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Quadrilaterals Assignment Name: _____________________

Show all work. No calculator!

1. What is a rectangle?

2. The following figures are rhombuses. Find the value of x.

a. b.


3. Name each quadrilateral -- parallelogram, rhombus, rectangle, and square -- for which the statement is
a. Diagonals are congruent b. Diagonals bisect each other

c. Opposite sides are parallel d. There are four right angles

4. ABCD is a square, m∠A = 4x - 30, AB = 3x + 10 and BC = 4y. Solve for x and y.

5. Prove that P(-6,2), Q(-3,6), R(9,-3), and S(6,-7) is a rectangle. Justify your answer.

6. Graph the following.

a. 𝑦 = 5 𝑥 + 21 b. 𝑦 = −3𝑥