take  
completion  of  learning   understanding,  and  the   analysis,  problem  solving,   accuracy,  analysis,  and   leadership  in  learning.      
tasks.     importance  of  meeting   and  appropriate  levels  of   critical  reading,  writing   Fosters  extended  studies,  
Is  aware  of  the   targeted  learning  goals.     challenge.     and  thinking.     research,  analysis  and  
importance  of   Works  to  maintain  high   Holds  high  expectations   Integrates  strategic   purposeful  use  of  
maintaining  high   expectations  for  students   for  students.    Has  an   scaffolds  and   learning.    
Creating  a  rigorous  
expectations  for  students.     while  becoming  aware  of   understanding  of   technologies  throughout   Supports  students  to  
  achievement  patterns  for   achievement  patterns,   instruction  that  support   utilize  an  extensive  
environment  with  
  individuals  and  groups  of   and  uses  scaffolds  to   the  full  range  of  learners   repertoire  of  
high  expectations  
  students.     address  achievement   in  meeting  high   differentiated  strategies  
and  appropriate  
    gaps.     expectations  for   to  meet  high  
support  for  all  
      achievement.  7/10/18   expectations.    
Some  students  ask  for   Some  individuals  and   Students  engage  in  a   12/10/18  5/10/19    
teacher  support  to   groups  of  students  work   variety  of  differentiated   Students  actively  use   Students  take  
understand  or  complete   with  the  teacher  to   supports  and  challenges   supports  and  challenges   responsibility  to  fully  
learning  tasks.     support  accuracy  and   in  ways  that  promote   to  complete  critical   utilize  teacher  and  peer  
  comprehension  in  their   their  accuracy,  analysis,   reading,  writing,  higher   support,  to  achieve  
learning.     and  problem  solving  in   order  thinking,  and   consistently  high  levels  of  
  learning.     problem  solving  across   factual  and  analytical  
  subject  matter.7/10/18   learning.    
12/10/18  5/10/19    
       I  teach  at  a  very  rigorous  school    
that  challenges  students  with  a  
curriculum  that  is  a  year  advance.  
I  set  high  expectations  for  my  
students  and  provide  the  needed  
scaffolding  to  help  each  child  be  
successful.  7/10/18  
Students  feel  challenged  and  have  
the  resources  they  need  to  
support  them.  7/10/18  
I  have  allowed  my  students  to  use  
the  iPads  for  First  in  Math  in  my  
classroom  to  help  them  build  
their  fluency  with  math  facts.  
Students  are  also  able  to  
participate  in  this  program  at  
home.  I  can  track  the  progress  of  
my  students  online.  12/10/18  
Standard  2  CSTP:  Creating  and  Maintaining  Effective  Environments  for  Student  Learning    
Element  2.5   Emerging   Exploring   Applying   Integrating   Innovating  
Establishes  expectations,   Develops  expectations   Uses  multiple  strategies   Integrates  equitable   Facilitates  a  positive  
rules,  and  consequences   with  some  student   including  culturally   expectations,  positive   environment  using  
for  individual  and  group   involvement.   responsive  instruction  to   supports,  and   systems  that  ensure  
behavior.     Communicates,  models   develop  and  maintain   consequences  for   students  take  an  active  
  and  explains  expectations   high  standards  for   individual  and  group   role  in  monitoring  and  
  for  individual  and  group   individual  and  group   behavior  within  and   maintaining  high  
  behavior.     behavior.     across  learning  activities.   standards  for  individual  
      7/10/18  12/10/18   and  group  behaviors.    
Refers  to  standards  for   Reviews  standards  for   Utilizes  routine   5/10/19    
Developing,   behavior  and  applies   behavior  with  students  in   references  to  standards      
communicating,  and   consequences  as  needed.     single  lessons  or   for  behavior  prior  and   Guides  and  supports    
maintaining       sequence  of  lessons  in   during  individual  and   students  to  self-­‐assess,    
high  standards  for     anticipation  of  need  for   group  work.     monitor,  and  set  goals  for    
individual  and  group     reinforcement.       individual  and  group    
behavior           behavior  and    
  Students  are  aware  of   Students  know   Students  follow  behavior   participation.  7/10/18   Students  demonstrate  
classroom  rules  and   expectations  for  behavior   expectations,  accept   12/10/18  5/10/19   positive  behavior,  
consequences.     and  consequences  and   consequences  and     consistent  participation  
  respond  to  guidance  in   increase  positive   Students  respond  to   and  are  valued  for  their  
following  them.     behaviors.     individual  and  group   unique  identities.    
      behaviors  and  encourage    
and  support  each  other  to  
make  improvements.  
7/10/18  12/10/18  
Standard  2  CSTP:  Creating  and  Maintaining  Effective  Environments  for  Student  Learning    
      I  establish  and  model  clear  roles  
and  expectations  for  students  
for  different  classroom  activities  
(centers,  class  duties,  
presentations,  group  work).  
