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Professional Development Plan

Complete the chart below to plan your professional development over the next 2-3 years. Be sure your goals are specific and

Goal #1: Goal #2: Goal #3:

Differentiated instruction 80% of Positive classroom management to Students tracking their growth on
the time by leveling students’ be implemented 90% of the time grade level abilities on all
abilities with below level, at grade by giving positive reinforcement standards.
level, and above level. for desired behavior.
Rationale: Why did Students come in to us at varying Students need to feel they are in a Students will take ownership of their
you choose this goal? levels of ability. We need to meet safe place to make mistakes in the learning by tracking their progress.
How do you expect it them at their ability level in order for learning process. I feel creating an When they feel they are in charge of
to improve the them to make academic gains. If we environment that focuses will positive their learning they will become more
outcomes of your just teach to that middle group we are behaviors will help make this. It will motivated and engaged. When they
missing so many students that may help to teach students responsible see their growth, they will also stay
future students?
not make any gains then. If the behaviors. Students will get engaged and motivated to continue
material is too hard, they could just immediate reinforcement for wanted making academic growth. This goal
shut down and not engage in the behaviors. Other students will see will make students responsible for
lesson. If the material is too easy this and try to copy the behavior in their own learning.
students will become bored and not order to get reinforced as well. When
make any new gains. When this the teacher spends less time
happens, it can also lead to behavior redirecting and focusing students
issues. If instruction is differentiated their will be more time for them to
all students will be access the make academic gains. Looking at the
material at their level in order to good that students are doing will help
make new growth. They will also be with my own behavior. Our behavior
able to show their understanding in a and attitude can affect the students.
way they are capable.
End Date: By when May 2021 May 2020 May 2021
do you expect to
accomplish this goal?

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Action Timeline: August 2019- Take Dibels reading May 2019- begin brainstorming ways August 2019- create a graph for
What steps will you scores and create small groups aimed to positively reinforce students when students to complete with their Dibels
take to complete this at skills the students need support. they show desired behavior. Benchmark scores along with their
goal, and by when August 2019- Take students math August 2019- create classroom rules progress monitoring. Students will
will you take them? pre-assessment and create small that include positive behaviors only. place the graphs in their binders to go
groups for instruction at where they August 2019- begin implementing the back and forth from school to home.
need assistance. rules and expectations allowing They will track nonsense word
1/31/18: Join AACTE fluency.
September 2019- at this point in the students time to practice. I will praise
year I will have a better idea of students that are showing the desired October 2019- create a graph for
student’s abilities. I will take our behavior and restrain form pointing students to complete with their math
already differentiated spelling out or only redirecting students who fast fact accuracy rate. This will also
assessment with our grade level list, are not following directions. be placed in their binders to back and
and challenge list to add a lower level forth from home to school.
spelling list. December 2019- create a graph for
October 2019- Create extension students to graph their words read per
menus for early finishers and high minute to be done monthly.
students. May 2020- create a graph for students
December 2019- begin using the to document their growth for grade-
curriculums leveled readers aimed at level standards in math and reading.
their reading ability. This will be implemented the
May 2020- look at the curriculum’s following school year along with the
math assessments, pre and post, and previous graphs created.
begin creating differentiated
assessments for a lower level student,
grade level, and high student. Begin
using these in the beginning of the
following school year.
May 2020- Brainstorm a way to
differentiate the curriculums reading
comprehension assessments and
phonics assessments.

Resources: What Our curriculum will give me a great I will again work with my team to My veteran team will be helpful in
resources are starting point and I will just modify. I create unified expectations among the this since they will better know
available to assist you will also have two veteran teachers on grade. I will ask our principle if there students capabilities.

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in accomplishing your my team that I can seek advice from are any classroom management
goal? and collaborate with. I may be able professional developments I can
to find additional resources online. attend.

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