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The project entitled “HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” is a software that can be used in the hospitality
industry. It is an excellent software tool that can be used in hotels, resorts, lodges, motels and suites.
Through this software Hotel Administration can manage their loyalty programs in an effective way.

The scope of the project defines only those functionalities which are provided by difficulties faced by every
hotel manager. On the other hand the scope of the users involved in the “HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”
is defined as the role of the hotel admin and its accessibilities to the different elements and prospects
within the system.

Being in hotel management has become tremendously tedious over the years, “HOTEL MANAGEMENT
SYSTEM” has been designed to tackle some of this task faced by managers of different hotels. This
software has the following features or operations that can help reduce the task hotel owners and
managers face on the daily basis. It maintains records of all the customers, and their food order
placements. It can also be used to monitor available rooms in the hotel, these rooms have different
categories such as A.C., non-A.C., suites, and penthouse. So their charges and records will be maintained

The software will be able to handle these basic functionalities:

 Room management
 Dish management
 Guest management
 Food order
 Check out list


 To offer easy, simple and quick management for hotel owners and managers
 User friendly interface
 Real time information on the availability of rooms and checked in guests
 To improve decision making to better manage the hotels
 To display organized information on rooms, checked in guests and food orders placed