Students  and  parents  are  aware  
of  the  behavior  plan  (class  dojo)  
and  have  goals  and  expectations  
to  meet.  7/10/18  
Students  are  encouraging  
toward  their  peers  and  are  
Evidence   happy  for  one  another  when  
they  are  rewarded.  7/10/18  
In  addition  to  class  dojo,  I  have  
implemented  "Starbucks"  (a  
class  currency)  that  
students  can  save  and  turn  in  
for  rewards.12/10/18  

Element  2.6   Emerging   Exploring   Applying   Integrating   Innovating  
Establishes  procedures,   Develops  routines,   Maintains  regular  use  of   Engages  students  in   Facilitates  student  
routines  or  norms  for   procedures,  and  norms  in   routines  and  procedures   monitoring  and  reflecting   participating  in  
single  lessons  to  support   single  lessons  or   that  are  culturally   on  routines,  procedures,   developing,  monitoring,  
student  learning.     sequence  of  lessons  with   responsive  and  engage   and  norms  in  ways  that   and  adjusting  routines  
  some  student   students  in  the   are  culturally  responsive.       and  procedures  focuses  
  involvement.     development  and   Maintains  a  quality-­‐ on  maximizing  learning.      
    monitoring  of  norms.     learning  climate  that   Classroom  climate  
      builds  on  student   integrates  school  
Employing  classroom  
      strengths.  7/10/18   standards  and  culturally  
routines,  procedures,  
  Seeks  to  promote  positive   Provides  positive   12/10/18  5/10/19   relevant  norms.    
norms,  and  supports  
Responds  to  disruptive   behaviors  and  responds   behavior  supports.          
for  positive  behavior  
behavior.     to  disruptive  behavior.     Responds  appropriately   Promotes  positive   Promotes  positive  
to  ensure  a  climate  in  
    to  behaviors  in  ways  that   behaviors  and   behaviors  and  establishes  
which  all  students  
    lessen  disruptions  to  the   consistently  prevents  or   preventions  and  a  
can  learn    
    learning  climate.     refocuses  behaviors   positive  classroom  
    Students  participate  in   disruptive  to  the  learning   climate  that  eliminate  
    routines,  procedures,  and   climate.  7/10/18   most  disruptive  behavior.    
    norms  and  receive   12/10/18  5/10/19    
    reinforcement  for      
Students  are  aware  of   Students  receive   positive  behaviors.     Students  are  involved  in    
procedures,  routines,  and   correction  for  behavior     assessment  and   Students  share  
classroom  norms.     that  interferes  with   Students  receive  timely   monitoring  of  routines,   responsibility  with  
  learning,  and  positive   and  effective  feedback   procedures,  and  norms  in   teacher  for  managing  and  
Standard  2  CSTP:  Creating  and  Maintaining  Effective  Environments  for  Student  Learning    
reinforcement  in   and  consequences  for   ways  that  improve  the   maintaining  a  positive  
following  routines,   behaviors  that  interfere   learning  climate.7/10/18     classroom  climate  that  
procedures,  and  norms.     with  learning.     12/10/18  5/10/19   promotes  learning.    
      Rules  and  expectations  are  posted  
and  referred  to  often.  Clear  
behavior  plan  and  expectations  
are  established.  7/10/18  
Students  set  and  reflect  
periodically  on  behavior  goals  in  
their  PLP.  
Students  strive  to  demonstrate  
correct  expectations  and  
Evidence   procedures  when  a  substitute  
comes  in.  7/10/18  
I  have  been  using  the  Too  Noisy  
App  to  help  the  students  manage  
their  noise  level.  This  app  is  
a  level  meter  that  tracks  the  
sound  level  in  the  classroom.  

Element  2.7   Emerging   Exploring   Applying   Integrating   Innovating  
Paces  instruction  based   Paces  instruction  with   Paces  instruction  with   Paces  instruction  to   Paces,  adjusts,  and  fluidly  
on  curriculum  guidelines.     some  consideration  of   students  to  provide   include  ongoing   facilitates  instruction  and  
Develops  awareness  of   lesson  type,  adjustments   adequate  time  for   assessment  of  student   daily  activities.  
how  transitions  and   for  sufficient  student   instruction,  checking  for   learning.    Supports    
classroom  management   work  time  and  transitions   understanding,   students  in  the    
impact  pacing  and   to  optimize  learning.     completion  of  learning   monitoring  of    
lessons.       activities  and  closure.     instructional  time.    
Using  instructional         7/10/18  12/10/18    
time  to  optimize   Some  students  complete   Students  complete   Students  participate  in   5/10/19   Students  monitor  their  
learning     learning  activities  in  time   learning  activities  and,  as   and  complete  a  variety  of     own  time,  are  engaged  in  
  allotted.     needed,  may  receive   learning  activities  in  the   Students  use  their   accomplishing  learning  
  some  adjustments  of  time   time  allotted  with  options   instructional  time  to   goals,  and  participate  in  
allotted  for  tasks  or   for  extension  and  review.   engage  in  and  complete   reflection,  self-­‐
expectations  for   7/10/18  12/10/18   learning  activities  and  are   assessment,  and  goal  
completion.       prepared  for  the  next   setting.    
  sequence  of  instruction.    
Standard  2  CSTP:  Creating  and  Maintaining  Effective  Environments  for  Student  Learning    
Students  are  taught  to   I  set  realistic  time  frames  
follow  instructions  and   to  complete  necessary  
use  time  wisely  to   tasks.  Requirements  and  
complete  tasks  in  the   expectations  are  
allotted  time.  Additional   reviewed  and  displayed  
enrichment  activities  are   on  the  board.  I  adjust  
available  to  further   lesson/time  to  meet  the  
learning  when  task  is   needs  of  students.  
completed.  7/10/18   7/10/18  
Evidence   My  students  follow  a  
“Must  Do/  Catch  up/  May  
Do”  schedule  during  
independent  work  time