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In contrast of many years before, Christmas customs have gone

through great changes. Before, families used to stay with the family
all day, in fact, families gathered, some family members came from
far away places only to spend this very spiritual and catholic day
with all the loved ones.
As well, families used to cook, worth the redundancy, as a family.
Today, we see that families buy pre-cooked food.
Also, we must talk about technology, this gives us certain facilities in
communication with family members who can’t be at the Christmas
meeting for various reasons. On the other hand, I think it has
generated divisions in families, because now, people are just talking
on WhatsApp or watching gossip on their cell phones, instead of
sharing time with the family who is, literally, at their side stand. In
summary, the essence of Christmas is being lost.
In addition, in the past the children were happy only with the fact of
sharing with the family, eating a piece of panettone with a good cup
of hot chocolate or playing with their cousins or with the children of
the neighbors on the Street, while adults conversed inside the
house and also toasted with a glass of wine. However, now,
children are growing up with the thought that Christmas serves to
receive gifts and nothing else.
Lastly, families used to have, with much anticipation, the Advent
wreath, the Christmas tree and the Nativity, because all these are
symbols of the catholic faith, but, unfortunately, these traditions
have been lost, because Christmas, as well as Holy Week, are
presently seen as time of relaxation, as a holiday, as a free day or
as to go to the beach to get drunk or many other things.
All in all, Christmas as a spiritual season is disappearing. So, our
task is to try to cultivate the family unión, above all in children.