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Aya-ay, Sophia Mitz

Parian, Psyche Coleen DVM1A

1. What is technology according to Aristotle? Would you agree with his claims? Why or why
Aristotle defined both nature and technology in a way that the former restricts the latter.
According to him, technology is a matter of imitating natural things without inventing new
forms. Technology’s end is to produce things exactly as nature would have produced
them. Moreover, to complete nature is more or less the same thing with imitation. If
imitation means to do things in the same way they are in nature, to complete nature is to
do things in the same way they naturally should be. If one would try to modify the
technology except by imitating the nature, he or she may come to be in conflict with
nature. Thus, Aristotle rejects technological inventions that are totally new and do not
complete the existing potentialities of the nature, for it would impair the natural perfection
that exists in nature.
As a person who was born in the modern or what they call as tech-chie generation, I do
not agree with Aristotle’s view on technology. It is true that everything, including human
beings have the tendency to behave according to their nature, but this is not the same in
the case of technology. According to Ramey (2013), technology is a body of knowledge
devoted in creating tools, processing actions and the extracting of materials. It is the
application of science used to expand our abilities, solve problems and make the lives of
mankind better. From the modern definition of technology, it already contradicts the
belief of Aristotle. Technology is not just a mere imitation of nature because it is the
practical application of scientific observations, backed-up with various scientific studies
and experimentations. Technology is continuously changing or should I say improving,
because when there is a new technology, the scientists and inventors will not stop right
there, instead, they will always find something that they can alter so that it will be
updated and more efficient for human use. Technology nowadays is the key driver of the
world not just on economically, but also important in the conservation of the environment.
Aristotle may be correct in what he said that one may come in conflict with nature when
he or she tries to modify it, in the sense that problems in the world today are somewhat
results in the development of technology but it cannot be denied that the solution of
these problems are also because of technology.

2. Use the word TECHNOLOGY, make an acrostic that will summarize the argument of
Martin Heidegger on the essence of technology incorporating the current situation of our
Technology is fundamentally Enframing
Essence of technology is Gestell, it views technology not as a means to an end
Consequently, it is a mode of human existence
Human beings changed on how to perceive nature and people
Nature and people have been seen only as raw materials for technical operations
On the conquest of finding ways to escape from this phenomenon
Little by little,
One should perceive the dangers brought by technology
Giving appreciation to the benefits of technology
Yet not being enslaved by it and not seeing it as manifestation of being
3. How Can We Help Technology to Be Good by David Webster
Technology is supposed to give us positive outcomes. They are built for good intentions
and probably, the most influential thing that people use until the present day. Since we
are the users of it, we are responsible on how to use it properly. However, this might be
a hindrance as well. The negative outcomes of it is not caused by technology but people.
Technology helps us in communication, we became so engaged with the virtual world
that we tend to neglect the people that we interact personally in our daily lives. We can
say that technology is unstoppable but we have the power to control it. The audacity of
intention defies the reality that we are into.
As a student, we agree that technology, like what he said, it must start with people. “It’s
always worthwhile to take a moment and find out what matters to people.” Indeed. Since
we are the users, we should be able to identify what is more important to our lives. We
should learn to manage our time as what we call balance. The proper use of technology
and communication gives us more benefits specially that most of us were very distracted
with it. By knowing it, we can avoid procrastination then. It is also important to seek
prototypes. What we want and what is useful to us might be a different thing, thus, the
goal of technology is to meet both and we are the one who can to that. We can get out of
our comfort zone and look beyond different perspectives and ask ourselves if it is useful
to us or is it distracting us. It is important to reflect what we do on these things in order to
change the negative ones and replace it to a more helpful and beneficial not only to us
but to other users of technology.