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The film Black Panther is based on the comic of the same name by Stan Lee.

The film was directed by Ryan Coogler. It stars Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa
/ Black Panther and Michael B. Jordan as his cousin and at the same time the
villain, N'Jadaka / Erik "Killmonger" Stevens. The film won three Oscars this year
(2019) for Best Custome Designe, Best Original Score and Best Production
Desgin. In addition, it was nominated for Best Film.
The film is set in Wakanda, a fictional place located in Africa. It was filmed on
locations in the United States, South Korea and Argentina.

The film is about T'Challa, who after the death of his father will become the new
king of Wakanda and the next Black Panther, because by drinking an elixir, you
will get superhuman abilities. Wakanda is a town known for possessing
vibranium, the strongest element in the world, thanks to this they have managed
to develop very advanced technology. The beginning goes back to 1992, when
the father of T'Challa, T'Chaka, discovers that his brother N'Jobu was stealing
weapons from Wakanda to give it to the American rebels, and T'Chaka murders
his brother. Many years later, an American man appears who claims to be the
son of Prince N'Jobu, after corroborating the information, he claims the throne.
The fight between N'Jadaka and T'Challa begins, in which T'Challa is defeated
and killed by his cousin. Once he became king, N'Jadaka launches his plan to
send wakandian weapons out and overthrow the enslavers. Soon it is discovered
that T'Challa is not dead and he returns to Wakanda to try to stop his cousin.
After multiple fights between the troops of N'Jadaka and the allies of the Black
Panther, N'Jadaka is killed by T'Challa, in this way everything goes back to the
way it was before, but T'Challa plans to make several changes in Wakanda.

I really recommend Black Panther. it has action, drama, a little comedy and an
amazing soundtrack, because the album composed, produced and sung by
Kendrick Lamar was nominated for 11 Grammy awards. This film has an
important message, because it evokes the African roots and deals with issues
such as discrimination, poverty and marginalization, and on the other hand it
covers the political, that even Michelle Obama recommended the film. The sequel
will be released in 2021, and will surely be as good or better than the first.