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HAVE GOT /HAS GOT 2/1 PAAR AAAA PAARAAALA, wveeeees| (eoevveee Alirmative Negative Thave got= I ve got [have not got=I haven't got You have got= You've got Tthas got =I got We have got= We've got You have got = You've got They have got = They ve got ‘You have not got= You haven't got He has not got= He hasn't got ‘She has not got= She hasn't got thas not got=It hasn't got We have not got= We haven't got ‘They have not got= They haven't got Write the negative form (have not got, ey ‘ot got) We L We three balls 2She Tong brovn heir got any cheese inthe 3 Alan anew car fiidge 4 Mark and Leo many She got ble eyes S.Jane alte puppy. Nick __got karate lesson today. ot along tl G nb My ssiers got bike iL some apples in my Kate and Zoe gota pet bag 6 goiseark 8 My parents abig ain yy The gotfivourte |S 9 They ‘wo sons msc. lowe 0d teachers Sie | ot new baseball ILNick, Jack and Leo cap two hamsters in the cage Snowtit eight vars, 12Mysister____ anew boyfiiend 1O.My fiend any brothers 13 They_____ good video films. 1. is ater got black 14. My fiend super PC hair game, G vs Mary. got favourite pet. 1sWe lots of rend 3 0 big ears. 16, Snovhite seven dvar M4. You got nice G Nyt 15. Angels tail Have Got-Has Get am 1. ill in have got, has got: Temas" oOo e ae ewe ‘rdren caleslator, 3 They: wonderful bikes ee They. “flowers table tenis rackets. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 | ve Has got / Have got Hasn't got / Haven't got Rosie Complete the sentences. Use has got or have got Anita oon COMBUEE, Anita and Carl cassette recorders. Cath nner BICyC, Rosie and Anita mobile phones. a football. a cassette recorder Mike ad ROSIE nme OMETES. (Cath non mobile phone. Rosie and Mike computers £ Call ercooe 2. Mike and Rosi... 3 Anita acamera, 4 Mi anne 8 BICYCLE, 5 Cath and Ata nnnnse MEFRS. 6 CRE nn 2 football. 7 Mike... = arobile phone. a computer. cassette recorders. 1 Catl/abicycle 2 Anita /a camera. 3 Rosie and Anita / mobile phones 4 Mike and Rosie / cassette recorders.