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Chapter Supporters are members whose entire

dues stays with Western Cuyahoga Audubon to
support our programs, field trips and conservation
activities. Membership gives you our newsletter
“The Feathered Flyer”, a name tag, and a window  
cling. Membership runs Sept 1 to Aug 31.    
This map shows the area of interest of the Western
Student / Limited Income    $15.00  Cuyahoga Audubon. We operate in the west side of
Individual    $35.00  Cleveland, approximately from the Cuyahoga River west
to Avon Lake and south to Hinckley, Ohio. ​The area
Non-profit / Family     $50.00 
shaded in lavender is the Rocky River Important Bird
Business    $140.00  Area (IBA).
Sustaining    $250.00 
There are five other Audubon chapters in Northeast
Benefactor    $500.00  Ohio, including Blackbrook Audubon Society, Audubon
Society of Greater Cleveland, Akron Audubon Society,
NAME  Canton Audubon Society, and Black River Audubon
ADDRESS  Society.



To receive print newsletters mailed USPS, add $20.00. 

Western Cuyahoga Audubon 

4310 Bush Ave 
  Cleveland, Ohio 44109 
Make checks payable to ​Western Cuyahoga Audubon​. Mail (216) 741-2352 
to: ​Nancy Howell, Treasurer, ​19340 Fowles Rd, Middleburg i​  
Hts, OH 44130. ​Information is for WCAS use only and not ​
shared with third parties. 
Activities   Conservation projects 
> Speaker Programs​ are hosted at the Rocky River >​ We support ​public policy issues​, such as the
Nature Center the first Tuesday of the month Sept need to restore renewable energy standards in
through May. Topics include natural science research, Ohio and advocate for innovative approaches
discovery, and critical environmental issues. Programs to make buildings safer for birds through
are free and open to the public. promotion of ​Lights Out Cleveland​.

>​ ​Second Saturday Bird Walks​ are led by expert >​ We conduct ​discussions on climate change
naturalists and explore Rocky River Reservation trails. and ​alternative sources of energy,​ such as
Resident and migrant bird reports are published solar power and the proper sighting of wind
monthly. Walks are open to the public and birders of all turbines to raise public awareness about the
skill levels are welcome. need to protect our planet.
  > Believing native plants are what birds need
>​ Quarterly ​Hotspot Birding​ gets you where the birds to flourish, WCAS hosts a ​Bird Friendly Plant
Western Cuyahoga Audubon is a chapter of
are using eBird analysis and mobile technologies. Sale​ for spring planting needs. Plant selections
the National Audubon Society. Hotspot birding canvases 140 birding hotspots in include flowering perennials, tree saplings, and
We are a conservation and birding northern Ohio! popular annual seeds. Proceeds pay for plant
organization ​and ​our mission​ is to educate costs and make a donation to WCAS to support
the public about conservation of the natural >​ Monthly ​Field Trips​ to birding locations in northeast conservation activities.
world through member involvement in Ohio are led by knowledgeable leaders to see seasonal
migrants, resident populations, and conserved natural >​ We host outreach events on ​watershed
chapter activities and community outreach.
areas. management, invasive species, night light
Become a valued member of Western pollution, ​and the effect of ​climate change​ on
Cuyahoga Audubon Society.​ You’ll receive > The Christmas Bird Count ​tallies bird species in the birds and habitat.
quarterly Feathered Flyer Newsletters, Lakewood Count Circle. Data is submitted to National >​ Western Cuyahoga Audubon began
weekly updates, a beautiful window cling for Audubon, making it one of the longest running citizen conducting surveys in 2006 to collect data on
home or car, and a personalized name tag science projects. bird populations in the ​Rocky River Important
for easy introduction at events. Bird Area​, a National Audubon Society
>​ WCAS exhibits at the ​Wild and Scenic Film Festival ​and designated natural area critical to bird habitat.
Visit our website for news, stories, detailed
is a Community Partner at ​Cleveland International Film Chapter bird surveys and public advocacy
announcements, and Store items.​ Explore
Festivals. efforts assist Cleveland Metropark efforts to
Chapter archives, field reports, media, and
download articles. Connect with us on social > ​Shade-Grown Coffee, Birds & Beans®, Smithsonian purchase and conserve properties between
media! Get started at ​ Bird Friendly®, USDA Organic, Fair-Trade Certified North Royalton and Hinckley, Ohio to create
Coffee​ online and at monthly member meetings. contiguous parkland around Greater Cleveland.