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SGT-400 Industrial Gas Turbine

Operation & Maintenance

Course Objective
To provide customers‘ personnel respon-
sible for the day to day operation and
maintenance of the SGT-400 gas turbine
with an insight into its design, major
components, auxiliaries, applications and
principle of operation.
Course Structure
The course is designed to provide the
course delegate with an understanding
of the principles of gas turbine operation
and specific knowledge of the SGT-400
gas turbine, its computerised control and
associated systems. A combination of
theoretical and practical training is pro-
vided in classrooms with state-of-the-art
training aids and in our extensively
equipped training workshop.
Course Duration & Location
The standard duration of the course is 5
days and is best held in our training facil-
ity in Lincoln. The training course can
also be held at a customer‘s site or at any
suitable training venue.
Who Should Attend:
All rotating machinery operation and
maintenance personnel. The course
content can be tailored for either new
or experienced staff.

Basic Technology Training

Answers for energy.

Course Topics:
Health, Safety and Environmental
Gas Turbine: Operation, construction
and component function.
Turbine Systems: Combustion air, ven-
tilation air, instrument air, lubricating
oil, hydraulic oil, starting, fuel and an-
ti-surge system, function and operation.
Control System: Operator interface.
Control System Operation: VDU mim-
ics, operator panel functions, control
system status, warning and shutdown
Start Sequence: Preparation for start-
ing, running and stopping with associ-
ated control messages.
Governor: Basic function and operation.
Temperature Monitoring: Basic func-
tion and operation.
Peripheral Equipment: Fire and gas Fig. 1: The SGT-400 industrial gas turbine.
panel, battery charger, motor control
centre, driven unit.
Servicing: Routine maintenance and
water wash procedures.
Monitoring: Data logging and condi-
tion monitoring.
Support Documentation: Operator
manual, illustrated parts catalogue,
service bulletins and notice to operators.
Delegate Assessment.

For course availability, please contact

Lincoln Product Training Department:
Phone: +44 (0) 1522 58 3337
Fax: +44 (0) 1522 58 3551

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