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Swan Photo Labs
P.O. Box 75436
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San Clemente, CA 92673-9935
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True Black & White Film Processing & Printing 120/220

Film is processed in our state of the art computer controlled Refrema dip & dunk processor, featuring Clayton F-76+
developer. Simply the best developer we have ever used! Push and pull available. Optically printed on true black &
white silver halide Glossy or Pearl Multigrade Premium RC Paper. Each negative is individually analyzed for density
and contrast.
Qty. Processing & Printing Price Total
120/220* 645 format 1 ea. 15 exp. (4x6 print size) $19.99
120/220* 645 format 2 ea. 15 exp. (4x6 print size) $29.99
120/220* 6x7 format 1 ea. 10 exp. (4x5 print size) $14.99
120/220* 6x7 format 2 ea. 10 exp. (4x5 print size) $19.99
120/220* 6x6 format 1 ea. 12 exp. (5x5 print size) $16.99
120/220* 6x6 format 2 ea. 12 exp. (5x5 print size) $24.99
120/220 Process Only + Standard CD $12.99
120/220 Process Only + Proline Archival Enhanced Gold CD $19.99
Glossy / Pearl-(Circle One) Border / Borderless / Sloppy Borders-(Circle One)
*For 220 orders, add $1.00 per print for 1ea. and $1.70 for 2 ea.
Optional Push/Pull - in 1/8 stop increments or exact dev. time call out $4.00
Optional Additional Proof Sheet $8.95
Scanning Options in Addition to Processing and Printing
Standard CD-per roll (1024x1536 scans) $5.95
Proline Archival Gold CD-per roll (1024x1536 scans) $7.95
Proline Archival Enhanced Gold CD-per roll (2038x3088 scans) $12.95

Sales Tax
CA Residents Sales Tax 8.75%
Return Shipping
First Class Mail (1-2 rolls) $ 4.00
Priority Mail (up to 6 rolls) $ 8.00
UPS Ground (unlimited rolls) $12.00
UPS Second Day (unlimited rolls) $28.00
UPS Overnight (unlimited rolls) $38.00
Total Order:

Payment: Secure Online Prepay (See Mail-in Section of Be sure to enclose e-mail receipt with order#.)
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LIABILITY: Swan Photo Labs exercises reasonable care in handling all film,negatives,digital images,digital cards,CD’s,videos, movie films,etc..Our company,subsidiary,or agents do not assume respon- 3 digit back Visa/MC, 4 digit front AMEX
sibility for loss or damage due to mechanical or human failures which could occur due to delicate materials and process involved,including fire,theft,negligence etc.,except to replace damaged film with
unexposed film of the same kind. Dyes used in color materials may change in time. These products are not warranted against change in color or density over time. Swan Photo Labs does not warrant
that the function of digital files will meet all your requirements. No other warranty is offered,expressed or implied. 3/11