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Referring to Para 5 “Provide all requirements of sheds, building as specified in NIT”, following

information on GA Dwg are still to be incorporated.

I. Plinth protection is not shown in Civil GA Drawing for Blower Room (B001A) Phase -I; C-1624-01-
CI- DWG- 1001-09 R3

II. General arrangement drawings to include references to additional information, such as

specifications. Simply writing 20 mm thickness of plaster on outside surface is not acceptable.
Thickness of plaster and specification/finishing (inside and outside) on wall should be as per Clause
3.2.5 Volume 2 Technical Specification

III. Please specify type of flooring suitable to store chemical (Refer Clause 3.2.5 Volume 2
Technical Specification) Suggested flooring type is of cement concrete with metallic hardener

IV. Specify access to roof for maintenance. ((Refer Clause 3.2.5 j Volume 2 Technical Specification)

V. Specify in GA drawing, number of rainwater pipe; type of treatment on roof and Chajja, etc as
per requirement of Clause 3.2.5 Volume 2 Technical Specification

VI. Civil details mentioned as 230 thk rubble, 100 mm PCC should be updated as per approved
“Design Basis” document

VII. Sl. No 8 of Note” External and internal surfaces of concrete shall be epoxy painted”is not
applicable to these buildings